Girls Weekend Away In Paradise: La Bella Vita Studios.

I think it is safe to say that all girls need a weekend away here and there. A few nights away from the kids and hubby makes a good opportunity to unwind and to go back home with a clear mind and ready to take on a new week.


Lauren and myself were invited to visit the beautiful La Bella Vita Studios out in Paarl. Now let me just begin by saying that the Winelands have never really pulled me in – I am not a huge wine drinker, and we normally head out to the seaside for family holidays.


But, this time around the Winelands caught me off guard. I think because we were staying at such a beautiful place – it set the scene and the mood. Also, being newly engaged, it was an opportunity to dream a little.

We drove up on the Friday afternoon, just a short drive from home – and checked in at the Studios. We were really lucky to be given a little tour of the 8 studios (as well as the two new studios that will launch THIS month), because it really showed us the full vision of the owners, as well as the talent of the interior designer, Elsje Schonken. So much love has been poured into each studio – but I am going to leave the interior talk to Lauren from Lauren McCreath Interiors who will cover it from every angle. What I would like to mention though, is that each suite has a huge bathroom with a shower and bath, a small kitchen which is well equipped with beautiful crockery and cutlery, as well as a fridge and microwave AND Nespresso machine – so you can bring your own food (there is no oven or stove though, so as long as it is food that can be heated/cooked in the microwave), as well as a fire place, TV, lounge area and balcony. So it is fully equipped, and we didn’t once feel that it was lacking anything.


You never tire of looking around the studio – each corner of the room is filled with high end finishes. The coffee table is neatly stacked with interesting books which are all relevant to the room. Nothing has been spared in terms of style. There is more than enough WiFi, and everything has been so thoughtfully done and considered which all adds to the overall experience.


I always get excited for a girls weekend – I know I can just let my hair down and relax. La Bella Vita Studios allows you to do EXACTLY that. It was quiet, and we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature. We’d wake up each morning and go out to our private balcony, and just sit and drink coffee while watching the ducks and birds on the pond in front of us. We honestly could have spent all three days just sitting in our studio or outside on the deck.


On arrival, we were gifted with a basket of delicious bread from Babylonstoren (literally a 5 minute drive away), some butter, jam, honey, cheeses, strawberries and wine. All fresh and divine. This allowed us to just totally chill on the first night with soup and bread, and we didn’t have to go anywhere.


I truly believe that hospitality is shown in the little details – in this case, the basket of treats, as well as the beautiful tray of bath salts, bath bombs and scents that they use in the studio (each studio gets a different scent).


We had a divine bath that night (they have their own water supply), and each climbed into our own bed, which was literally MAGICAL. I haven’t experienced such comfort in a bed! There’s nothing like bundling up between beautiful linen sheets and sinking into plush feather pillows after a long day of adventuring. We watched some TV, laughed and chatted and fell asleep quite contently.


The next morning we woke up, and had a slow start to the morning before heading out into the Winelands. Breakfast and some exploring at Babylonstoren, then off to a few other beautiful spots before heading to Blaauwklippen for a glass of wine, and then to Boschendal to finish off our day of adventures with a late lunch.


We headed back to the Studios, and it honestly felt like getting home after a long and busy day. That says a lot about a place. We finished off the day with a glass of wine and a bike ride around the estate. This was the most fun we had had in awhile!!! So much laughter.


On the Sunday, we decided that we would spend our last day just relaxing and hanging out at ‘home’, because we just wanted to absorb what was around us. It was also incredibly hot, and neither of us had thought to bring our costumes, not realizing that there is a gorgeous pool. We then booked a spa treatment at Sante Wellness Retreat and Spa which is right next door to the Studios, within walking distance, and in the same Estate. I found that this was perfect for a girls weekend, and was also a highlight of where La Bella Vita Studios is located. Note that there is also a restaurant based inside of the Spa, so you don’t even need to leave the Estate when staying at the Studios. My facial was amazing, and Lauren had a full body massage which she also raved about. There are also uncountable amazing places just a stone throw away which are begging to be explored. Mark my words, you won’t ever feel bored!


My mind keeps switching over to the beautiful interior and décor of each studio, but I know that Lauren will be covering all of that in the next article. But, I do need to say that it is refreshing to stay at a place that has put so much thought into creating each studio unique and totally different to the next. One studio may not be your ‘vibe’, however, one of them will be. I have about three others on my list for when I return, one of them being their brand new studio, which is breathtaking, and may even be my new favourite.


I love that each studio has a ‘theme’, the one we stayed in being the Mare Studio. Each theme represents a charity or cause that they support – so when you stay, 3.5% of their annual profit from each studio goes to that specific cause. This is really something amazing, and you don’t get many places that do something as selfless as that.


La Bella Vita Studios isn’t just a weekend away. It is staying in luxury, rebooting, and an experience. A perfect spot for a girls weekend, your honeymoon, or even the spot to stay the night before your wedding with your girls, as it makes for beautiful photos for getting ready. But mostly, it was the ideal place to escape to for me to chatter away to one of my best friends as a newly engaged woman about all of my dreams and visions for planning my wedding day.


I hope to be back soon with my maid of honour too for even more fun. This is one of those places that will never be forgotten. And I am excited to return to stay in one of the other Studios for a different experience! A few key words to describe La Bella Vita Studios in closing would be: Upmarket, contemporary, comfortable, and luxurious. It was such a treat being surrounded by the simple beauty that nature offers, and we were so sad to leave that we even stayed one extra night.

Thank you for having us! Your hospitality was refreshing and your Studios magical! Keep an eye out for the interior review by Lauren McCreath next week.

Do yourself a favour and head over to their beautiful social media accounts that are bursting with gorgeous photographs of their studios and also have loads more information on each Studio:

Instagram | Website | Facebook

*Please note that the majority of these images were used from the La Bella Vita Studios website shot by Sheldon Moultrie Photography.

I decided to use their images because mine just didn’t do the beauty of La Bella Vita Studios justice!





The Unforgettable Surprise Birthday Cake.

This year, as birthday party planning approached, as parents, we craved simplicity. The past three years would come around and our lives felt absorbed by birthday party planning. Budgets gave me anxiety, worrying about the party pleasing the parents, and I just longed for a day that wasn’t about anybody but my little boy.

Strangely enough, when we actually sat down with our almost 4 year old and asked him what he wanted to do, he rather bluntly blurted out that he didn’t want a big party this year. His explanation was: “Because big parties are all crazy, and busy, and noisy, and there’s so many people.”

I responded, quite taken back by his very mature thoughts by saying: “Well what would you like to do then?”.

“I just want to go and spend time at a farmyard with animals.”, and that is exactly what we did. We found the most magical place called SA Farm Sanctuary out in Stellenbosch which we booked and visited with just close family and his best friend.


Leading up to the day, he begged for a farm cake. We wanted it to be a surprise, so I chatted to Leeanne from Crumbs & Frosting to see if she could fit us in to make his dreams a reality for his special day. We wanted her to create The Farm Sanctuary as a cake.

For weeks before, every time he brought up the topic of a cake, we just told him that because he was having special cupcakes made for school, we weren’t doing a fancy cake. He said he understood, and again, it just made my heart so full seeing how accepting he was.

I used Leeanne for a whimsical woodlands baby shower cake a few years ago, and it was pure magic. There was so much detail, and every single person raved about it.

The cake arrived on the morning of the party, and still being a secret, we managed to hide it until we had it set up on the table at The Farm Sanctuary. He closed his eyes, and we led him to the surprise. My heart! His eyes opened wide, his mouth dropped open and he grinned this cheesy smirk for longer than I could count. He took in every tiny detail, and was just in utter shock.




The cake was perfection. The painting pig (Pigcasso is a world famous pig at The Farm Sanctuary, look him up on their website), and the cow. The beautiful barn, butterflies and flowers. It was honestly magical.


Now what I do feel is incredibly important to point out is that more often than not, pretty cakes don’t always taste good. BUT, the Crumbs & Frostings cakes are delicious. They remind me of my grannies baking, and that is a compliment. And out of all honesty, every single person who tasted the cake commented on that exact thing.


We went with straight vanilla, and I don’t regret it for a second.

They are based in Noordhoek and need to be collected, but they come in a sturdy cake box to keep your cake in place and in one piece.
If you want something magical created for any occasion – I really can recommend Lee-Anne. She has gone over and beyond both times I have used her, and she has a wonderful reputation with many others too!

You can have a look at her Facebook page where she posts photos of most of her delicious orders.

Thank you Leeanne for making my little boys special day that much more memorable, and to Angela Rea Photography for capturing these moments.

Our Families Dream Night At Aquila

As parents, we often find ourselves dreaming of doing special things with our kids. Things that we once did that we loved and cherished so much. In our case, it was taking our little guy to a game park. Game parks have always been a very treasured memory of David and mine. We visited one soon after we started dating, and just fell in love with being there. That slow life, and being completely surrounded by nature and rustic beauty. That smell of thatch and wood and the delicious hearty meals that we enjoy. It’s sitting around the fire having drinks and being totally absorbed in the stories the game rangers share of their experiences. It’s absolute bliss.

This dream came true when we visited Aquila Private Game Reserve this past weekend. We couldn’t wait to finally have the opportunity to share our love for this experience with our little boy. We were told by a couple of people that he would be too young and wouldn’t enjoy such a long game drive, but we in fact experienced the opposite. We arrived a bit late on the Friday, which resulted in us missing out on the longer afternoon game drive, which actually worked out for us, as it was getting cold, but it also meant that we had the afternoon to relax a bit and to enjoy watching the two elephants stroll on the mountain side in front of our room, have some coffee and then take him to swim inside the Tranquila Spa which has two heated pools.


We then got ready for a delicious dinner.

Before dinner, we headed down to the Pub for a drink which has the most incredible kids play area as well as a kid sitting service. Olly wasn’t feeling well, so we didn’t make use of the service unfortunately, but it was totally kitted out, neat and hygienic. The pub is super cosy with fire places and couches. Everyone was enjoying a drink to warm up while watching a bit of the Football World Cup.

The meals are buffet style, and NOBODY is left out. There is so much variety, and everything was delicious. Before going, we actually had people raving about the food and telling us that they were jealous because it was so delicious when they went. I couldn’t agree more. I loved that the restaurant was totally kid friendly and very casual. We didn’t have to feel that we needed to keep Olly quiet or seated the entire time. They also cater for the kids with food which is fantastic. We were enjoying this so much, I actually forgot to take any photos!

We then headed back to our Premier Suite and climbed into our warm, cosy beds. I loved that they put hot water bottles on our bed, already filled up knowing how incredibly cold it was. Our room had a main bed, a sleeper couch, a bar fridge and coffee station.


We woke up early the next morning, it was icy cold and windier than it’s been in a LONG time. We layered up and headed down to the reception ready for our Private Game Drive. Memory was our game ranger and we just fell in love with him. He has been a ranger for over 20 years and has experienced almost everything. He is so passionate and just loves every single one of these animals so much. It was a bit of a struggle at first with the wind and cold air, but the sun soon started to shine and Memory made it so worth the while. He allowed my little boy to sit in the front with him where it was warmer and answered all of his 3 and a half year old questions.


What makes Aquila so special is that it is home to the Big 5, yet it is just a 2 hour drive from Cape Town. But it gets better – Aquila is like a rehabilitation reserve for their animals. As an example, their two male elephants were once used at another game park for Elephant Back safaris. This means that they had been ‘trained’ in an inhumane way to obey commands, etc. They were used to make money. I love that they have saved these beautiful animals from such a terrible life and have replaced that with a new home that is on their on their +/- 10000 hectare conservancy.


If you’re holding your breath for a Kruger type experience, then Aquila isn’t for you. Aquila is about educating their guests, and installing a love for these beautiful animals in the hearts of young children. Instead of having uncountable wild animals, they instead have a smaller amount, which they know the story behind. They have studied their behavior and understand their emotions and way of doing things. Due to their space, they respect the animals and only have a certain amount so that they can live a happy life in the space that they each need.


They also have anti-poachers who follow their Rhino to ensure that they are not harmed. This truly makes my heart happy. They are known for their responsible tourism and have a non-profit, conservation and comprehensive anti-poaching solution which offers free anti-poaching training to game rangers working on African private game reserves that are home to rhino and elephants.

We had the opportunity to see their Elephants up close at the water hole, these boys have become best friends since growing up together, and it is truly something special to see. We also saw a family of hippos, Zebra, a Giraffe family, a pride of lions as well as various Buck and a female ostrich doing the mating dance for her male friend. The buffalo were beautiful but seeing the Rhino up close, and having the opportunity to have my little boy see them was quite an emotional experience. I really do pray that we are able to save these spectacular animals, so that my son can show his kids them one day.


Our two and a half game drive went by in the blink of an eye, and we were sad to end the drive, despite the icy cold wind. We then headed to the restaurant for a divine buffet breakfast. We were planning on doing the Quad Bike Safari, however it was just too cold, and Olly wasn’t well so opted out. Olly was also going to go on a very special Children’s Adventure on their own Game Drive to see the Rhino Orphans with the other kids. Here they would have had the opportunity to be educated at their level on these rhinos and do activities in the ‘wild’. This was sadly cancelled due to the weather, but we were somewhat grateful as he wasn’t well, and actually fell asleep soon after. We had booked ourselves a back, neck and head massage at the Tranquila Spa, and luckily they catered for us and put us into a couple treatment room as he slept throughout the entire thing on a chair in the corner of the room.

Now, this massage should be an entire review of its own! It was something that still feels surreal. When it was over, David still looked at me and said ‘ Now, that’s how a massage is done.’ We both had written on our form that we wanted to our aim for the massage was for muscle relief. They understand exactly what you mean when you tell them the pressure you want, and I have never had that before. It was incredibly relaxing and we did leave feeling loosened up. It was such a treat, and I can highly recommend booking yourself in for a treatment at the Spa.


We really had such a special time at Aquila, and I do believe that my son was the perfect age for us to take him! He didn’t seem to take note of the long game drive and was very alert and excited, asking questions the entire drive. Aquila is DEFINITELY family friendly. They really cater well for children. We wished that we had braved the cold and taken our little guy down to the Star Safari down on the lawn in the evening, but we were exhausted after a long day, and were ready to just climb into our warm beds and to read Olly the incredibly special multilingual book they had left waiting for him (which is available here:

Words will never fully be able to describe how much this night was at Aquila for our little family. Thank you for having us! Your beautiful place is so close to our hearts.

I want to take this moment to mention that Aquila is currently running 5 Winter  specials which you can read more about here:

Aquila has some beautiful social media accounts, so to keep up with all of their news and specials, you can follow them here:


A Girls Night Off The Grid & WIN A NIGHT At Copia Eco Cabins.

Before I even begin, I’d excited to announce that we are running a very special Father’s Day Competition where you can WIN a night stay at this beautiful place!
Enter here!

My dear friend Lauren McCreath, an incredibly talented local Interior designer and myself were recently invited to visit the breathtaking Copia Eco-Cabins. For those of you who have not yet heard of it – it is located on a private farm in Bot Rivier. With it being just over an hour drive from Cape Town CBD, we jumped at the opportunity to drive up for just one night. What could be more perfect than old shipping containers that have been carefully converted into luxury self-catering accommodation up on a hill in the middle of nowhere?

We had been awaiting this moment in anticipation for months, and being busy Moms – we were so looking forward to a girls night away to kick our feet up, enjoy some wine and to soak in the Wood Fired Hot Tub. We got to ditch technology for an entire 24 hours, which gave us the opportunity to truly absorb real silence, something this generation doesn’t fully understand.

Photo 2018-05-20, 14 35 44

Copia, without even trying, brings out real conversation, a connection between two people – friends or lovers. It allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world and leaves you in a little world that belongs to just the two of you. Being surrounded by nature and having escaped from the tech world gives you a moment to look up from your screens, and instead of wasting time watching what the rest of the world is doing, it has you absorbing and really appreciating the beauty of the basics that surround you. I left understanding, that really, all one needs for true happiness is being surrounded by the ones that you love.

Photo 2018-05-20, 15 40 08

I have never, in my life laughed like the two of us did. We sat in the Wood Fired Hot Tub for hours, enjoying red wine and enjoying that blissful feel of the cool breeze brushing our shoulders.

Photo 2018-05-20, 16 29 35

Time. Every second is cherished when it isn’t wasted. In a way, one day felt like two, and I can vividly remember every step we took while we were there.

Photo 2018-05-21, 09 36 19

We arrived on a dirt road, with pretty much nothing surrounding us but mountains, hills and horses. We entered the farm and were greeted by beaming faces of the farm kids. ‘Shame’ was the first thought that crossed our minds – however, on departure we couldn’t believe our naivety of such an absurd thought. Shame? Far from. I’ve never seen kids laugh and play and use such imagination. Imagine living in such simple beauty every day.

Photo 2018-05-21, 10 32 24 (1)

Copia is so well equipped, with everything you could possibly need for the duration of your stay. There were rusks and fresh eggs awaiting us in the kitchen along with tea and coffee, etc. I love that they had a little jar filled with all of the things you may need while you stay. Panado, plasters, etc. This means that there really is no need to leave for any reason while you stay.


Night fell, and we enjoyed a dinner for two. Copia has really put in that extra special touch with providing little gas lanterns to create chemistry and beauty even when its complete darkness surrounding you.

Photo 2018-05-20, 17 55 26

We climbed into what must have been the comfiest bed I’ve ever slept in, and found ourselves chatting for hours. With no curtains, you find yourself staring at the stars, and the faraway farm cottage light, which really looks like nothing but a star itself.

It is truly something special being blessed with time away at such a unique place. I love that they promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. Providing people with an off the grid escape. However, they have done this in a way that is still comfortable for visitors.

I can’t wait to return, with my hubby in tow as it really is just the most perfect escape. Copia currently has two cabins – Copia Cabin, which is the one that we stayed in AND Lone Tree Cabin. They both cater for two adults.

I must say that many may be put off visiting in Winter – but it has to be the best time! We absolutely loved being there with the rain!

Photo 2018-05-21, 10 29 42

Please do yourself a favour and read what inspired Lucas to create Copia Eco Cabins here:

I haven’t touched on anything decor wise as Lauren has covered this section (see below), as she has a phenomenal understanding of Interiors due to her expertise.

DO follow their social media accounts as they are always sharing beautiful images shared by their visitors and that’s also where you’ll see any last minute deals!


INTERIOR REVIEW: Lauren McCreath Interiors

When it comes to out of the box thinking, Copia Eco Cabins has taken this one step further. Who would have thought a mere shipping container could become a sophisticated and endearing little house on a hill.


Overlooking the beautiful valleys of Bot Rivier, this ticks all the boxes. The creators have seamlessly married the metal, boxy structure of the reinvented shipping container with the landscape. Using dark charcoal and organic tones of wood, it’s symmetry is juxtaposed with the rolling hills and mountains in the distance.

Once inside, you are immediately drawn to the large glass stacking doors which allows you to be fully aware of the stellar views outside. That’s the beauty. There is little distraction of the interior to the exterior. A carefully thought out colour palette of greys and neutral tones only enhance the beauty of what’s outside-fynbos and stone, fields of the working farm below and the mountains of greenery in the distance.


A simple yet sophisticated, minimalist approach to the choice of furnishings, allowing guests to truly relax, and focus on nature and each other. Being almost completely off the grid, there is every opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Copper tones are used throughout. From the shower fixtures, (that shower was absolute bliss) to smaller details seen in the kitchenware and cutlery. I love how this adds a warm element to the decor without making it obvious and cluttered- in keeping with the Scandinavian feel.

Wooden elements from the outdoors have been brought into the interior, and can be seen as bedside tables, and cleverly, as a basin stand in the bathroom. This creates a perfect balance of organic and industrial.

The bed was absolute heaven. HUGE pillows and lovely, crisp white linen on the king size bed says “let’s stay in bed all day! “ Again, a less is more approach works so beautifully against the backdrop. A huge window adjacent the bed allows you to take full advantage of the scenery outside. Waking up to the soft morning light, delicious,freshly brewed coffee and quiet.


Don’t stay for just one night- it’s so worth an extra day.

*Please note that ALL professional images have been extracted from Copia’s website.

*Lauren & myself make a great team when it comes to reviewing beautiful places. We love travel and are adamant to find some of the best places to stay that tick all of the boxes (experience, hospitality and interior) to share with our readers. If you have a place and would like for us to visit – please email me a proposal to

Cape Town’s Latest Pop-Up Shop: The Strangers Club.

I imagine that by now ‘The Strangers Club’ in Green Point is no stranger to you? A restaurant that is pure beauty to the eye & breathtaking to anybody who appreciates good taste in décor. Why not make a turn this Wednesday 30th or Thursday 31st between 10h00 – 17h00 for their very own Pop-Up store showcasing a handful of Cape Town’s very own local brands?


Like anybody, I’m sure you’d like to find out a little more about which brands will be there? Let me share a little info with you so you can better understand why you can’t miss out on this very special event.

house muizenberg. (2)

POPPY DIVINE:  has got to be my absolute favourite local luxury lounge wear and sleepwear brand. I wore it through pregnancy, while in labour, after giving birth and even now almost 4 years later. They have a lovely selection of incredibly well made garments. With winter making its appearance, you must be in the market for some new cozy PJ’s and, might I add, a few super comfy lounge wear garments that you can get away with sneaking out of the house with for a quick grocery shop. They have a stunning new range that will be available at the pop-up store. Poppy Divine has something for the younger and older woman. No matter what your age, you’ll find something suitable in their range.

POPPY DIVINE was launched in Cape Town early in 2012 by Kirsten Brandon and Lesley Rabinowitz, friends for 30 years, who share a love of fashion and global trends. Kirsten and Lesley identified a gap in the market for luxurious, well priced, quality sleepwear with an innovative use of fabrics and colours. Their hands on approach to every aspect of the business including sourcing of fabrics, design, marketing the product and supervising the production, has resulted in a stylish beautifully made range that is both comfortable and chic.

POPPY DIVINE is a locally manufactured sleepwear and loungewear brand. Our philosophy is simple…relax in comfort, lounge at leisure and dream divinely in the sumptuous style and femininity of this gorgeous range.

With new and exciting collections to look forward to each month, POPPY DIVINE will tempt you with fresh additions to your sleepwear wardrobe. As many of the POPPY DIVINE’S items are sold as separates, you can mix and match to suit your every need.

Kirsten and Lesley are blessed to be both best friends and business partners and enjoy working together to create beautiful sleepwear which they absolutely love (and have a lot of fun at the same time). They get to meet wonderful suppliers and customers on a daily basis and the compliments that they receive for Poppy Divine make all the hard work really worthwhile. It’s simple really…. They love what we do!

house muizenberg.

NANOU B: is such a beautiful brand that was recently introduced to me which is renown for its boho-chic clothing with a touch of Ibiza flair. Nanou B encompasses it’s owners sensuous personal style, her love of travel and her passion for design; with Nanou B, Nathalie (a self confessed clothes addict) has created a must-see, must-have collection from top designers around the globe. Originally from Belgium, Nathalie believes that we reach the stage where we want to wear beautifully designed garments, which make us feel good about ourselves, increasing our sense of femininity and sensuality. Her passion for high quality fabrics and craftsmanship ensures that Nanou B garments will become cherished items, easily adapting to different occasions and seasons by combining and layering them together. Nanou B is, therefore, a unique collection combining luxurious fabrics, creative designs, intricate embroidery and stylish prints – all with Natalie’s uninhibited, relaxed and glamorous sense of style.

house muizenberg. (1)

MISS KNITWEAR: was born out of a passion for design, the Miss Knitwear mohair range combines the best of old-world mohair techniques with new-age fashion trends to create a line which resonates with the modern woman.

This elegant and luxurious mohair collection is designed by Cape Town based designer, Candice Johnson. Using rich quality kid mohair. Candice has created a range of scarves, ponchos, shawls, beanies and other knitwear, which possess a soft, comforting and gentle make-up. (Now, wipe that image out of your head, because I doubt that her products are what you may be imagining. Her creations are a perfect fit for the younger, modern woman. They are super trendy, and versatile.)

A celebration of femininity, love, dreams and romance, the Miss Knitwear range strikes the perfect balance between pure comfort and elegance by offering an array of masterfully created authentic, stylish, natural and sophisticated mohair pieces. Sourced from unforgiving and arid landscape of the Karoo, this collection is symbolic of finding beauty and comfort in the world and luxuriously knitting it into a range that showcases the very best of the Karoo in a collection that is characterized by quality, softness and elegance.

Miss Knitwear, however, is not just a collection of elegantly designed mohair garments. It is a commitment to treading lightly on the earth, creating authentic beauty and originality, celebrating the wonder of Mother Nature and committing wholeheartedly to sustainability. It is a unique and authentic collection, which offers fashionable women a nostalgic throwback to the golden age of mohair production with an ingenious modern twist. Modeled on contemporary stylings and trends, this range of quality mohair garments is completely removed from mainstream mass production. Rather, it provides an avant-garde, natural and elegant approach to women’s fashion that complements the trendy contemporary woman who is looking for the perfect combination of style and comfort.

house muizenberg. (3)

JOYA JEWELLERY: is internationally trend aware, African influenced and locally manufactured in Cape Town. Every piece of Joya jewelry is skillfully handcrafted with semi-precious gemstones, genuine leather and gold plated beads.

I love the bohemian feel of their jewellery, and although they have a tropical feel, they compliment your wardrobe year round. Joya Jewellery has a large variety, and definitely has something that suits all different ages and personalities. They are made beautifully and are worth every penny. They’ve been finished off to perfection, and are of high quality.

Will you be visiting their Pop-up store? It’s at the top of my list for what’s supposed to be a cooler week in Cape Town. Be sure to tell your friends, and make a date in your diary for during your lunch break (if you work in the area) or for a date with your girlfriends.