Birthday Pampering – Rouge Day Spa

The hype from my 25th birthday two weeks ago is finally fading away, and the fatigue has set in after my sons third birthday last weekend. I think I was on some sort of high, perhaps some supernatural Adrenalin that ad kicked in that kept me going. Birthday party planning and semi-renovating our home at the same time. Call me crazy.

But, the one thing that hasn’t faded is my beautiful gelish nails that I had done as an early birthday treat at Rouge Day Spa a couple days before my birthday. What better way to spoil a girl and mom? Some down time, to herself to be pampered!


Rouge Day Spa has always been my go-to Spa. And, no! I’m NOT being paid to say that. Having been an old home before they bought it and transformed it into a cozy day spa, it’s just exactly what they call it: ‘Your home away from home’. It has become just that to me.

I get to sip on my HOT coffee in front of a fire without being interrupted by a toddler 46 times. I don’t have to get up even once to help him use the loo or to get him a drink, and then change the cup because it wasn’t the correct one. I can just close down the brain temporarily and be ALONE! It’s wonderful!


On a hot summer day, you can have your treatment and then stay for as long as you like after (get a babysitter!!!) and sip on a glass of champagne and have a swim in their gorgeous salt water pool.



They’re also home to my absolute favourite organic, natural spray tan – Vita Liberata!


And, it gets better – you can even join them for a girls movie night with your girlfriends to watch chick flicks and have your nails done while munching on some popcorn. The benefit is that, again – you don’t have to worry about any small humans bothering you or having your husband changing channels while you’re watching your movie.

Rouge Day Spa is just a treat. It’s my escape, my place of sanity, and it’s all I find that I need once in awhile to reboot my energy and my sanity. Every mom needs a little time to invest in themselves in order to be a good wife/partner and mother.


On a side note,I also find that in comparison to the walk in spas that you find in shopping centers, my gelish stays fresh at least a week longer after having it done at Rouge. They use quality products and really do a fantastic job.

I’ve had many treatments at Rouge, and every single one of them has been flawless! I’m comfortable, relaxed and leave feeling sane and ready to face the world again.

Rouge Day Spa is located in Kenilworth, Cape Town and you can find their price list and treatments on their website:



PS. They also have loads of weekly specials and sell some amazing products at their salon!


The World Of Wazoogles.


Your turn to say it.

This time, try to say it without smiling…

Now tell your little one to say it, and try not to burst into a fit of laughter.
To the point…

If you aren’t aware of my slight change of lifestyle, then are you even following my blog? I’ve always tried to promote a healthier lifestyle, and I’ve been lucky that Olly has always loved healthier food and snacks, but as he has gotten older, he’s realizing that there is such a thing called ‘choice’ and he has realized that sometimes he can just pull a face and moan for 10 minutes when I’m overly exhausted and I might just change my mind and give him an alternative to what he was initially going to get for that meal/snack. He’s also been to parties, been exposed to what I call ‘party food’ and has found a new love for sugar (what child doesn’t love sugar?).


And then Wazoogles came along, barging through my doorway one morning – and it just decided to change the way things work in my home. Sneaky! You’re probably by this point thinking, ‘What the heck is Wazoogles?’

Well, apart from having the best name ever, and being a powder in a sachet covered in unicorns – it’s actually an organic plant-based superfood protein shake which is suitable for vegans and is gluten, sugar and dairy free.


As they say, “Every scoop is bursting with antioxidants, living enzymes, essential minerals, plant-based protein, and a wide spectrum of vital nutrients, yet is completely free of added sugars, chemicals, colourants, flavourants, or fillers.”

In my home, I have found that Wazoogles has refreshed my urge to be creative in my kitchen in a healthy way. It begs for everything you create with it to be fun. My son and I have had so much fun baking and creating healthy smoothies and snacks with the full range of Wazoogles. And everything we have made has so far been a hit with him, and me.


We’ve added it to uncountable smoothies, to protein balls and ‘nice’ cream. But they can also be added to a smoothie bowl or to a quick recovery elixir shake for post-workout which I will be doing today after my workout.


I’ve found that it has been a fantastic, fuss free way to get all of the superfoods into my toddler and my own body. With it being the season of horrible germs and with my son being at school where kids are always sick, I must say that he’s been pretty well considering. He’s been ill, but nothing worth antibiotics. Which is such a change from last winter.

I am such a fan for products that are made to make life easier. And I am a fan for products that promote health especially for the entire family!


Wazoogles comes in different pack sizes.

Mini Pack: (2 servings)
Medium Pack: (15 servings)
Large Pack: (30 servings)

There are also five different flavours, so there really is something for everyone.

– Kungfu Coffee
– Chocolate Moondust
– Vanilla Sky
– Unicorn Berry
– Plant Power


I’ve found a use for every single flavour in at least two recipes I have played around with so far, so the sky is the limit.

Such a great product to have in your home for everyday use for the entire family! We all love it.


If you enjoy being inspired by beautiful, healthy food – then be sure to follow @wazoogles on Instagram. Their instastories are hilarious and the content is just delicious!!!

You can also follow them on Facebook:

Shop: (PSST – free delivery within Cape Town!!!)
They also have the most amazing recipes to inspire you on their website as well as an easy to understand description of the world of Wazoogles.


And more than anything, I love their story – brothers that both have the same beliefs and desire to provide people like you and me with a product that will keep our families healthy, and to create an honest product. Lovers of nature, and such rad guys. So give that a read too! Not only will you be inspired, but it will also give you a good view into Wazoogles itself.


— One Modern Mom



Ceramic Loving.

I’ve been slightly, and strangely (is it strange though?) obsessed with buying special mugs, plates, bowls, and cups lately. Home-ware overall, actually! Maybe it’s because we are living in our own home now, and finally aren’t renting anymore. Preparing for renovations and finally creating our dream home in the next few months. Or, maybe it’s just because I am growing up, and am starting to appreciate the beauty in things we use on a daily basis or when we entertain and have people over for coffee or dinner.


I’ve always been in love with the home-ware from Country Road, and I do have quite a few items from there, but I have also had fun browsing small, local stores at markets and online. My latest favourite is a small company run by a beautiful local, soon to be wed lady, Kate. Her full time job is a manager at Zando, and her secret love affair is Potsicle Ceramics. The name defines her and her business perfectly! ‘Potsicle’, just the sweetest name to go hand in hand with some of the most gorgeous, imperfectly perfect ceramics that she hand makes herself.


I sent Kate a few reference pictures of what I like, and told her to be creative as I love her own personal style. I was so eager to see what she would create, and oh my goodness, am I in love! It arrived on my door step a couple of weeks later (it’s a process), and let’s just say that Kate is a bubble wrapping queen! My package arrived all in one piece, and I giggled as I unwrapped all of the bubble wrap! I’m sure I actually gasped when I first held my complete pieces in my hands. They are beautiful.


I’m so excited to have some girls over for tea so that I can fill the plates up with home baked treats, just so that I can show them off! The quality of my ceramics are phenomenal, not a single flaw.


These would make such wonderful gifts for a wedding. You can do your very own custom order if you wish, and create something personal and special for either yourself, a friend or a couple getting married. I think I may even be placing an order before too long for a little set to be made for a special baby that is soon to be born. We were gifted with a Jamie Oliver set that included a small ceramic plate, bowl and cup. And I just loved the idea. But, to be able to choose what you want yourself, to make it personal and special just wins over my heart!


Kate, you’ve made me one happy lady with these beautiful Potsicle Ceramics. I can see through your work that you love what you do so very much. Thank you!
You can browse her already made products here:
Or you can check out her Facebook page:
And her Instagram here: @potsicle_ceramics

Behind The Lens With Radz Photography

I recently shot with the very talented and creative Radiefa Peters from Radz Photography along the beautiful Sea Point Promenade. What a wonderful, strong team of women to work with – Hannah Kruyer from @shewolfsa who did my hair and makeup (I’ve never felt so beautiful) and my wardrobe from Movepretty.


What I wanted to achieve was a special bond between mother and son. I do try to live a healthy and active lifestyle, and I try not to let being a mother and having a busy life with a toddler, being a work from home mom as an excuse to not have the time to be active – because it is so easy to include them in your workouts, especially from home or not in a gym environment.

I was nervous to climb into gym clothes and in front of the camera – exposing my jiggly mommy tum and prancing around showing it off in one of the most active areas in Cape Town – along the Promenade. But, WOW! I was immediately made feel comfortable and beautiful working with Radiefa (who just knew exactly what she was doing, the best angles and poses). The shoot was quick and simple. We were also blessed to have Hannah on our team who was fantastic to have on set. I think all in all, it was just the best group to work with.


I got my photos back within the next few days, and was actually blown away by the photos. She just captured us beyond my expectations. Radiefa generally shoots weddings and fashion, and not so much children. But, she is incredibly talented and was just so gentle and guided us so well, that I would highly recommend working with her as a family.




I was bursting with excitement to share this Behind The Lens with you. So, do keep reading to find out more about Radiefa and how she started in this highly competitive industry as a photographer:


1. When did you first realize that you could make magic with a camera?
I’d say this was in 2011 after I shot my shot my first wedding! So much people commented after I posted my first wedding pic! Well let’s just say the rest is history lol or atleast still in progression.

2. How old were you when you picked up your first camera?
Hmm probably around 11 years old, My dads old compact camera.

3. What inspires you to keep going in this industry?
There’s obviously so much competition and it can become tough at times but I the fact that it’s my dream to be a photographer,travel and become internationally known, that’s definitely what keeps me going! Also, my lovely clients 🙂

4. Three facts about you…
Go Getter, Love to laugh & Be around happy people

5. A little paragraph on family life.
Family, something so close to my heart, the tears, laughter, fun, secrets.. things that are shared mostly with them.Family is enjoying each other’s company and spending a lot of time doing things together! Family is love. Family is Home.

6. What is your favourite content to photograph?
Happy People! I mostly photograph weddings but I thoroughly enjoy the random Family Portraits 😉

7. If you could choose one wedding to photograph, whose would it be, and why?
I haven’t thought about who yet but someone who would fly me over to Italy/Switzerland even Some tropical island! Yup,that will be EPIC hehe

8. We did a family, lifestyle shoot together, and you were amazing with my son, do you often do kids photography?
When I get asked to yes, I use to do it every weekend but lately I’ve been so busy shooting weddings

9. Your favourite memory since you’ve been in the industry?
Definitely when Kwaito legend Doc Shebeleza called me to shoot his surprise Wedding Anniversary gift to he’s wife! He asked her to re-marry him and he flew her down from Jhb to CPT just to do that! Eek how cute.

10. A few words of advice for someone starting out in the photography industry…
Shoot Shoot and Shoot some more! It’s the only way you going to perfect your lighting and techniques. Also, watch a few tutorials online and give yourself shooting goals!

11. How can we keep up to date with your latest work, specials and news?
You can find me on Facebook under –Radz Photography– , Instagram @radzphotography_cpt or simply email me on

12. Lastly, what social platforms do you use to showcase the beautiful moments you capture?
Instagram Mostly but I’m quite active on Facebook as well.



A Wintery Mini-Getaway.

Writing this post on a stormy winter-like evening wrapped up in a blanket in front of a fire, sipping on a hot, creamy cup of Milo is quite possibly the best way to relive our mini-getaway to Riverstone House over the weekend. When I heard that it was going to be stormy mid-week, I actually decided to wait until now to write about our time away, because I figured that I would be able to play with my mind, and take it back to Saturday evening out in the rainy Wolseley.


Five years is a decent amount of time with a partner. Add a child into the mix, and you might as well triple that time. Your relationship becomes THAT much more serious, and life becomes so real – financially, and emotionally. Life runs away with us, and we often forget to prioritize our relationships – one on one time with our partners. Something that is so incredibly vital not only for ourselves, but for our kids too!


Olly was born 2 years and 9 months ago, and I’m embarrassed to admit that David and I haven’t spent a night away (together) without him since he was born. We’ve had the occasional date night, but we’ve had such a desire to actually go away, but just haven’t taken the step.


So, our 5 year anniversary arrived, and we decided, what better way to celebrate US than to go away for a night, just the two of us. I hunted high and low, and just couldn’t find a place that stood out to me. I didn’t want to go somewhere that would have 100 distractions, but I also didn’t want to end up feeling bored…


I came across the gorgeous Riverstone House which is situated in Wolseley. For those of you (like me) who had no idea where that is, it’s close to Ceres, Tulbagh, Riebeek Kasteel and Worcester. Just a short hour and a half drive from Cape Town. I booked without thinking twice, not only because of the friendly response I received from Candice, their booking agent – but also because of the trendy, up to date interior of the beautiful home.


I was so looking forward to our time away, and the day finally arrived. It felt so strange simply packing two bags and not having to pack an entire car with kids toys, clothes, toiletries, etc. We took a slow drive up, stopped at a cute farmers market to get some groceries (as it is self-catering) and then arrived. We drove up the dirt road, past their blueberry tunnels and drove up our drive way between their pear trees. We pulled up to the house, and I couldn’t get inside fast enough.


Walking through the front doors, directly into the open plan kitchen which looks into the lounge and dining room. I was actually in awe – honestly, I think I spent the first day just talking about how beautiful the house was, and about what I loved most, and how I would do anything to live in a house just like it. I then made my way through the house so I could decide which out of the four bedrooms we should sleep in. The two main bedrooms have fire places, which was PERFECT for the windy, rainy night we were about to encounter.


We cooked a delicious dinner, made so incredibly easy with the kitchen being so well equipped. I kid you not, if you ever got stuck there, you would have everything you’d ever need, from general cooking utensils to coffee plungers to baking utensils – even cookie cutters! We didn’t have to wash a single dish as we could simply pack the dishwasher and forget about the mess! The kitchen is huge, and just so gorgeous. Perfect for if you went away with a family or with a large group of people.


We had so much fun cooking together, chatting and laughing about silly things. Something that so rarely happens for us when we are back home for some reason.

I think I potentially had one of the best baths I’ve had since having a child. I spent about 40 minutes having a candle lit bubble bath, while sipping on a hot cup of coffee.


With there being no tv, we actually spent time after dinner TALKING to each other and focusing on just the two of us over a glass of wine, enjoying the gentle sound of rain. We snuggled up and went to bed early, both feeling totally content and relaxed. We fell asleep quickly in such a comfy bed. There’s just something about down feather duvets!


We woke up early the next morning, but managed to fall back asleep and had the first opportunity in years to sleep in until about 9:30am! Magic! We had a slow morning, made french toast for breakfast and then went for a walk around the farm. We walked down to the river and then up between the pear trees. The crisp, fresh air leaving our noses bright red. Laughing while we walked hand in hand together, feeling like kids fresh in love again as we breathed out ‘smoke’ from the icy air. I was truly content.

We then made our way back to the house, and just relaxed in the lounge area, drinking yet another cup of coffee, and just taking in the beauty surrounding us, our time together as well as the amazing decor that had so thoughtfully been placed in their particular places.


I found that it was the simple things that really made my heart skip a beat. The bowl of lemons between two beautiful lanterns with white candles placed on the wooden dining table. The fresh palm leaves in the over sized jar on a little table in the corner of the dining room. The deer head on the wall between the bedrooms and the one bathroom.


The gorgeous, over-sized cushions on the couch that begged you to just dive onto it and sink in while reading a good magazine. Each bedroom being unique in its own way… the jar with everything in that you may have left at home, be it a razor, plasters, tablets, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. The little hand picked purple flowers that were delicately placed in each bedroom on the towels just to make you know that you’ve been thought of as they have made up the house for you.


I’m struggling to explain in words just how perfect and wonderful the Riverstone House truly is. I wish I could just take you all with me. You all know that I’m about supporting local, and something that made me so proud was that in different spots in the house, they have framed photographs that show selected nearby businesses. For instance a wall featuring beautiful horse back rides, and a little note telling you all about them and how you can get in touch with them to book your ride while you’re there. I love this!

Riverstone House is a free standing house with four bedrooms – two main rooms with a double bed and a fire place, and other bedrooms (one with three single beds; and one with two single beds). This means that the house sleeps 9 people – that’s two families. There are also two huge bathrooms, both with a shower and a bath, one toilet and two basins. The kitchen has two washing machines, and a dishwasher. A gas stove, with a gas kettle as well as a normal kettle. A huge oven which begs have a home cooked meal or some baking done in it, as well as a microwave and a large fridge.


There is a fenced off grassy area outside, which is perfect for when you have kids with you, as just down the stairs is a river. This way, you know that they are safe when they are playing outdoors. It is also pet-friendly which means you can take your dogs with you (they even have a dog bowl in their cupboard!!!) and you know that they have an area that is secure if need be. They are allowed indoors too, but aren’t allowed on the furniture, and if they mess on anything, it’s at your own expense. But, I think that it is quite amazing to be allowed to take your dogs into such a beautiful home.


I found that this was just the perfect place for David and I to escape to. It was quiet, secluded, and peaceful. And it encouraged us to sit down and to focus on US.

Whether you’re looking to go away with just your partner, your entire family or with a group of friends – this is such a perfect place! It’s even a cool idea for a Bachelorrette or your honeymoon! Spacious, open plan and totally inviting for memories to be made.


If you are a lover for good decor – then this is the place for you! Seriously. My photos do NOT do it justice. I have taken a little video tour which I hope to get up early next week – but for now, I hope that my explanation has given you a good idea of how amazing it was. I wish we could have stayed longer! But, we had a little munchkin to get back to, and we also had to get back to reality before we decided to stay forever!


Thank you Riverstone House for your amazing hospitality, for understanding just how vital it is to focus on your relationship, for your personalized note and little treats. We left feeling so spoilt, relaxed and ready to take on the next five years! We hope to see you again soon. Til next time…

I just saw that they have a third fireplace that is being installed inside the house.. that’s THREE fireplaces in one home. Perfect for winter! And it’s also a perfect place to stay this winter being so close to Ceres!

Head over to their social media platforms so that you can see their own video of their stunning location:


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Swinging Into Winter.

Some of my most relaxing memories of my childhood were swinging in our family hammock out on the balcony of our house on a sunny day. I’d often find myself dozing off after finishing my homework, while reading a book or even while studying! That feeling of gently swinging while listening to the birds singing, or the cars drive past on the distant streets, I always just found it all strangely therapeutic. I’m sure you can relate.


I decided that Olly was old enough to enjoy a hammock now too. And although these photographs only show him enjoying it outdoors, I’m working on getting hooks put indoors so that he can enjoy looking at books while swinging in his hammock when it’s too cold or wet outside. I always wished to have one inside, as there were so many times I couldn’t use our hammock in the cold winter months.

I love this one in particular. It reminds me of a fishing net. Its a nice clean colour, with an organic, wooden looking detail. It’s so easy to have in any home because it compliments anything you already have. I did find that toddlers are tricky in hammocks simply because they are unable to shift their weight like we do. But, it’s almost a blessing in disguise because he keeps still deliberately. 😉


I wouldn’t leave him unattended it the hammock yet just because of the above. I still like to check to make sure that his weight is even so that he doesn’t fall out, but he loves it, and asks to go in his ‘mock’ all the time. I must just suggest that with this particular hammock, you need to pull it as tight as you can to attach to your hooks, as it does sink quite low once you apply weight. It is strong enough to hold adults too, so it’s a great investment as your entire family can enjoy it!

You can find them on the Clever Little Monkey website:


I actually wish hubby would get our hooks up for us with this crazy, stormy Cape Town weather. There’s nothing like a gentle swing in a hammock, wrapped up with blankets while reading a good book listening to the rain pour down. But, we will have it up soon, and have an entire, long winter ahead of us.

Also featured in the photographs are the following:

Fox Scatter:
Little Bear Scatter:

Adventure Tribal Scatter:


Keep checking regularly for updates on Clever Little Monkey, as there may be another giveaway coming up before too long, and they really do have the most amazing collection of goodies!

IMG_5036IMG_5064 (1)

Instagram: @cleverlittlemonkey


PLEASE NOTE: The hammock DOES NOT come with the wooden stand shown in some of the photographs!!!


A huge thank you to Lerone’ Lazenby from LaBelle Vita Foto for the photos of Olly in the hammock next to the pool. The other photos were taken by me: @onemodernmom

Instagram: @labellevitafoto

A Eurobebe Easter.

I am always on the look out for cute, well made boys clothes for Elijah. I don’t know about you other mama’s but when Elijah was just a tiny bump in my tummy my obsession for buying clothes for myself turned to buying clothes for my baba. Darrell and I were convinced we were having a girl. The nursery was all planned out in my mind(with a bit of help from Pinterest). And I was about to start shop shop shopping for a girl! At our 12 week scan the fetal specialist asked us if we wanted to know the gender of our baby and we sheepishly grinned yes, as we were convinced we just knew. When she said a boy we actually thought she was playing a joke on us. It took us all of 2 seconds to come around to the fact that we were having a BOY! And boy were we happy ;). But as you all know there are a lot more cute clothes out there for girls than for boys. So when I came across EUROBEBE.SA on Instagram I was so excited as the clothes for boys (and girls) are just so gorgeous!


The company was started by two mama’s who wanted beautiful baby and toddler products akin to their Pinterest and `Instagram mama’s in Europe and just could not find them in South Africa, so they decided to do something about it. And EUROBEBE.SA was born. Their signature look draws inspiration from Scandinavian design, specializing in sourcing the best and latest in European baby and toddler wear.
I went a bit cray cray ordering things for Elijah on their beautiful and very easy to navigate website. The clothes are not hideously expensive, even though they are imported from Europe and so I was able to buy a few pieces for Elijah’s winter wardrobe. The package arrived quickly and was so beautifully wrapped. Elijah helped me open all the individually wrapped garments and immediately clutched the fox coat to his chest shouting “Freddy Fox!” He wanted to put it straight on and ran to the mirror remarking that he had a tail. Sweet boy.
We also got bunny suits which Lisa and I thought would be perfect for the boys baking day in the Sweet Lion Heart kitchen with Matt Masson Weddings taking photographs of them helping Nikki Albertyn make some yummy Easter Bunny Rocket Pops. Those two sweet bunnies stole everyones hearts who saw them.
unspecified-37 (1)unspecified-40
Thank you EUROBEBE.SA we shall definitely be shopping with you again! You can shop to right here:
Love, Angela

Top 10 Coffee Shops: Open Door

I feel like I’m totally late to the Open Door party, but here I go anyway… I’ve been working on my Top 10 Coffee Shops in Cape Town, and here is my second stop!

I often find myself wondering why I even bother trying to go to nice coffee shops and restaurants with a two year old. And, many times ask myself why I didn’t pile him in the car and go to McDonalds for an ice cream and coffee. Wouldn’t it be less stressful? Probably.


But, then I remembered hearing about Open Door. I heard about it for the first time when media raved about their incredible play area for kids. I avoided it by all costs just because I knew it would be overflowing with parents and kids. Over time, I forgot about it. We live close by, and we often take our dogs for a walk in the forest. Each time, we drive past the entrance and I think – ‘I still need to go there’. Finally, my mommy brain managed to remember, and we went for the first time on Monday during their ‘Communal’ hours.


Communal time is between main meals. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner usually need to be reserved to be safe, however, bookings are not allowed to be made for the communal hours. Open Door has special menus for these times which occur twice a day. Between breakfast and lunch – you can order a Sticky Bun (ORDER THE STICKY BUN!!!!) or a croissant with your usual hot drinks, cool drinks, etc. And in the afternoons, between lunch and dinner, you can choose from platters, a couple of other delicious sounding light snacks, cake of the day, a few sweet treats for the kids and of course hot drinks, cold drinks, cocktails and a large selection of drinks off of their wine menu.



I must admit that both times I have gone, yes, two days in a row, I went at Communal Hour. On Monday I went in the morning and enjoyed a divine Sticky Bun with a delicious Cappuccino and yesterday I went in the afternoon and Olly enjoyed his cold chocolate milk with freshly baked cookies! I had a Strawberry Daquiri, which, might I add – is made CORRECTLY, just the correct amount of everything, and finished off my afternoon with a delicious G&T. What better way to end off a scorching HOT public holiday?



Ok, to the part that is most valuable for you mamas… the play area. Honestly, I’m not quite sure where to even begin. Can I quickly tell you a story?

Growing up, we would go to the States every couple years to visit my Moms family. They’re spread out across America, and we would make a point to visit as many family members as we could in the time that we were there. We would always go in school holidays, and usually spent the entire holiday there. Being kids, we just wanted to be exploring and playing outdoors. We were lucky enough to get to experience every Season. My fondest memories were playing in their beautifully thought out play parks. Kept so incredibly clean and in tip-top condition, it was truly an experience.


The point of my story is, I have rarely seen parks like these in South Africa. Every now and then, you come across a nicer one, but walking into Open Door, and seeing their play area, not only did I feel proud for them, but I also had this feeling of immense excitement, almost like butterflies in my stomach. Knowing that my little guy could experience such a wonderful play area equipped with everything a little person could possibly need, just made me so happy.



Believe it or not, it gets better! The play area is visible from the patio, where on a nice day, you can’t resist sitting out there. The play area is also fenced off, which means that you can sit down and enjoy your coffee or drink in peace! You can relax and have a conversation without a worry. The jungle gym and play equipment is low and was obviously created with kids of all age in mind. There is a wooden tractor, beautiful swings, and motorbikes as well as little balance surfboards. The jungle gym has been complete with the sweetest little binoculars for the kids to really just escape into their own little imaginary world.


On our second outing yesterday, Olly learnt how to open the gate himself. The beauty is that they can’t get anywhere else from the play area. The pathway literally brings them directly to the deck which means that they can’t get past you without you seeing them. They can’t, however let other kids escape as there is a spring on the gate which means that it automatically closes behind them.


I honestly cannot even begin to rave enough about Open Door. I have never been there for a main meal, however, I do hope to get there soon for date night. But, wow… what a beautiful place. Sophisticated, however, I don’t feel out of place being there. I know that my child is playing contently just a few steps away, and I get to enjoy a morning out with a friend where I can actually talk over a GOOD cup of coffee without any distractions!


We don’t always have to leave our kids at home when we go out – sometimes we just have to find the right place. And, I’ve found mine. My little treasure, just down the road from me. SCORE!


For the mama’s that live far out, it’s totally worth the drive on a Saturday morning. Just be sure to make an appointment the day before for a main meal.

Check out their social media in the meanwhile!

Instagram: @opendoorct

Enter Your Weekend Sweetly

While popping into The Body Shop for a hostess gift I need for this weekend, I saw their awesome special of 30 percent off fragrances for men and women. So while I was waiting for the cashier to ring up my purchase I started randomly spritzing them. And boy was I surprised.
I absolutely love Indian Night Jasmine. While living in Tulbagh we had a gorgeous Jasmine creeper edging our rose garden and whenever it started to bloom I would know that Spring was on it’s way. This fragrance takes me right back to that glorious sunshine, happy feeling. I have been trying to find my fragrance identity for a while now and therefore whenever I pass a fragrance counter(no doubt high end) I always stop and sample.
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And now I have found what I am looking for and at such a reasonable price too. I don’t know about you but I always hoard my fragrances and only use them on special nights and occasions but these are so reasonable that I bought both the fragrance mist and the eau de toilette and shall feel totally at ease even spritzing away even before gym.

The packaging is quite classic and will look beautiful on anyone’s dressing table or bathroom counter. This is definitely something I shall pick up again without the guilty feeling that Elijah will have to go without nappies.

Lots of love


A Bugz Life.

We were invited to a day out at Bugz Playpark. It has been on our to-do list for over a year, but we were eagerly awaiting for Olly to be the right age to go. Little did we know, we could have taken him ages ago and he would’ve already have had such a great time! Below, you can read about our experience at Bugz Playpark with my little Bugsie and Elijah.


Bugz Playpark is open 364 days of the year; however, token rides are only open on weekends & public holidays. You can read more here to find out which rides are the Token Rides:

The playpark is in Tarentaal Street, Joostenbergvlakte in Kraaifontein. It is tricky to see their signs from the road, but there is a sign for the Cape Gardens Centre Nursery, so make sure that you turn RIGHT down that road to assist you with getting there.

Bugz Playpark is the Western Cape’s largest playpark for kids! Not only is it a playpark, but it is also a fantastic party venue. With 8 indoor party venues, there are also 4 outdoor ones – and with 28 themes to choose from, you actually can’t go wrong!


There is a huge indoor play area which is perfect for a rainy day.


The outdoor play areas are complete with Free Play Fun as well as the Token Areas. The ‘Free Play Fun’ activities include the sandpit, slides, monkey bars, dolls houses, treehouse, mud kitchens, jungle gym, and splash pool. If your child is below the age of 3, this is what I would recommend.


Check out this link for more information on the ticket costs, and how it all works:


I love their rule that an adult can’t come in unsupervised! 😉 If an adult isn’t coming in accompanied by a child, they aren’t allowed in. This means that the playpark is safe from any ‘lurkers’. They also haven’t made it easy for the kids to roam out of the playpark on their own. There is only one way out, which is also the way in, and there are always people from the park around watching. This certainly does put my mind at ease!

Close your eyes tightly, and imagine Disneyland – but instead of a huge, overwhelming theme park that all ages are invited to, it is a little fantasy world for kids ONLY. A stimulation station where they can get lost in play, safely! And, instead of rides and activities being created for no reason other than fun, each and everything that they have built has a purpose of its own. It means that even though your kids are having fun, without even knowing it, they are learning and growing through play!

We arrived at Bugz Playpark just after 10:00. Our boys had already seen the video on the website of all that happens at the playpark, and were so hyped up before they even knew what was about to hit them. We were greeted with upbeat music, which left their little toes tapping while waiting to enter. We got to the front of the quick moving queue, and it was time to get our wristbands. Oh, what happy smiles we were met with! The boys were very proud of their special bands, and sped off without a second thought. So many options, so little time – or so they thought! But, the time was on their side, and there was enough time for our little people to see and do everything, multiple times!

We were then introduced to Melissa, the park’s Marketing and Event Major, such a wonderful woman who clearly loves what she does. I loved how she crouched down on her haunches, and made eye contact with our boys while chatting to them about all of the fun that was instore for them. They were practically squealing. We got a quick tour of the playpark, and then were left to go wild!

First stop, the jungle gyms! Funny, right? It just shows how well thought out these magical  jungle gyms were for two and a half year old boys to choose them over other rides they had never seen before! And BOY, did these kids climb and climb AND CLIMB! Next stop, the little ‘Worm Train’ ride – the smile that lit up my sons face was priceless. He was truly in his own little world, imagining all sorts of things. As he ‘steered’ the train frantically from his very own little carriage, I knew instantly that the long, hot drive out there was totally worth every second.

worm 1

We then, excitedly made our way over to the little self-ride tractors. These are great for kids that have little tricycles at home! The sweet sound of giggles that came floating from that enclosure was divine!

tractor 1tractor elijah

Our kids were a little too young for the horse rides, but that didn’t prevent them from enjoying watching the older kids gallop around the paddock. They were so excited to hear that they could have a turn when we go back again another time.

We rushed off to the Splash Pool, as both of our boys are obsessed with water since starting swimming lessons last year! Due to their age, they weren’t yet allowed to go on the wave slide, water slide, speed waterslide and rowing boats, but they were totally content with the open shallow pools with water that sprayed out of the ground! We loved that the water is reused, and not wasted! Kids HAVE to wear proper swimming costumes, and aren’t allowed in with underwear, I always think that this is important! It also keeps the water clean and hygienic! The boys must have spent at least an hour at this stop!

water boys 1water elijah 3water olly 1water boys 2water elijah 1water olly 2

At this point, we were so grateful for an entire playpark to be shaded. There are uncountable trees, which mean that we are always protected from the sun! Kids often don’t notice the heat, but as parents, we do! And, it often is the deciding factor on how long one stays. It was a hot day, and not once did we notice how hot it was, because we were kept cool and out of the direct sun, thanks to the trees!

The park, in fact isn’t huge! It is spacious, and as a parent, I think we can appreciate that if our kids run off, we will always find them, as the playpark goes in a loop. All of the water rides, and age restricted rides are fenced off with a ride controller, so your child cannot just hop onto a ride on their own. Also, if your child is too young, their band will be the incorrect colour for that particular ride ensuring they are kept safe at all times!

12:30 arrived, and we decided that it was time for some lunch. We headed inside and what a wonderful menu with a large variety! A well-stocked ‘Bugz Big Bite Restaurant’ with very friendly, and patient (when your kids change their mind of what they want to eat 10 times) waitresses. I love that there were healthier options and different portion sizes depending on what you chose to eat. There is also a Snack Shack in the outside play area for a quick snack or refreshment while your kids continue to play. I love that they give you a little buzzer which works right around the playpark. This means that your kids can continue playing until the food is ready. The boys had a burger which was huge! I had a wrap and Angela had the chicken salad. Everyone was very quiet while eating, which is always a good sign. We all agreed that the food was delicious!! The kids played in the indoor play area while we ate. I really appreciated that there was this play area as they could play and entertain themselves for a bit while we finished eating.

elijah indoor

We headed back outside, excitedly and bee-lined straight to the face painting station. They got to choose from a list of characters. Olly decided he wanted to be a Ninja Turtle, and Sam, the artist did a phenomenal job. Honestly, Olly is normally quite nervous and hesitant when sitting down in front of a stranger – but Sam was so gentle and friendly, that Olly sat there quietly, and still for him to paint his face for him. Sam held up the mirror, and Olly showed off a huge, toothy grin with his freshly painted face! Elijah decided to be Micky Mouse, and again, he had a wonderful experience. They both climbed onto Sam’s lap at the end, and gave him a big high-five to say ‘Thank you’.

olly facepaint

facepaints with sam

elijah face paint

We then went next door to ‘Megan’s Petting Farm’. Here, the boys got to hold, pet and feed the animals. So neatly kept, we weren’t holding our noses the entire time, but instead had fun ourselves feeding the little lamb and goat as well as holding the bunnies and guinea pigs. Olly was even brave enough to hold a goose, and he fed the Turkey. Pets and animals are so vital for kids – and watching our boys fall so in love with each of these animals was just the sweetest thing! The soft looks in their eyes, and watching them stroke the animals so gently was truly special.

elijah petting 1olly petting 1olly henpetting 1feeding goatolly bunnypetting 3

The Swing Horses were next in line, and due to their age, we had to go with them. I must say, even I had fun, and Olly was singing away as the horses ‘galloped’ around and around. It is a 3 minute ride, which means it’s long enough to really enjoy it.

carasoul 2

It was already almost 14:30, and the boys were starting to get tired and stroppy after a full day of playing! We decided that we would end the trip ‘sweetly’ by letting them have an ice cream before getting them into the car. With such a lovely variety of flavours (sauces that go over plain vanilla ice-cream’, it was tough to choose one – but they settled on the ‘Candy Floss’ flavour and were very content with their decision. By this stage, they were practically licking their ice creams while falling asleep sitting up, and we knew that it was home time!

ice creams
They had the best day at Bugz Playpark. Our little characters were content and ready to sleep all the way home, and sleep they did! We all had a wonderful day, and I have no doubt they will be talking about their experience for weeks to come. We will definitely be back! And, once Olly is old enough for more of the rides, we will most certainly be back frequently, despite the long drive. It is such a wonderful meeting place, parents can watch their kids and chat while the kids play, play and play some more.

outdoor climb 1baking sand 1elijah outdoor climb

I can honestly say that our day out there was worth every single cent! And your kids will thank you for it!

For the parents that don’t live in Cape Town, make sure this is on your itinerary for when you do come down to visit on holiday!

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