Ceramic Loving.

I’ve been slightly, and strangely (is it strange though?) obsessed with buying special mugs, plates, bowls, and cups lately. Home-ware overall, actually! Maybe it’s because we are living in our own home now, and finally aren’t renting anymore. Preparing for renovations and finally creating our dream home in the next few months. Or, maybe it’s just because I am growing up, and am starting to appreciate the beauty in things we use on a daily basis or when we entertain and have people over for coffee or dinner.


I’ve always been in love with the home-ware from Country Road, and I do have quite a few items from there, but I have also had fun browsing small, local stores at markets and online. My latest favourite is a small company run by a beautiful local, soon to be wed lady, Kate. Her full time job is a manager at Zando, and her secret love affair is Potsicle Ceramics. The name defines her and her business perfectly! ‘Potsicle’, just the sweetest name to go hand in hand with some of the most gorgeous, imperfectly perfect ceramics that she hand makes herself.


I sent Kate a few reference pictures of what I like, and told her to be creative as I love her own personal style. I was so eager to see what she would create, and oh my goodness, am I in love! It arrived on my door step a couple of weeks later (it’s a process), and let’s just say that Kate is a bubble wrapping queen! My package arrived all in one piece, and I giggled as I unwrapped all of the bubble wrap! I’m sure I actually gasped when I first held my complete pieces in my hands. They are beautiful.


I’m so excited to have some girls over for tea so that I can fill the plates up with home baked treats, just so that I can show them off! The quality of my ceramics are phenomenal, not a single flaw.


These would make such wonderful gifts for a wedding. You can do your very own custom order if you wish, and create something personal and special for either yourself, a friend or a couple getting married. I think I may even be placing an order before too long for a little set to be made for a special baby that is soon to be born. We were gifted with a Jamie Oliver set that included a small ceramic plate, bowl and cup. And I just loved the idea. But, to be able to choose what you want yourself, to make it personal and special just wins over my heart!


Kate, you’ve made me one happy lady with these beautiful Potsicle Ceramics. I can see through your work that you love what you do so very much. Thank you!
You can browse her already made products here: http://www.hellopretty.co.za/potsicle-ceramics
Or you can check out her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Potsicle/
And her Instagram here: @potsicle_ceramics


Competition Day: Win With Clever Little Monkey

If you don’t know this little fact about me by now, then do you actually even know me at all? I am obsessed with special pieces of decor that get their special spot in our home. And, over the past year – I have loved being on the hunt to find unique and trendy bits and bobs as well as larger pieces of furniture and home decor pieces that fit in beautifully for Olly’s bedroom and play area too.


I’ve been really blessed to work hand in hand with Clever Little Monkey over the past year, and we always find the most magical things on their website. You have also had many opportunities to win some of these products over the past year! And, today is no exception! It’s another chance for you to WIN!


This time, we are giving away a Lorena Canals Bubbly Basket that are brand new to their website. They are valued at R550.00. Which colour would you choose? https://cleverlittlemonkey.co.za/?s=basket&post_type=product


It’s super easy to enter, and you can gain three entries into the giveaway!

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How to enter here:

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2. Head over to like Clever Little Monkey on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cleverlittlemonkey/
3. Leave me a comment below telling me which colour Lorena Canals Bubbly Basket you would choose from their website (link above).



You need to be residing in South Africa.
The prize will be couriered directly to the courier at our expense.
The prize may not be redeemable for cash or exchanged for anything else.
The giveaway will end on Friday 28th July 2017 at 15h00, and the winner will be contacted via email.
If you have not claimed your prize within 5 working days, a new winner will be randomly selected.
If ALL steps are not completed, your entry will not be accepted.


A Wintery Mini-Getaway.

Writing this post on a stormy winter-like evening wrapped up in a blanket in front of a fire, sipping on a hot, creamy cup of Milo is quite possibly the best way to relive our mini-getaway to Riverstone House over the weekend. When I heard that it was going to be stormy mid-week, I actually decided to wait until now to write about our time away, because I figured that I would be able to play with my mind, and take it back to Saturday evening out in the rainy Wolseley.


Five years is a decent amount of time with a partner. Add a child into the mix, and you might as well triple that time. Your relationship becomes THAT much more serious, and life becomes so real – financially, and emotionally. Life runs away with us, and we often forget to prioritize our relationships – one on one time with our partners. Something that is so incredibly vital not only for ourselves, but for our kids too!


Olly was born 2 years and 9 months ago, and I’m embarrassed to admit that David and I haven’t spent a night away (together) without him since he was born. We’ve had the occasional date night, but we’ve had such a desire to actually go away, but just haven’t taken the step.


So, our 5 year anniversary arrived, and we decided, what better way to celebrate US than to go away for a night, just the two of us. I hunted high and low, and just couldn’t find a place that stood out to me. I didn’t want to go somewhere that would have 100 distractions, but I also didn’t want to end up feeling bored…


I came across the gorgeous Riverstone House which is situated in Wolseley. For those of you (like me) who had no idea where that is, it’s close to Ceres, Tulbagh, Riebeek Kasteel and Worcester. Just a short hour and a half drive from Cape Town. I booked without thinking twice, not only because of the friendly response I received from Candice, their booking agent – but also because of the trendy, up to date interior of the beautiful home.


I was so looking forward to our time away, and the day finally arrived. It felt so strange simply packing two bags and not having to pack an entire car with kids toys, clothes, toiletries, etc. We took a slow drive up, stopped at a cute farmers market to get some groceries (as it is self-catering) and then arrived. We drove up the dirt road, past their blueberry tunnels and drove up our drive way between their pear trees. We pulled up to the house, and I couldn’t get inside fast enough.


Walking through the front doors, directly into the open plan kitchen which looks into the lounge and dining room. I was actually in awe – honestly, I think I spent the first day just talking about how beautiful the house was, and about what I loved most, and how I would do anything to live in a house just like it. I then made my way through the house so I could decide which out of the four bedrooms we should sleep in. The two main bedrooms have fire places, which was PERFECT for the windy, rainy night we were about to encounter.


We cooked a delicious dinner, made so incredibly easy with the kitchen being so well equipped. I kid you not, if you ever got stuck there, you would have everything you’d ever need, from general cooking utensils to coffee plungers to baking utensils – even cookie cutters! We didn’t have to wash a single dish as we could simply pack the dishwasher and forget about the mess! The kitchen is huge, and just so gorgeous. Perfect for if you went away with a family or with a large group of people.


We had so much fun cooking together, chatting and laughing about silly things. Something that so rarely happens for us when we are back home for some reason.

I think I potentially had one of the best baths I’ve had since having a child. I spent about 40 minutes having a candle lit bubble bath, while sipping on a hot cup of coffee.


With there being no tv, we actually spent time after dinner TALKING to each other and focusing on just the two of us over a glass of wine, enjoying the gentle sound of rain. We snuggled up and went to bed early, both feeling totally content and relaxed. We fell asleep quickly in such a comfy bed. There’s just something about down feather duvets!


We woke up early the next morning, but managed to fall back asleep and had the first opportunity in years to sleep in until about 9:30am! Magic! We had a slow morning, made french toast for breakfast and then went for a walk around the farm. We walked down to the river and then up between the pear trees. The crisp, fresh air leaving our noses bright red. Laughing while we walked hand in hand together, feeling like kids fresh in love again as we breathed out ‘smoke’ from the icy air. I was truly content.

We then made our way back to the house, and just relaxed in the lounge area, drinking yet another cup of coffee, and just taking in the beauty surrounding us, our time together as well as the amazing decor that had so thoughtfully been placed in their particular places.


I found that it was the simple things that really made my heart skip a beat. The bowl of lemons between two beautiful lanterns with white candles placed on the wooden dining table. The fresh palm leaves in the over sized jar on a little table in the corner of the dining room. The deer head on the wall between the bedrooms and the one bathroom.


The gorgeous, over-sized cushions on the couch that begged you to just dive onto it and sink in while reading a good magazine. Each bedroom being unique in its own way… the jar with everything in that you may have left at home, be it a razor, plasters, tablets, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. The little hand picked purple flowers that were delicately placed in each bedroom on the towels just to make you know that you’ve been thought of as they have made up the house for you.


I’m struggling to explain in words just how perfect and wonderful the Riverstone House truly is. I wish I could just take you all with me. You all know that I’m about supporting local, and something that made me so proud was that in different spots in the house, they have framed photographs that show selected nearby businesses. For instance a wall featuring beautiful horse back rides, and a little note telling you all about them and how you can get in touch with them to book your ride while you’re there. I love this!

Riverstone House is a free standing house with four bedrooms – two main rooms with a double bed and a fire place, and other bedrooms (one with three single beds; and one with two single beds). This means that the house sleeps 9 people – that’s two families. There are also two huge bathrooms, both with a shower and a bath, one toilet and two basins. The kitchen has two washing machines, and a dishwasher. A gas stove, with a gas kettle as well as a normal kettle. A huge oven which begs have a home cooked meal or some baking done in it, as well as a microwave and a large fridge.


There is a fenced off grassy area outside, which is perfect for when you have kids with you, as just down the stairs is a river. This way, you know that they are safe when they are playing outdoors. It is also pet-friendly which means you can take your dogs with you (they even have a dog bowl in their cupboard!!!) and you know that they have an area that is secure if need be. They are allowed indoors too, but aren’t allowed on the furniture, and if they mess on anything, it’s at your own expense. But, I think that it is quite amazing to be allowed to take your dogs into such a beautiful home.


I found that this was just the perfect place for David and I to escape to. It was quiet, secluded, and peaceful. And it encouraged us to sit down and to focus on US.

Whether you’re looking to go away with just your partner, your entire family or with a group of friends – this is such a perfect place! It’s even a cool idea for a Bachelorrette or your honeymoon! Spacious, open plan and totally inviting for memories to be made.


If you are a lover for good decor – then this is the place for you! Seriously. My photos do NOT do it justice. I have taken a little video tour which I hope to get up early next week – but for now, I hope that my explanation has given you a good idea of how amazing it was. I wish we could have stayed longer! But, we had a little munchkin to get back to, and we also had to get back to reality before we decided to stay forever!


Thank you Riverstone House for your amazing hospitality, for understanding just how vital it is to focus on your relationship, for your personalized note and little treats. We left feeling so spoilt, relaxed and ready to take on the next five years! We hope to see you again soon. Til next time…

I just saw that they have a third fireplace that is being installed inside the house.. that’s THREE fireplaces in one home. Perfect for winter! And it’s also a perfect place to stay this winter being so close to Ceres!

Head over to their social media platforms so that you can see their own video of their stunning location:

Website: http://www.theriverstonehouse.co.za/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theriverstonehouse/

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Swinging Into Winter.

Some of my most relaxing memories of my childhood were swinging in our family hammock out on the balcony of our house on a sunny day. I’d often find myself dozing off after finishing my homework, while reading a book or even while studying! That feeling of gently swinging while listening to the birds singing, or the cars drive past on the distant streets, I always just found it all strangely therapeutic. I’m sure you can relate.


I decided that Olly was old enough to enjoy a hammock now too. And although these photographs only show him enjoying it outdoors, I’m working on getting hooks put indoors so that he can enjoy looking at books while swinging in his hammock when it’s too cold or wet outside. I always wished to have one inside, as there were so many times I couldn’t use our hammock in the cold winter months.

I love this one in particular. It reminds me of a fishing net. Its a nice clean colour, with an organic, wooden looking detail. It’s so easy to have in any home because it compliments anything you already have. I did find that toddlers are tricky in hammocks simply because they are unable to shift their weight like we do. But, it’s almost a blessing in disguise because he keeps still deliberately. 😉


I wouldn’t leave him unattended it the hammock yet just because of the above. I still like to check to make sure that his weight is even so that he doesn’t fall out, but he loves it, and asks to go in his ‘mock’ all the time. I must just suggest that with this particular hammock, you need to pull it as tight as you can to attach to your hooks, as it does sink quite low once you apply weight. It is strong enough to hold adults too, so it’s a great investment as your entire family can enjoy it!

You can find them on the Clever Little Monkey website: https://cleverlittlemonkey.co.za/product/woven-hammock/


I actually wish hubby would get our hooks up for us with this crazy, stormy Cape Town weather. There’s nothing like a gentle swing in a hammock, wrapped up with blankets while reading a good book listening to the rain pour down. But, we will have it up soon, and have an entire, long winter ahead of us.

Also featured in the photographs are the following:

Fox Scatter: https://cleverlittlemonkey.co.za/product/fox-scatter/
Little Bear Scatter: https://cleverlittlemonkey.co.za/product/little-bear-scatter/

Adventure Tribal Scatter: https://cleverlittlemonkey.co.za/product/adventure-tribal-scatter/


Keep checking regularly for updates on Clever Little Monkey, as there may be another giveaway coming up before too long, and they really do have the most amazing collection of goodies!

IMG_5036IMG_5064 (1)

Instagram: @cleverlittlemonkey
Website: http://www.cleverlittlemonkey.co.za/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cleverlittlemonkey


PLEASE NOTE: The hammock DOES NOT come with the wooden stand shown in some of the photographs!!!


A huge thank you to Lerone’ Lazenby from LaBelle Vita Foto for the photos of Olly in the hammock next to the pool. The other photos were taken by me: @onemodernmom

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaBelleVitaFoto/
Instagram: @labellevitafoto

Creating Simple Stories with Fable Lifestyle.

It’s not often that I find something that I love so much once it’s in my home that I want to have more so that I can replicate it’s beauty in more than one room in my home. We have been renovating our main bedroom, just with some coats of fresh paint, and removing stuff from the bedroom, changing lights, etc for now. We moved into our mother-in-law’s home as she so generously offered us such a good deal for the home that we couldn’t resist it a year ago.


With her own personal plans being approved, and all the behind the scene work for her, we are still two families combined in the main house while we await the building of her home to begin and to be complete.

It’s been challenging for all of us, yet wonderful too. But, one thing I have missed tremendously is having my own little family represented by our home. We have been waiting to do major renovations (i.e. bashing down walls, extending bedrooms and putting in new flooring, etc,) just because it makes more sense to do it all while it’s already happening on our property, as she is building a house in the back garden. For those of you who have renovated, you know you don’t want all of the mess, builders and dust around more than you need to.


So, to cut to the story – I desperately wanted to create just one room in our home that I felt my own personality shine through. A place that I could escape to, comfortably when I just needed a break or to just have a bedroom that felt a little bit updated for my younger style. We slapped on a beautiful charcoal colour paint, painted the window frames white, placed in some brand new dimming lights and in the corner next to my bed, I placed my brand new… WAIT FOR IT, simple, but absolutely beautiful Fable Belly Basket. The organic feeling, dipped white belly basket that has just so many purposes.


I placed my pot plant into the belly basket to add a little decor and greenery into the corner of my bedroom next to my bed, and it literally made my room turn into magic. “I need more,” I said beneath my breath as I gasped as I saw the magic take place right before my own two eyes. Honestly, and secretly, I embarrassingly felt quite proud of myself that I had put that little corner together on my own. But, actually it was so simple and it just made my room pop.

I could buy another five of these, and I would never NOT have a place to use them. There is so much that you can do with these belly baskets. Olly has one in his big boy bedroom which has become home to his soft animals, but one could also use them in their lounge for their blankets, toys, or any other accessories that need some form of storage. But, at the moment – I just love how plants look in them, so that’s how mine will stay for awhile.


Fable Lifestyle & Baby is not only home to these gorgeous, and incredibly trendy belly baskets; but also have lovely prints and blankets. The thing that stands out to me most, apart from the wonderful, professional customer service is the quality of their products. If you have a peek at their website, you’ll see that they aren’t bursting at the seams with stock, but rather have a handful of carefully picked products that suit their brand perfectly.


Their blankets are all made from 100% Merino Wool, and they have a large selection of colours of their belly baskets as well as a wide variety of sweet prints that could work perfectly in your babies nursery or child’s bedroom or even just somewhere in your own home.

Do yourself a favour and check out their website and social media platforms, and you can also often find them around Cape Town at the best of the local markets!

Website: https://fable-lifestyle.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fablelifestyle/
Instagram: @fablelifestyle

Thank you Fable Lifestyle for helping make my house a home. As you say, “Create your own stories with your belly baskets.” This has totally happened right before my eyes.


A Cowboys Wonderland.

A bedroom fit for a royal cowboy, built by an empire of local companies was created just a few months ago. Set in a little castle on a hill with the view of the ocean and the mountain became home to little Oliver.

His mommy spent months and months doing research on the best local, mostly mommy owned home and decor companies that were based in South Africa. Having picked out what would work the very best for this magical land of Olly’s with the help of the very talented Lauren McCreath, we set to work. First working on a story behind the bedroom that would be a true reflection of the little cowboy himself, we decided on a wonderland that would be authentic to his life.


Cue, hand crafted rocking horses, whimsical origami horses that gallop around with the gentle breeze that invites itself in through the window, and a magical light that enters the room late afternoon. The white curtains delicately blow on a sunny afternoon while he exits reality and enters his imagination station. With the wooden blocks being built high, and all of his beautiful, handmade soft toys being unpacked, I sit quietly on the soft rug, sipping on my tea whilst watching my toddler play so contently in his own world.


The tiny details still have me take second glances and leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The wooden book ledges, filled with all of his favourite stories that we love reading together oh so much, some having been mine that I remember reading with my mommy with such fond memories, that I can now retell him without even looking. The wooden memory blocks that have his birth information on piled up one on top of the other complete with three scripture verses that have molded my life, that I hope to influence his too as he grows up.


Little Olly can be heard from downstairs racing his cars or playing with his plastic animals up and over the beautiful hills and forest that were hand painted by the incredibly talented Nadine from Sugar Knox. Having been requested to do the mural just two days before the shoot, she created this masterpiece without a second thought.

There’s the little touches of greenery that were purposefully placed around the room, to bring in some life, some nature – some natural beauty. The sweet glass jar with a dinosaur just to add a touch of something unique. This room, it’s magic. Every corner you look, you will find yourself mesmerized by something new that will jump out at you and catch your attention. Each shelf, uncluttered, but complete with truly beautiful, special things that are personalized, but are available right on your doorstep!

A tent bed hand made by little Olly’s daddy, perfect for stories and adventurous dreams – complete with an inside light for stories and chats. A little wooden desk and bench placed purposefully with educational activities in mind, as well as a sweet wooden bunny stool which he loves to sit on when ‘reading’ stories to his soft toys.


A task that was completely new to me, but one of the most exciting adventures I’ve ever been on. My dream for the bedroom was not only to create something truly magical, but to support these smaller companies, and to hopefully gain some extra exposure for them. My wish was to end up in a magazine that would show off their work, their talent. We all end up shopping at the huge stores, and we forget that there is so much available right on our doorstep. You can literally shop online, with the right resources and create an entire bedroom by simply clicking ‘add to cart’.

I had absolutely no idea how much was actually available out there until I really educated myself by doing the research. So, I have decided to do the work for you. You can find below the list of companies who I collaborated with to make this magical bedroom come alive. This being said, I couldn’t have gotten past Day 1 without Lauren McCreath Interiors and Leslie Hochfellner by my side. You two literally saved my sanity, and helped create something truly spectacular. Thank you.


So, last but not least, our dreams came true and Garden & Home came in to shoot the bedroom. We are so blessed to have been featured in such a well loved South African magazine. You can also see more of their features on their website: http://www.gardenandhome.co.za/

But, please do get your hands on the May 2017 (available now) issue to see the complete article on how we managed to transform the bedroom.

Bedroom Photography: Karl Rogers

Stockist List:
You can find most of these stores on Instagram & Facebook

Rocking Horse: My Little Woods
Chalk Board: Simply Child
Lorena Canals Aztec Rug: Clever Little Monkey
Black Crochet Rug: Dragonfly Twist
Wall Mural: Sugar Knox
Origami Horse Mobile: Mononoke
Floating Shelves: Simply Child
Block Shelves: Simply Child
Wooden Stump: Coral & Hive
Teepee Cushions: Kideroo
Indian Floppie Darling: Floppie
Racoon: Lily & Grace
Personalized Blocks: Work of Heart
Wooden Rainbow: Sprouts Kids Co.
Bunny Stool: Dovetail
Desk & Bench: KE Manufacturing
Macrame Wall Hanging: Tigerlily Tots
Monochrome Soft Pot: Scandi Home Decor
Round Playmat: LittleME Decor
Campfire Plushie: Clever Little Monkey
Horse Stool: Fox & Moon
Pallet Crate: The Storage Studio
Monochrome Bear: Panda & Frost
Brown Bear (Front): La Fede
Brown Bear: Clever Little Monkey
Fox: Clever Little Monkey Monochrome
Monochrome Fox: Squiggle & Squeak
Lamp: Illumina Lighting

Bed: Timbertouch
Duvet Cover: Clever Little Monkey Green
Blanket: H&M Monochrome
Cushion: Bunny & Clyde
Terracotta Fox: La Fede
Mustard Cushion: Clever Little Monkey
Back Cushion: H&M
Monochrome Felt Garland: Simply Child

Fake Tree: Mr Price Home
Paper Storage Bag: Little Love Kids
Cactus Prints: Homie
Monochrome Soft Pot (on shelf): Scandi Home Décor

Shelf above bed:
Wooden Accessories: Nanook Furniture
Personalized Acrylic sign: Ma Petite SA
Side Table: Stylists Own
Curtains: Woolworths

On Table:
Wooden Nesting Dolls: Tigerlily Tots
Fox Head: Stowe & so
Wooden House: H&M
Wooden Blocks: Nanook Furniture
Wire Baskets: H&M
Blue Wooden Cross: Rose & Vickory

Olly Wears: Romper by Little i
Wooden Crosses: Rose & Vickory
House Blocks: Nanook Furniture
Nesting Dolls: Tigerlily Tots
Bunny Chalk Board: H&M

Illustrations on Wall: Bright Owl
Grey Blanket: Sprouts Kids Co.
‘Lala Bubba’ nightlight: Lily & Grace
Moose Picture Frame: H&M
Leather Shoes: Grace Leathers
Peg Men: Rose & Vickory

Lorena Canals Loving.

Clever Little Monkey was one of the main reasons I was inspired to create Olly’s big boy bedroom. I met them at one of the baby conventions the year before last, and knew I had to work on some kind of collaboration with them after seeing how high quality and versatile their products are!

Without many of their pieces, Olly’s bedroom just wouldn’t have been the same. One of my absolute favourite touches in the bedroom was the layering of carpets. Carpets can be very pricey, especially for in a kids room! Many moms have that constant worry that they will spill and mess, which is totally bound to happen! BUT, Lorena Canals has it covered! Their rugs have been designed to be washed in a conventional washing machine..how convenient?

Lorena Canals has come up with rugs that are eco-friendly, machine washable and non-toxic, which is everything I could ever wish for in one product. They are all handmade by artisans using 100% natural cotton and natural dyes with non-toxic chemicals. To go the very extra mile to put your mommy mind at ease, all of the rugs have the AITEX Certificate (Technologic and Textile Institute), which safely authenticates the compliance for products intended for children.

We just adore Olly’s Aztec Natural-Vintage Terracotta rug. It is so incredibly soft – he just loves sitting on it on the floor of his room reading books and playing with his toys. We will often snuggle up on it for story time before bed, and it is just so comfy, even for adults!


(Sadly, we aren’t able to share too much with you photo wise on the bedroom, as it will be featured in the April issue of the SA Garden & Home magazine.)

There are so many gorgeous designs to choose from which means there’s something there for every style bedroom. These can also go beautifully in a lounge! They aren’t just designed for kids. Honestly, I’m quite tempted to steal Olly’s to use in my own bedroom or lounge!!!

Lorena Canals was established in Spain many moons ago, in 1990. Due to their experience and skill, their rugs are absolutely flawless!

Lorena Canals is exclusively distributed by Clever Little Monkey, and you can check out their large collection of rugs here: https://cleverlittlemonkey.co.za/brands/designer/lorena-canals/page-3/

For many us, times are tough, and I always encourage parents to really think into the future when purchasing decor items. Find something that is timeless – your kids will change as they grow, and so will their rooms. Rather spend the money on a good quality piece of furniture/decor item that will grow and change with them. An item that will work well in their bedroom when they change things around, change the wall colour, their bed and their linen. Something that can either be passed down or they can take with them when they start their own home one day. When thinking that way, you’ll realize that it is so worth spending that extra little bit of money, rather than having to give away or throw away and update it in the next few years due to characters or poor quality.

Lorena Canals is a brand that will never go out of style. It will never just deteriorate or need to be tossed out. Lorena Canals is timeless, and you just cannot possibly go wrong!

Who else has a Lorena Canals rug in their home? I would absolutely love to see some photos to see how you’ve used them in your living space. You can share your photos with me at onemodernmom@hotmail.com

I would love to hear your feedback on what you think of the rug we chose below!

Instagram: @onemodernmom / @cleverlittlemonkey
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onemodernmom/

— One Modern Mom x

Every Room Needs Some Wall Decal Magic.

It seems as if kids bedroom transformations have become the latest ‘thing’ to do, and yes, I jumped onto that bandwagon a couple months back when my son turned two. I decided that it was time to transform his baby nursery into his big boy bedroom, and I had such fun working with local companies to do just that!

One of the companies that I worked with, was Clever Little Monkey. Clever Little Monkey is home to many wonderful brands, however, their very own House Brand is called ‘Bunni’.  Bunni is home to the trendiest rugs, clocks, scatters, mobiles, bedding, teepees and wall decals for babies and kids.


I feel that every kids bedroom needs a wall decal! The beauty of these is that it is an incredibly easy task for every parent – for those of us who may not be so DIY savvy! If you were to close your eyes, and pick the perfect wall decal design for your little ones bedroom, what would it be?


Golden hearts? Arrows? Hot Air Balloons, or perhaps pretty little ice lollies? What about pineapples or even monochrome cactus? A set of eyelashes for your little girls bedroom, or maybe some simple mountains or trees if you have a little adventurer on your hands. There is something for every personality! These decals are most certainly a fantastic product to set their imaginations free!


How cute are these designs? They make recreating the many rooms you’ve pinned on Pinterest become one step closer to a reality.

Now, you can simply peel & stick, and magic! The work is done, and you can enjoy all the compliments about your ‘hard work’.

Because these decals are so reasonably priced, it means that when (IF) you ever get bored of the theme of your little ones room, you can so easily just remove the wall decals by peeling them off (this takes the power of an adult, so no stress, your little one will NOT be able to remove it), and replacing with a new design! How practical?! Even better, the removal of the wall decal doesn’t remove a single bit of wall paint! It’s like magic.


Wall decals have become one of my latest obsessions, and a must have for every trendy tots room! Great quality, affordable and most importantly – modern & trendy!

Shop the range of Bunni Wall Decals here: https://cleverlittlemonkey.co.za/brands/house/bunni/bunni-decals/

To top it all off, Clever Little Monkey offers free delivery to main cities! We will ALSO be giving away one wall decal each week for the next FOUR weeks! Maybe YOU will be one of our lucky winners.


Check in later this week for my photos and little post on our wall decal in my little Olly’s big boy room!



Olly’s Big Boy Room Reveal

It feels incredibly surreal sitting down to type this post right now! At one stage, it felt like this moment was never going to arrive – and four months since beginning this project, the time has finally come. What time has finally come? Right now is the moment that I get to share with YOU about the making of little Olly’s big boy room.


Before I begin, I want to take a moment to thank all of the collaborating companies! There are so many of you (who will be mentioned slightly later in this post) who, without you, this bedroom wouldn’t have been as magical as it is! Lauren McCreath Interiors has been life changing? I spent probably a consecutive month out of the four months pinning every second monochrome kids bedroom on Pinterest, and Lauren managed to bring me back to reality, and helped me realise that there is more to a kids bedroom than just black and white! She brought the warmth, and little Olly’s very lively and precious personality into his bedroom by bringing in an undertone of ‘cowboys and Indians’. That’s when things really started happening! We had stylist, Leslie Hochfellner join our dream team. With her around, the room turned into something out of a magazine (Leslie styles room for magazines, and I have more to share about magazines a little later). Melissa Van Riel photographed the bedroom on Monday, and, as always, was a pleasure to work with! Melissa is mommy to two beautiful little girls, and although she hasn’t slept through the night since her baby girl was born, she was lively as ever througout the entire shoot! (BOOK HER, Cape Town moms! She takes magical family photos!)


Here’s a little bit of background on this entire process..

As little Olly approached turning two, I knew that the time was approaching for him to go through that transformation from his baby cot into his big boy bed. I wanted to make this special! With Olly having a daddy who is a carpenter by trade, I didn’t just want to go out and buy a single bed! I wanted something that was going to change Olly’s world! Of course, one can’t have a cool bed without a cool bedroom, but I needed to do a little research on where to get the rest of the decor and accessories for the bedroom. I knew at this point that I had a project brewing, and I just couldn’t hold myself back.


This was when I got in touch with Lauren from Lauren McCreath Interiors. Over time, I hunted down a few of my ‘go-to’ local decor companies.. and on my way, I stumbled across many incredible new companies too! Twenty five companies and one bedroom later, the collaboration began!


My dream was to show parents how many amazing, talented local companies we have RIGHT on our doorstep! We all drool over the international products, and spend more money on shipping fees than we can afford; YET, we have so many incredible products right in front of us. WE JUST DON’T KNOW HOW TO ACCESS THEM! My aim was to use as many mommy owned businesses as possible! The women that I have met since starting this project are just so inspirational to me. Many of these businesses are second and even third jobs to some of these ladies. They all work so hard to create these masterpieces for your kids’ rooms! My desire was to show you how all of these companies could come together in one bedroom and compliment each other.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The featured companies are as follows:

Interior Design: Lauren McCreath Interiors
Photography: Melissa van Riel Photography
Styling: Lauren McCreath Interior and assistant, Leslie Hochfellner

Storage/Planter Sacks: Scandi Home Decor
Cloud Rug: Moskito Kids
Belly Basket, Book Ledges, Wall Boxes, Monochrome Felt Garland: Simply Child
Adventure Bears, Fire, Mustard Cushion, Wall Decal: Clever Little Monkey
Circular Rug, Fox Crochet Cushion, Teepee Garland, Storage Bag, Tellkiddo Print: Little Love kids/baby apparel & decor
Monochrome Teepee: Little Lofts
Car Tin, Wire Baskets, Green & Grey Throws, Bunny Slippers, Green Storage Basket, Car Mat, Blanket: H&M
Olly’s Gown: Poppy Divine
Bear Money Box, x4 La Fede Bears: La Fede
Teepee Bed: Timber Touch (Our own project)
Blocks, house blocks, Shelf Decor: NaNook Furniture
Personalized Blocks: Work of Heart
Lamp: Illumina Lighting South Africa
Dash Kippins: FENN + IVY
River Kippins, Lala Bear Bag, Redman Raccoon, Wording night light: Lily and Grace
Cactus Prints (Wooden Frames), Bakoorjakkals Scatter Cushion: Homie
My Dress: Annapatat
Olly’s Shorts: Earthlings – Kids
Duvet Covers: Kideroo
Pastel Cactus Cushions: Fox and Moon
Horse cushions, Fox Cushions: Squiggle & Squeak
Round Grey Blanket: Sprouts Kids Co.
Tree Stump Bedside Table: Coral and Hive
Olly’s handmade table, and bench: KE Manufacturing
Monochrome striped cushion: Natural & Organic Designs by Baa Baa Moo
Tree: MRP Home / Mr Price Home
My Makeup: Make-up by K


A huge thank you to each and every single one of these companies who were so willing to hop on board with this exciting project. And now is the time to share some more exciting news!!! Garden & Home, one of SA’s most loved and respected magazines have confirmed their usage of Olly’s big boy bedroom in one of their issues next year! I will be telling them about the local companies that are available, and how we can use all of this local talent in order to create MAGIC for our kids! I did all of this research online, which makes life so much easier for us moms, who have our hands full 24/7! This is such exciting news! Their crew will be sent in later this year to photograph the bedroom, but I am so proud to have these collaborating companies on board with me to show all of the readers of Garden & Home what they have created! This is such an incredible opportunity for all of us!


I will be doing another post very soon on the finer details, but just wanted to give you an overview of the project.

Ending off, for now – get to know our local, South African companies, and do NOT be afraid to get creative when designing your kids bedrooms! Get some warmth in their rooms with colour. Don’t be scared of a splash of colour here and there; after all – these are kids, they thrive from colour! DO keep the bedroom simple, it minimized the chance of clutter and unnecessary mess that toddler and all kids can’t resist creating. DO have storage facilities in the room, this makes it easy for your kids to help pack away at the end of the day. But, most importantly, DO do some research before heading down to your local shopping center to just buy what you know. You’re bound to find many treasures when you do a little online shopping! Support our local companies, and shop small! They need us as much as we need them, to make our kids bedrooms something MAGICAL!


Big Boy Bedroom Collaboration

With only ONE week left until the styled shoot of Olly’s BIG BOY BEDROOM, I thought that now is a better time than ever to start introducing you to each of the local companies who have collaborated with me for this incredible project. I have used local companies ONLY – small businesses that are mostly mommy owned and that are unique to us South Africans. Make sure to swing by each day to read up on each of these gorgeous brands; and watch this space for the BIG reveal which will be happening before too long.