Winter Immunity For The Family

We have officially arrived at fall speed into the season of sickness. I’m typing this as I’m pausing to sneeze every few minutes with eyes watering I can barely see my computer screen. My two and a half year old son is happily climbing over me while I feel as if I could potentially collapse in a heap and sleep all day. (I promise, I can’t contaminate you through my computer screen, so keep reading!)

It seems that as soon as the seasons begin to change and the rain begins, the germs come out from hibernation to play, energized and ready to attack. No parent wants their kids to get sick, but even more so, as parents we can’t afford to get sick! Our work never ends, and there’s no such thing as ‘resting’, ‘silence’ or ‘taking a break from reality’ to recover as a parent.

I often find myself only taking immune boosters once I’m already feeling like I’ve caught something. I try to take vitamins daily, but at the beginning of winter, it’s just not enough. However, I rock up at the chemist, and generally just give up because of the over enthusiastic amount of choices there are. I don’t understand the ingredients in half of them, and I don’t know what’s healthier than the next.

SO… Instead, I decided to just make my way over to the Faithful To Nature website, because there, you actually can’t go wrong. They have in depth descriptions including the ingredients, what the product achieves, what each of the main ingredients roles are. I just find that this is such a relief, and it makes shopping for meds just that much easier. Especially because I can do this without a hyper active toddler swinging himself from the trolley or begging to go ‘uppy’.

I’ve managed to order a handful of winter remedies for my entire family. Sadly, just not quite in time for this first winter cold which has left me feeling like I’ve been dragged through the bushes…a thorn bush…backwards…maybe twice.

However, it has arrived in time for me to boost Olly’s immune system as well as hubbies before they get contaminated by me! Nobody wants any form of man-flu in the house. So, I may just give him a double dose! 😉

I touched on this topic earlier this week – Winter and illnesses, and just briefly chatted about some of the most important ways to keep your family healthy this winter. So please refer back to

But, on top of all of that, I wanted to share the products I ordered for my family, and even my fury animals to ensure that we all stay in tip top health this winter:

Pure Herbal Kids Remedy Set:


Kiddies Super Strong
Kiddies Snotty Totty
Kiddies Coughy Geoffy
Kiddies Hotty Dotty
Kiddies Funny Tummy

Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray:


Herbivore Super Cereal:


KiddieKix Very-Berry Bircher Muesli:


KiddieKix Germ Guard:


Wazoogles Vanilla Sky Protein Shake:


Vondi’s Om3 Omega Fish Oil:


And because tomorrow is a public holiday and the start of a LONG weekend, we thought we would give one reader a R350 Faithful To Nature voucher. So be sure to check in first thing tomorrow morning to find out how to enter!

Keep warm!

xx – One Modern Mom

Instagram: @faithfultonature

Take A Moment For YOU (& Win)

I find it quite rare to find skincare and beauty products that truly work to the extent that they have been promoted to work. I am often very weary about what I buy, and whether I should or shouldn’t spend money on something I don’t know enough about.

A local mom, Lauren has recently become a distributor of AP24 and NU Skin. I’ve watched from the distance as she slowly started her own little business called ‘Flutter Me Pretty‘ so that she could stay home with her sweet baby boy, Luke. As time has gone by, she has posted her own personal photographs of how the products have helped her along the way, and I’ve been so amazed. I love seeing personal photographs as I feel that it feels real and honest.

So, Lauren sent me a couple of her personal favourite products that she knew would be relevant in my day to day life. I received the following in the crisp white boxes, and I honestly felt like it was a spa day.

  • NU Skin Polishing Peel
  • AP24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste
  • NU Skin Creamy Hydrating Masque


I’m amazed at how much money I actually waste on buying different beauty and skincare products because I spontaneously buy something that I’ve seen adverts on TV for, and then find it does nothing good to my skin, so it ends up piling up in my drawer because it actually doesn’t do what it says it will.

  1. NU Skin Polishing Peel


I have only used this product three times since I received it and its really interesting. You rub it onto you skin as if you are applying moisturizer, then leave it for a couple of minutes and then rub your skin in circular movements and the dry polishing peel just falls off. It is an amazing product that isn’t harsh to your skin like many similar products are. With my sensitive skin, I didn’t find that it reacted negatively with my skin at all. My skin was left feeling smooth and fresh. As Lauren explained to me, microdermabrasion is becoming the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure available, and this polishing peel offers an alternative to the professional treatments which delivers a fresh, healthy complexion. The peel features pumpkin enzymes to resurface, soften and polish the skin and the Bentonite Clay to remove the dull/dead skin cells and toxins. You can use this up to 3 times a week.

2. AP24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste


Ok, so this product out of all of them is my magic! I was a smoker before falling pregnant and I love my coffee. My teeth, however hate me for both. I am lucky to not have teeth that are obviously stained, but I obviously notice it myself. I honestly cannot believe how well this toothpaste works. I’ve tried all of the whitening toothpastes on the market, and none ever actually work. But over two weeks, I can clearly see a difference. Lauren suggested I do two dry brushes with the toothpaste first, and then to continue using as usual. The toothpaste tastes great, leaves an amazing aftertaste – almost like you’re chewing minty gum and keeps your breath fresh for ages. It’s a nice thick toothpaste which I like, I can’t stand the type that are thin and watery. Definitely consider ordering this if you find that your teeth are discoloured! A bonus is that it has no harmful peroxides or bleaches added which is a huge pro to me. Obviously toothpaste is an essential in every household, and you might as well be using something that is going to fulfill what you buy a product for.

3. NU Skin Creamy Hydrating Masque


I’ve really enjoyed using this. As mentioned above and in every skincare review I do – I have very sensitive skin. If a product is fragranced or made with bad ingredients, the tender skin area beneath my eyes burns and goes red and rough. This product is stunning. It is easy to rub in, but is reasonably thick – but the right consistency for it to be rubbed in without feeling like you have a heavy layer of moisturizer or. Also, I always moisturize before applying my foundation and I’ve used moisturizers before that are so thick and almost leave my skin feeling too dry to apply my foundation on top of it. So this is perfect! It has a lovely, gentle scent to it and also leaves my skin feeling healthy and glowing! The beauty of it is that as it moisturizes, it infuses soothing nutrients into the skin at the same time!

What I’m trying to say here is that we are all moms and women who live very busy lives. One of the things I can’t stand is waking up each morning and seeing these dark rings and bags beneath my eyes. I always look tired and it’s just not a pleasant feeling to always feel that way. We need to look after our skin and our bodies now so that we don’t regret it when we are older and begin to age.

These products aren’t CHEAP, but they are worth every cent spent on them, because they actually do their job. They aren’t rubbish products, and they will last you a long time. They will also actually be used and not packed away in your drawer, because firstly, they look beautiful, and secondly, because you’ll be using them so frequently.

I’m so excited about my find that we are giving away a hamper with all of the above products valued at R800 in on my Facebook account. You can earn yourself three entries into the competition. The first step HAS to be completed, but the second two are just extras if you have the time.

1. Enter on Facebook:
2. Follow both @fluttermepretty90 and @onemodernmom on Instagram
3. Subscribe to my blog and leave me a comment on this post to share your thoughts with me on the above.

I can’t wait for you ladies to give these products a try because my skin and my teeth are thanking me for religiously using them over the past two weeks!

XX – One Modern Mom

Be Your Own Chef – UCOOK SA

When I landed up on the Instagram page of UCOOK SA, I needed to find out more. Could such a company with such a clever concept truly be local? Or was I just getting ahead of myself? Either way, I was on a mission to find out.


My day was made, and my mind was slightly blown away when I checked out their website and saw all of their delicious meal options! You can only imagine my happiness when they told me to select THREE meals to try out! The entire online process through ordering was so simple. I gave them the date and time frame on that day that I would need my order to be delivered, and it arrived punctually and FRESH.


I must admit that it did sort of feel like an adults version of Christmas day, or perhaps a moms version! The thought of having to eliminate a grocery shop for three meals was such a treat! The UCOOK SA website is super easy to navigate, and it explains everything well. Their Menu is divided up into ‘Low-Carb’, ‘Rustic’ and ‘Veg’, so I decided to choose a meal from each category.


The beauty of UCOOK is that they change up their meals every now and then. That way, for families that order frequently, you get to change up your dinners. I love that! Sidenote: I would totally cheat and order this for a dinner party to just cook up myself.


So how does it work?

You log onto , browse their list of meals and order! Each meal comes with it’s very own beautifully laid out recipe card as well as it’s life span (i.e. cook within 2 days/cook within 4 days). Each meal is delivered to your door with its fresh ingredients in a brown paper bag in a cooler box. Your box will arrive on a Monday morning, ready for your week of cooking ahead! This gets scheduled on your account on the website.

One does have to choose a minimum of 3 meals per week, however, once you’ve tried it, you’ll be quite content with that option! It really is such a convenient service. One of my favourite things about UCOOK is that it cuts out so much food wastage in my home. You decide on your portion numbers (how many people you need to feed), and they give you just enough food for a very generous meal per person. We can be so bad in our home with wasting food, and it is the one thing I just get so frustrated with myself about. This way, the ingredients are the perfect quantity for the dish you’re making, and nothing will be left behind in the fridge!


Onto my experience… I could sum it all up in two words, ‘YUM’ and ‘GOURMET’. I’ve never had such a happy hubby after dinner. He was so excited about the meals that I chose, and when were ribs and gourmet chicken fillet not the way to a mans heart? These meals are amazing, and if following the recipe card, you just can’t go wrong! I must admit that I felt quite proud of myself after each meal, because I made something I really enjoyed and that my entire family loved too!


I often struggle with making sure that I have the correct amount of greens, carbs, protein, etc in each meal, and I at times overdo one and almost totally forget about the other – UCOOK has it so well planned. I was amazed at all of the delicious, HEALTHY ingredients that were in the little brown paper bag. Fresh, nutritious and clearly there for a very good reason! These meals were definitely created with families health in mind.


I also love that they encourage good initiatives, like ‘Meat Free Mondays’ and they also have meat-free meals available all of the time! Another thing that totally amazed me was how quickly the meat cooked! UCOOK chooses the perfect cuts of meat, which are ideal for each meal. I was actually shocked at how the ribs could cook from raw to perfection in 2 minutes and how my chicken fillets were more tender than any piece of chicken I have ever cooked before in the exact amount of time they mentioned on the recipe card. UCOOK, you know how to blow this mamas mind.

All in all, I could ramble on for ages – but I think you actually just need to try these meals yourself! They sure know how to keep up with the seasons and the healthiest, and most delicious meals. Check out their website now to see some of the most delicious meals I’ve ever seen – it’s like taking your family out to an expensive restaurant for a scrumptious meal, except now you can do it yourself, from home, without a fancy chef for half the price!


I’m actually quite excited to hear your thoughts on UCOOK, because I was blown away by the service and the quality of food that was delivered to my doorstep. And hubby keeps asking me when we’re having it again – GOOD SIGN!


30% (1)

You can also follow them on Instagram to be inspired daily by their delicious meals and photographs of their food: @ucooksa

And, also don’t forget to keep up to date with them on Facebook:

Thank you @angievictoriarea for the photographs! You can follow me on Instagram too at @onemodernmom x

View Your Body Through His Eyes

I’m pretty certain that by making this statement, it’s safe to say that I’m speaking for about 90% of women who have experienced pregnancy. Many of us aren’t quite sure how we feel about our pregnant and postpartum bodies! We aren’t all so comfortable with the changes, and it takes a huge toll on many of us emotionally! This being said, those changes can often affect our relationships intimately, not necessarily because our men think we are less attractive, but rather because of the way we view ourselves.


This doesn’t only happen whilst pregnant, but for a huge percentage of us, AFTER baby is here too! Gosh – to be maybe a little too honest, having been a breastfeeding mom, and perhaps due to slacking on the kegals and having had a natural birth, I always had the worry in the back of my mind of something leaking out while being intimate. (I’m still considering whether I should remove that??) Apart from that, we now have this empty belly and full or empty boobs that has teamed up with gravity, and just decide on which direction they’re headed without our say!


Apart from that, we all know about the stretch marks and cellulite that chose our bodies to move in with. I think being a mom, we all get the hint. I have a point to this, I swear!


For Valentine’s Day, I decided that it was time to go a little out of my comfort zone, and to do a Boudoir shoot for hubby. He didn’t want to do expensive gifts, but sneakily, I not only wanted to do this for him, but for myself. I needed to take this step, and I had been encouraged by fellow moms to do this to see myself in a fresh, new light!

By now, you must know who Angela Rea is? If not, you’ve got some scrolling to do down this blog to familiarize yourself! Angela has joined One Modern Mom as a collaborator, and also helps out with some of the photography. I approached Angela with the concept, and she really encouraged it!


The morning of the shoot I went through to her house. She did my makeup (being a makeup artist) and we decided on the first ‘look’. I was nervous, but before long, it was just fun! Being the very down to earth, more sporty person that I am, I wanted to do something that showed who I truly am as a person.


We had such a fun morning, and I had such a good experience shooting my very first Boudoir shoot with Angela. I then got my photos back, one by one – and WOW! You truly do see yourself the way that hubby sees you! After giving him his gift, a little Boudoir Book of the best photos which I added my own words too, I asked him which photos were his favourite. I was amazed, and quite taken back when he answered me. Strangely enough it was the photos that showed my ‘imperfections’ the most. I just wanted to hug him.


Knowing that he loved this ‘flawed’ and stretched body just as much as my before pregnant body just blew my mind. Doing this shoot has given me confidence and a new found appreciation for all that my body went through to grow this tiny human. And knowing that hubby appreciated that just made my heart overflow with joy.

I have shared the tasteful photos here as the rest are for hubbies eyes only.


A huge thank you to Angela Rea for these photos that gave me a fresh and healthy perception of myself. You can check out her Facebook page here:

Instagram: @angievictoriarea / @angelareamakeup


Be The Duchess.

Duchess is a rank of nobility, the female equivalent of Duke.


The Duchess. Where do I even begin? Apart from the fact that the name in itself leaves me feeling totally sophisticated, the bottle is beautiful, minimalist and chic! The Duchess is the World’s very first non-alcoholic gin and tonic. I’ve been asked by so many people why I would drink the non-alcoholic version when I could just drink the ‘real thing’. Truth is, I’m not a big alcohol drinker. Since my pregnancy, my body can’t tolerate much alcohol, and it just leaves me feeling ready for bed when I’m at an evening event. Don’t get me wrong, my drink of choice and my absolute weakness is an ice cold G&T! However, being a mother means that I have a list of responsibilities that come before anything. I always loved taking a drink or two down to the beach while watching my man surf. We would then hang out until the sun goes down, and he enjoys a couple beers too. BUT, knowing I have to get my little boy home safely after our trip to the beach means I would rather enjoy a non-alcoholic drink. Luckily for me, The Duchess made its entrance into my life! Which means I get to enjoy my absolute favourite taste while being 100% responsible.



Makeup: Angela Rea

I wish the product was around while I was pregnant and breastfeeding. The fact that it is safe for expectant moms, and breastfeeding moms too means that we get to feel included. Just a side note: The Duchess DOES contain a little bit of quinine. It is less than normal tonic water, so don’t overdo yourself. They kindly removed the Devil’s Claw from the product which makes it safer for you to indulge in. The whole bouquet of botanicals (Cardamom, cloves, star anise, all spice, and orange peel) only make up 0,15% of the product, which means it is very safe.


I suppose that one could say that Gin & Tonic has become the ‘Craft Beer’ of 2017? Perhaps I am making assumptions. However, I just love how creative companies are getting with G&T’s. All of the flavours are amazing. BUT, I still have to admit that I will settle for the original gin & tonic over all of the flavoured ones. Perhaps it’s because I love to add in my own special ingredients to create something amazing that tantalizes my own specific taste buds?

We played around, tried all sorts of different ingredients, and narrowed down my personal top 5 concoctions.

  1. Grapefruit & Basil
  2. A dash of Sparkling Ruby Grapefruit with blackberries and Rosemary
  3. A slice of Lime and Lavender
  4. A slice of Lemon & Rosemary
  5. Grapefruit, Juniper Berries & a Rosemary Sprig
2. A dash of Sparkling Ruby Grapefruit with blackberries & rosemary.

My 2 and a half year old son managed to get hold of my drink that I left on the step the other evening, he literally ran around the garden with the cheesiest little smirk on his face with great content knowing he got to have a sip of ‘tickly’ juice. He calls it this because of the bubbles in it that tickle his mouth.

I have so much to say about The Duchess that I’m not even quite sure where to begin.

On The Duchess website:, they sum up ‘their story’ beautifully: “The Duchess was created for the conscious consumer – the healthy, successful
and discerning individual. Whether at a business lunch or being the designated
driver, for personal or religious reasons, The Duchess offers you the choice of a
sugar-free, calorie-free, and hangover-free refreshment.”


*The usual tonic water we add to our gin is packed with sugar and leaves you with a feeling of guilty pleasure after indulging! When I’m out for drinks, I never just drink one, so I am constantly aware of how much sugar I am absorbing, and I wish I could block it out from the back of my mind. So YAY to sugar-free!
*I’ve been to a few business meetings before where the client I met with was enjoying a glass of wine, or an alcoholic beverage. Although tempting, I prefer NOT to drink alcohol when meeting a client, (especially because it is usually a baby/parenting company). I always end up settling for a cup of coffee or fresh juice, when I secretly am wishing for something more refreshing, especially in summer. The Duchess IS perfect for this.

*Being a mother, I cannot deal with having to deal with a hangover + a two year old. It’s just NOT happening. Now I can enjoy as many as I wish while cooking dinner, reading stories or bathing my toddler, at an event, and I don’t have to worry about the end result of my health and my ability to tend to my responsibilities as a mother.

I’ve encouraged a few non-G&T drinker friends of mine to try a few of my concoctions. They stuck their noses very high in the air, and weren’t keen on trying ‘because they’ve tried it before and can’t stand the taste’. They eventually gave it a try, and loved it! You can really get creative with the way that you drink yours, and it really does look gorgeous in a glass with the fresh ingredients you add to it. Such a wonderful idea for a garden party or a get together on a sunny day!

Photo Credit: Angela Rea (@angievictorearea)

The Duchess has become rapidly popular! And, is becoming available at more and more stores. You can have a look at their website to see where the closest stockist is to you. I always get mine from the Alphen Spar in Cape Town. But, there are LOADS of places you can get yours.

I love their Instagram feed, they constantly have new, beautiful photographs being loaded, so check it out @drinktheduchess. You can also keep in touch with them on their Facebook page:

So CHEERS to the last little bit of summer with an iced cold Duchess in hand, absorbing the sunshine at the seaside. And CHEERS to all of the evening that will be REMEMBERED throughout the year, and to all of the happy memories you’re about to make for 2017.

Are you a Gin & Tonic lover? Have you tried The Duchess? And what do you love to add to yours to make your own special concoction? Let me know below.

I will be sharing more photo content with you over some time to show you what I love to add to mine!


DIY Valentine’s Day Makeup

In case you mama’s didn’t realize today is Valentine’s Day. I hope you all have lovely plans. I am going to be cuddling up with my main little guy Elijah, letting him give me extra kisses.
So I wanted to do a little makeup tutorial for those of you who are going on a date and are stuck for ideas. I shall be doing Lisa’s makeup as she is going for a dreamy, romantic picnic on the beach. I am going to keep it as simple as possible as most of us have at least one baba hanging of our hips and another sticking jam covered hands through our makeup collection.

Starting with clean, clean skin, I prefer to use a micelle water so as not to strip the skin, load your face up with a moisturizer best suited to your skin. Once that has sunken in, apply a primer. I used Stila HD Beauty Balm on Lisa. I then used my beauty blender by Real Techniques to smooth a glowy foundation over her skin. I used Stila Aqua Glow in light as a beach picnic is all about the shimmer! As this is a quick makeup application I am using the foundation over her eyelids and under eye where I would normally use a concealer or correcter. Next I quickly set the foundation with Essence Stay All Day translucent fixing powder, a direct dupe for MAC’s Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder (I have both in my kit).


Then it is onto eyes. Eyebrows are a must but please no Kardashian caterpillars or Frieda Kahol wannabe’s. I lightly filled in Lisa’s brows with Essence ‘How To Make Brows WOW’ with the colour Love ’em all. Next I used Palladio Crushed Metallic Shadow in Meteor over the lids going half way up to her brows, blending very well, up and outwards with my MAC 217 blending brush. I find this is one of the most important steps to getting a flawless makeup finish. I then ran the brush with the same powder lightly under Lisa’s eyes as we went for a no liner look for the perfect beach vibe.
Then mascara. Loads of it. I used Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express mascara and boy did it do the trick. Cheeks next. I used my very faithful Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Sticks. Run the darkest shade along the cheek from the middle of your ear to just before your mouth and blend! Either with your fingers or a beauty blender. Then draw the bronze shade above that and blend again. Then taking the faithful highlighter one draw on the top of your cheek bones where the sun would naturally hit your face. And blend. Then I used MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder highlighter in Soft and Gentle  with my beauty blender over the lightest part to create an extra glow. I used Stila Convertible Color creme blush in Lillium over the apples of Lisa’s cheeks to give a little bit of that “I am so healthy and run every day” look. Which I am sure she does anyway!
Last is lips. I did a red lip of course as it is the day of love and kissing. When wearing red lipstick you need smooth, flake free lips which is why I started of with a sugar lip scrub from Beauty Treats. Then I took The Body shop New Orleans Scarlet Matte lipstick and rubbed it into Lisa’s lips to make a nice stain. I told her to take along a good lip balm to use to reapply during her date.

Mama’s, Valentine’s Day is about having fun and feeling beautiful. Even if you don’t have special plans, why not try this makeup look to surprise your partner when he gets home? Or if you don’t have a partner do it for yourself to see how truly gorgeous you can be.


Enjoy this day of love.

Lots of love,




It is with great excitement that I type this post. A special one – an introduction. Many of you who follow me on Instagram (@onemodernmom) know who Angela & Elijah Rea are through my posts as Angela has helped me tremendously over the past few months with photography.

We have become good friends, as have our sons who are the same age.

Angela and Elijah are jumping on board with my blog, and will be featured at least once or twice a week. Angela is a makeup artist, and will be sharing many makeup and beauty tips with you apart from other mommy talk and advice she will be sharing as time goes on.

Let’s get to her intro: you can follow her on Instagram: @angievictoriarea to check out the gorgeous photos she takes of her little boy and for One Modern Mom.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well first and foremost I am a mom. Getting married and having a baby is what completed my life and what I feel most passionately about. I am a makeup artist,  a creative soul who loves to try and exercise when life and babysitters permits it.

2. Tell us a little bit about your sweet little family.

Sadly my little family just consists of Elijah, my darling two year old and myself. I lost my very loved, soul mate of a husband nearly two years ago in a traumatic accident. Not a second goes past without me thinking about him and I am trying very hard to bring sweet Elijah up to be the kind of man Darrell was. Elijah and I have three sets of awesome grandparents who take their roles very seriously and are an immense help to me.

3. When you’re not doing makeup, what else do you enjoy doing?

I love to shop. I mean REALLY love to shop. I used to do it for a living and now all that “training” is focused on things for Elijah. I love going on special outings with my boy and meeting up with friends for coffee.

4. You have a very busy little boy, Elijah – tell us a bit about him.

Elijah is nearly two and a half. He is sweetness, cheeky, bossy and loving all rolled into one lovely guy. He has blonde curly, crazy hair and a gorgeous smile with a small dimple just bellow his mouth, one of my favourite kissing spots.

5. Three random facts about you..and go.

In my 20’s I was asked to dress up in ex ballerina Phillis Spira’s tutu and dance around the South African National History Museum for The Cape Times.

I can not dance.

I hate Lizards.

6. You have recently started playing around with photography, what has inspired you to invest in a good camera and to start taking photos?

I have always loved photography. Being someone who loves drawing and went on to study in the art’s field I love looking at beautiful things. My eyes would always capture the moment in my head so I thought why not try and see what I can do with a camera. Of course I have the perfect model at home too. Elijah!

7. What style would you refer your photography to?

Natural lifestyle. I like to capture real moments in peoples lives and make it into a beautiful piece of art.

8. What kind of photography is your favourite to capture? i.e. Newborn? Boudoir? Lifestyle? Family? Weddings?

I am going to make a new category and say Lifestyle Boudoir. Showing woman that they can be beautiful in everyday settings. And of course family. Not posed. Just interacting with their parents and siblings.

9. If you could live in any place in the World, where would it be? And why?

France. My mother is French and I love the people and culture there. I also love their views on raising a family. And then their is the food.

10. What else do you think is important for the readers to know about you?

I can be very shy when first meeting people. But that quickly goes.

11. How would you describe your parenting?

To be honest I do not think I have a style. What ever works at the moment is what I am going to use. In theory I like to think I try and reason with Elijah when he is lying on the floor in a heap, thrashing his legs around because I opened the lid of his yogurt instead of letting him do it, but who knows!

12. If someone gave you R2000 and told you to go on an adventure with Elijah for the weekend, what would you do?

Hmmm that is a hard one as there are so many places I want to show him. But we would probably go to Petersfield in Citrusdal as it holds special memories for me. We would swim in the dam, I would show Elijah how to roast marshmallows, play in the orchards and lie in in the morning. Who am I kidding. We would be up at 5.30am exploring!

13. In closing, tell us what sort of topics you will be blogging on One Modern Mom?

I have a special interest in all beauty products. I want to show moms how to do the 5 minute face for the school run while holding a toddler on your hip. Also quick ways to spruce up your beauty routines. I love fashion, that is what I studied, and I want to let moms know what is out there. And then of course anything kiddie related. I want to be a real mom showing my experiences and hopefully the readers can take something away from that.

If you have any additional questions for Angela, please ask away in the comment block below!