Just Me,You & The Love Box.

Your relationship – It’s golden. It’s valuable. It’s something that you couldn’t imagine your life without.

We threw a kid into the mix quite early into our relationship. Pressure. Emotions. A new tiny, perfect being to adjust all of our attention to. All of it. We get the love, cuddles, and feeling of being needed by someone that we once craved and received from our partner. Conversations become revolved around his day at work and my day at home with baby. And on weekends we spend our day taking turns on napping so we can catch up on sleep. And it goes on. It’s as if our relationship is on repeat. Instead of moving forward.

A relationship was never meant to be easy, just like most things in life. The things that are valuable always need to be worked towards. And, in this case – money cannot buy a healthy relationship.

As a couple, we found that something was lacking in our relationship. We just weren’t talking quite as much.. you know that happy chatter that naturally takes place when you’re driving in the car. The sweet conversations about nothing in particular. It’s quite normal really. So, it’s not like there was anything bad going down in our relationship.

We just realized that we needed to start investing more time and attention on one another. Something that is such an essential in a relationship. Talking, focusing, paying attention and listening to the other person. We change so much as time goes by. We change when we become parents. Our passions, desires and hobbies change. We make new friends, we stumble across new things that interest us. And, without talking to our other half, we lose out on knowing what is going on in the others life.


I came across The Love Box. A fellow local blogger, who owns a blog called Date Nights. Her blog is packed with the most real and beautiful content. She provides advice on date night ideas, chats about her journey and shares the most insightful information on all sorts of things that are relationship based.



One can order the Love Box on her blog for R595 (FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE). The purpose of the box is for it to come out on date night with all sorts of goodies inside which can add a little spark, and intimacy. Intimacy isn’t only sexual by the way. The box has a little voucher book inside as well as a pack that is labeled ‘Let’s Talk’ which has mini cards inside with really important questions to ask your partner. This starts a really valuable conversation and gives you both the opportunity to understand the other and to learn something new about the other. I was honestly amazed at the answers I received.


We enjoyed our Love Box while we were away (See article: https://onemodernmomblog.wordpress.com/2017/06/13/a-wintery-mini-getaway/) We enjoyed our slab of dark chocolate with the candle burning, chatting away through the questions, and then enjoyed a massage with the divine massage oil that was also included in the box. I even got a chance to have a divine candle lit bath with the bath salts (David is too tall for the bath, hahaha) and felt so relaxed when I got out. There is so much thought put into the boxes, and I think that something like this is such fun, and so beneficial to a relationship.


You can order your box here: https://datenights.co.za/product/the-love-box-4/
And, also subscribe to her blog so that you can get some ideas and do some valuable reading to help keep your relationship healthy.


A healthy relationship will leave you and your entire family feeling happier! Check out her social media platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mydatenights/
Instagram: @mydatenights

BONUS: The first five readers who order The Love Box can use this coupon code: OMMLoveBox

I would love to hear about your experience with yours if you order one in the future. They are such fun! And such a clever idea.



Getting To Know: Squiggle & Squeak

GETTING TO KNOW: Squiggle & Squeak


Kim Von Brandis is the mastermind behind this original, and absolutely gorgeous specialized baby & kids linen and accessory company. Being a mom of two boys, I honestly don’t know where she finds the time to constantly be thinking up new ideas and to hand make each order and product of hers to the exquisite quality that she does.

Squiggle & Squeak is a brand that I’ve always followed quietly behind. I’ve always dreamed about having even just one thing in my sons bedroom from their collection – and my dreams finally came true!

Over the past few months, Kim has fallen into a very special place in my heart. Her creativity and originality captivates me and I find myself often heading over to her facebook page to see if she’s done anymore experimenting.. HAPPY NEWS – she has! (So go over to her facebook page – think unicorns, superhero bunnies… you’re welcome!)

We have some of the most amazing plushies in Olly’s big boy bedroom from Squiggle & Squeak and I cannot wait for the big reveal for you to see exactly which products we have, and how they have fit in in the bedroom.

I feel so honoured to have had this opportunity to collaborate with Kim and her wonderful business (baby) on this project which I am so excited to share with you.

Go and have a look at all of the mindblowingly beautiful, original, handmade, and totally CUTE products available at Squiggle & Squeak here:

Website: http://www.squiggleandsqueak.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/squiggleandsqueak/?fref=ts
Instagram: @squiggle_and_squeak

Photo: josie photography

A Walk Down Memory Lane.

The Wood Story is a modern take on the toys we had as children. I grew up zooming wooden vehicles around houses, roads and structures my brother and I had spent hours building. School days were spent dreaming of the story we would bring to life the moment we got home, and we would leap out of bed to finish off the last chapter of that story we had been ‘living’ in the night before.


My parents didn’t spend much money on plastic store bought toys. I had a great Uncle who was a carpenter. He made the best toys for us. Rocking horses, cars, wooden doll prams. These are all things that were used and played with on a daily basis. They were toys that couldn’t be broken. They had meaning, and a purpose in the land of toys.

You can imagine my joy when I stumbled upon ‘The Wood Story’. The name was captivating in itself. Every piece of wood has traveled a journey. You work that out. I clicked back and forth between the Facebook page and their website. I wanted to know more, see more, and I wanted to have it! For my child has to retrace these steps that I walked every single day in in my childhood. My dream is to relive these moments so close to my heart by spending rainy days playing with these very toys with him.

I am all for supporting companies who promote families to live an environmentally free lifestyle. The Wood Story of course, is one of them! They are durable, recyclable, and have no toxins! What more could a modern day mom possibly wish for? Being finished off with a splash of a gentle and relaxing pastel shade, they are easy on every Childs eye. All of their products which include wooden toys, puzzles, play dough and even wooden storage crates (to keep it all in order) are perfect for quiet play, and noisy play. They can be marched outdoors on a sunny day or used indoors on a day like today where the raindrops chase each other around the windows.

Handmade & designed by the very talented and creative Jason Selby in Cape Town. As he says himself, “These products  are made with an aim for sustainability by offering quality products that can be handed down from generation to generation.”  Now, how’s that for a walk down memory lane? A good opportunity to get a ‘when I was your age’ story brewing!

Now is your chance to educate your child from home through play. You can pop onto http://www.thewoodstory.co.za/ for a visit where you can browse and place your order. A cool idea is to order the products individually if you can’t afford a set, or you can buy a set and give them as gifts each birthday and Christmas. This gives them something worth collecting and looking forward to!

You can also follow their journey as a new company on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewoodstorytoys/?fref=ts or on Instagram @thewoodstory

Support local talent and shop small!

Read more about them in my upcoming Q&A with Jason Selby – the mastermind behind The Wood Story.

Q&A With Gnash’s Nicole Muller.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts ‘Gnash Your Teeth’ , I recently stumbled upon an Instagram account – @gnashkids. I was instantly intrigued in their simple, modern teething products. I had to get in touch with the mompreneur behind the brand. I have done you all a favour by having a few questions answered that I’m sure many of you are wishing to ask! Read my own review on a few of her products next, and keep your eyes peeled because YOU could win your very own!

Question & Answer with Nicole. Wife | Supermama | Creative Thinker & Genius behind Gnash Kids
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself & your family. 
I am Cape Town born and bred. I got married when i was 19 (shocker) and 7 years later we have 2 beautiful babes, Harvey and Ella.

2. What is your inspiration behind Gnash Kids? 
I find I am always struggling to find gender neutral products in SA that fit my style as well as my pocket and the range of teething products especially to be lacking. While my son was an easy teether my daughter has been the complete opposite…and since I found nothing modern on the market I decided to make my own…this Gnash was born.

3. I love the simplicity of the designs of the Gnash products. How do you choose your designs? 
From a practical point of view we have the perfect test subject in BabyE. She helps me refine the designs by the way she interacts with each product. From a creative perspective I love keeping things simple and gender neutral while still fulfilling the purpose of the product. Contrasting colours and textures that are gorgeous to look at what it is all about!

4. What are your hopes and dreams for Gnash Kids? 

We are still a very new brand and still trying to get our foot into the market. Right now getting our website up and running would be amazing. haha

5. If you were to choose one achievement for Gnash Kids, what would it be?

We would love to be the first brand that comes to Mamas minds when they think of how to sooth those eina gums.

6. I love your personal Instagram page – @hi.harvey. Your kids are gorgeous & super trendy. They must get it from their mama! What are your two must-have’s for your little ones?
Honestly, comfort is key! A good pair of sweats and Converse and we are good to go. 

7. How do you juggle being a Mompreneur with family life? 

In short it is pure chaos! And a lot of me repeating “don’t touch that”. I have an amazing hands on dad in the form of my hubby who helps out a lot behind the scenes whether it be regarding gnash or the kids. Together we make it work.

8. What can we expect from Gnash Kids in the next two years? 

New Designs! More Collaborations and the rest I have to keep to myself:)

9. One thing you wish to teach your kids before they head off to big school. 

Always be yourself!

10. Where can we purchase Gnash Kids products from?

At the moment you can email me directly at gnashkids@gmail.com or contact me via our Instagram (@gnashkids) or Facebook pages. Our online store will be launching in August

11. What makes your products truly special? 

We really have your bubz in mind when we design each product and they are made with love by a Mama who can relate to your teething woes, trust me!

12. In closing, how can parents keep up to date with the happenings of Gnash a Kids? Which social handles do you use most frequently? 
i am definitely an Instagramer at heart so that is where you find me the most – so dont forget to follow us! @gnashkids