Ceramic Loving.

I’ve been slightly, and strangely (is it strange though?) obsessed with buying special mugs, plates, bowls, and cups lately. Home-ware overall, actually! Maybe it’s because we are living in our own home now, and finally aren’t renting anymore. Preparing for renovations and finally creating our dream home in the next few months. Or, maybe it’s just because I am growing up, and am starting to appreciate the beauty in things we use on a daily basis or when we entertain and have people over for coffee or dinner.


I’ve always been in love with the home-ware from Country Road, and I do have quite a few items from there, but I have also had fun browsing small, local stores at markets and online. My latest favourite is a small company run by a beautiful local, soon to be wed lady, Kate. Her full time job is a manager at Zando, and her secret love affair is Potsicle Ceramics. The name defines her and her business perfectly! ‘Potsicle’, just the sweetest name to go hand in hand with some of the most gorgeous, imperfectly perfect ceramics that she hand makes herself.


I sent Kate a few reference pictures of what I like, and told her to be creative as I love her own personal style. I was so eager to see what she would create, and oh my goodness, am I in love! It arrived on my door step a couple of weeks later (it’s a process), and let’s just say that Kate is a bubble wrapping queen! My package arrived all in one piece, and I giggled as I unwrapped all of the bubble wrap! I’m sure I actually gasped when I first held my complete pieces in my hands. They are beautiful.


I’m so excited to have some girls over for tea so that I can fill the plates up with home baked treats, just so that I can show them off! The quality of my ceramics are phenomenal, not a single flaw.


These would make such wonderful gifts for a wedding. You can do your very own custom order if you wish, and create something personal and special for either yourself, a friend or a couple getting married. I think I may even be placing an order before too long for a little set to be made for a special baby that is soon to be born. We were gifted with a Jamie Oliver set that included a small ceramic plate, bowl and cup. And I just loved the idea. But, to be able to choose what you want yourself, to make it personal and special just wins over my heart!


Kate, you’ve made me one happy lady with these beautiful Potsicle Ceramics. I can see through your work that you love what you do so very much. Thank you!
You can browse her already made products here: http://www.hellopretty.co.za/potsicle-ceramics
Or you can check out her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Potsicle/
And her Instagram here: @potsicle_ceramics


Creating Simple Stories with Fable Lifestyle.

It’s not often that I find something that I love so much once it’s in my home that I want to have more so that I can replicate it’s beauty in more than one room in my home. We have been renovating our main bedroom, just with some coats of fresh paint, and removing stuff from the bedroom, changing lights, etc for now. We moved into our mother-in-law’s home as she so generously offered us such a good deal for the home that we couldn’t resist it a year ago.


With her own personal plans being approved, and all the behind the scene work for her, we are still two families combined in the main house while we await the building of her home to begin and to be complete.

It’s been challenging for all of us, yet wonderful too. But, one thing I have missed tremendously is having my own little family represented by our home. We have been waiting to do major renovations (i.e. bashing down walls, extending bedrooms and putting in new flooring, etc,) just because it makes more sense to do it all while it’s already happening on our property, as she is building a house in the back garden. For those of you who have renovated, you know you don’t want all of the mess, builders and dust around more than you need to.


So, to cut to the story – I desperately wanted to create just one room in our home that I felt my own personality shine through. A place that I could escape to, comfortably when I just needed a break or to just have a bedroom that felt a little bit updated for my younger style. We slapped on a beautiful charcoal colour paint, painted the window frames white, placed in some brand new dimming lights and in the corner next to my bed, I placed my brand new… WAIT FOR IT, simple, but absolutely beautiful Fable Belly Basket. The organic feeling, dipped white belly basket that has just so many purposes.


I placed my pot plant into the belly basket to add a little decor and greenery into the corner of my bedroom next to my bed, and it literally made my room turn into magic. “I need more,” I said beneath my breath as I gasped as I saw the magic take place right before my own two eyes. Honestly, and secretly, I embarrassingly felt quite proud of myself that I had put that little corner together on my own. But, actually it was so simple and it just made my room pop.

I could buy another five of these, and I would never NOT have a place to use them. There is so much that you can do with these belly baskets. Olly has one in his big boy bedroom which has become home to his soft animals, but one could also use them in their lounge for their blankets, toys, or any other accessories that need some form of storage. But, at the moment – I just love how plants look in them, so that’s how mine will stay for awhile.


Fable Lifestyle & Baby is not only home to these gorgeous, and incredibly trendy belly baskets; but also have lovely prints and blankets. The thing that stands out to me most, apart from the wonderful, professional customer service is the quality of their products. If you have a peek at their website, you’ll see that they aren’t bursting at the seams with stock, but rather have a handful of carefully picked products that suit their brand perfectly.


Their blankets are all made from 100% Merino Wool, and they have a large selection of colours of their belly baskets as well as a wide variety of sweet prints that could work perfectly in your babies nursery or child’s bedroom or even just somewhere in your own home.

Do yourself a favour and check out their website and social media platforms, and you can also often find them around Cape Town at the best of the local markets!

Website: https://fable-lifestyle.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fablelifestyle/
Instagram: @fablelifestyle

Thank you Fable Lifestyle for helping make my house a home. As you say, “Create your own stories with your belly baskets.” This has totally happened right before my eyes.


A Sweet Easter To All.


Angela, myself and our boys were so lucky to do a little Easter collaboration with Nikki from Lionheart and Matt Masson Photography a couple weeks ago. If you don’t know who Sweet Lionheart is, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past few months. Home to the most delicious cakes and rocket pops, they are tasty not only to the eye, but to your taste buds too!

We arrived at the Lionheart studio in Woodstock the morning of the shoot. Our boys fully equipped by being dressed head to toe for the occasion, two sweet bunnies bounced excitedly through the Lionheart doors. With squeals of anticipation and mischievous smirks on their faces, we were slightly curious to see how the shoot would go.

I was immediately inspired by Nikki. Her drive, passion and enthusiasm was contagious. I would define her as a tiny, but trendy firecracker! She is such a talented woman. Graphic design, baker and photographer all in one! I was so taken a back by her. A few minutes later, Matt arrived. With a very friendly smile and his camera ready to start snapping away, we were ready to go! The blenders were spinning, and the colourful decorative bits laid out and ready to be toddler handled.

The boys were seated on stools at the island in the organized and sparkly clean kitchen, and within 5 seconds, the kitchen had been turned upside down. Nikki smiled and laughed as the boys messed up her baby (her kitchen) without a second thought. The baking begun, and the boys eagerly pushed their cake into the molds for their cake pops with the gentle guidance of Nikki. How she managed to get through the entire thing with two boys on her own, amazes me to this day! I think they ate more than they pushed into their molds, but that’s ok too, right?

It was then time to get REALLY messy, and they got to dip their bare rocket pops into the chocolate before adding their colourful icing, the decorative bits and of course the bits added to make the bunny an obvious bunny. The entire process was calm, and fun – and the boys were just totally besotted with Nikki because of the way that she interacted with them.

Disclaimer: The Easter Bunny Rocket Pops shown in these photos were made by our two and a half year old boys, not by Lionheart – I promise that your order will NOT look like this!!! 😉

Matt was just an absolute pleasure to work with. He knew exactly what he was doing, and although he does more weddings than shoots with young children, he immediately adapted to the challenge, and the results are just divine. He was quirky and the boys just loved having him there.

Copyright © Matt Masson 2017 Image 169

I will be doing a separate blog post on Matt and his incredible talent next week because he totally deserves to have his own moment of appreciation. But I just had to mention him here to say a huge Thank You for his amazing work and all of the time he put into making this collaboration happen.
Angela will be doing a review on the boys’ sweet bunny outfits from Eurobebe SA tomorrow, so make sure that you check in tomorrow afternoon!

In the meanwhile, go and get your taste buds working and get inspired by following Lionheart:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweetlionheartpatisserie/?ref=br_rs
Instagram: @sweet.lionheart
Website: sweetlionheart.com

Inspire yourself equally by following Matt Masson Weddings:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattmassonweddings/?ref=br_rs
Instagram: @mattmassonweddings
Website: http://www.mattmasson.co.za/
You can also checkout the Eurobebe pages in the meanwhile:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eurob%C3%A9b%C3%A9-1254884247927711/
Instagram: @eurobebe.sa
Website: https://eurobebe-sa.myshopify.com/

You can also follow Angela and myself on Instagram to keep up with all of our adventures as toddler/boy moms:

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Little Dreamer

I live in my slouchy pants at home, and sometimes I even get away with sneaking out to the shop without anybody noticing me leaving the house in them. Truth is, this post isn’t about me. So let’s get to the point!

I am OBSESSED with these sweet mustard boys linen shorts from ByRoeline. Mustard is so trendy at the moment, and such a practical colour for kids. It also goes with EVERYTHING. So, you can’t go wrong with this garment in your kids wardrobe.


These shorts have become a staple in our house. This clearly means that they are comfortable! Olly refuses to wear pants that are too tight around the waist. I love that these have a drawstring, as it means that as he grows, his shorts will grow with him. He also has the tiniest little waist. We always struggle to find pants that fit him, especially because he is tall – so having an adjustable waistband is fantastic, and so well thought through.


I have a soft spot for garments made from linen. They look beautiful and high end, and almost leave you with a feeling of exclusivity and sophistication.  The beauty of linen is that it gets softer with each wash. The linen is so soft, and is breathable, which makes them perfect for these hot summer days.


I love that you can dress an outfit up or down with these shorts. Olly doesn’t often have clothes on in summer at home (HAHA), but when he does he can happily, and comfortably prance around stylishly in his shorts with a loose vest or tshirt on, and when going out somewhere a little more formal, we can pair it with one of his gorgeous button up tops.

The quality is wonderful, I can see that these will be a favourite again next year, and the wonderful news is that they will still be in good enough nick for them to look brand new when he wears them again next Summer!


These sweet shorts come in Mustard and Black (you can read Angela’s review on Elijah’s black pair soon), and retail for R180 each. They are available in 6-18 months as well as 2-3 years – still feeling a bit sad that they don’t come in an adults size Small!
You can get your stylish hands on these (quickly, might I add – before they sell out) right over here: http://byroeline.co.za/product/linen-harem-shorts-mustard/

ByRoeline has also recently launched the sweetest pair of Lion Bum leggings, which are too cute not to own! So make sure you check out the website to see EVERYTHING! For mom, baby, kids and gifts. And MAYBE, they’re even currently having a sneaky sale happening. YOU’RE WELCOME.

In closing, it is truly always such a pleasure being in contact with Roeline. She is the sweetest soul who truly has such a passion for every single garment she creates. It has been such a treat getting to know her and her business over the past few months. Watch this lady – she has some amazing things up her sleeve… I can just feel it. Follow her on Instagram: @byroeline and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ByRoeline/

— Lisa

I would love to know what your staple garment is in your kid(s) wardrobe! Let me know in the comments section below:



Let Them Get Messy.

‘Minimi Atelier finds its essence in Spain, a land where tradition, craftsmanship and innovation merge to create beautiful, timeless garments that are one of a kind.  A land where children dream big and have little adventures… while looking and dressing like children.

At Minimi Atelier, we believe in smart, quality clothing. We enjoy “classics with a twist”, in other words chic garments but also casual pieces for an elegant-relaxed-contemporary style. Finally, we source and design with comfort in mind, so that the only limit to having fun is the exhaustion that comes after hours of play!’

Angela and myself were each sent one of the new Play2Learn Overalls for our boys (aged 2.5 years) and we are so excited to share our views on them!


My thoughts (Lisa):

Why toddlers don’t come with some sort of manual or ‘care kit’ is beyond me. If we could only use a couple of hashtags for kids my sons age, it would be #destruction or #mess. Thing is, if we just knew that an activity such as painting could be made easier with one simple product, we’d be funding the art stores for supplies because we know it’s something our kids love doing so much, and it’s so great for their development!

I often find myself with a throbbing headache when taking on messy tasks with Olly. Being a work from home mom, the couple days Olly is at school, or when he naps during the day, I frantically rush around the house vacuuming, picking up and doing laundry. So the thought of encouraging a task that is just going to create more mess stresses me out. It leaves me feeling anxious, and constantly on edge which always seems to start the activity on a bad note for both of us.



When Marina from Minimi Atelier contacted me with information on her brand new Play2Learn Overalls, I instantly felt a sense of relief. Olly has a little apron that covers the front of him and his shoulders, but it just doesn’t cover ENOUGH, and because it is plastic, it’s super uncomfortable. He fights me when I try to get him to wear it, and I feel irritated before we’ve even begun.

These beautiful overalls make so much sense in my life! Since receiving ours, we do a messy activity every single day! It has made such a difference in so many developmental areas for Olly. Being slightly sensory, Olly needed to be doing messy play. Shaving cream, different textured feels in bowls (jelly, rice, cereal, sand, seaweed, etc), and finger painting. He is all of a sudden doing so much better, and it makes my mama heart so happy. Apart from the fact that he’s clearly improving, I’m enjoying watching him enjoy these activities so much, but also because my mind is at ease knowing that his overall can get messy, and I can simply toss it in the wash without worrying about his clothing beneath getting stained and ruined! It also means I don’t have to wash him down in the bath after every messy activity (even more YAY because of our water crisis).

Made from 100% cotton with natural fibers, the kids are kept cool while covered. And I love the fact that they don’t have buttons, not only due to choking hazards but also because it makes it super easy for your child to dress themselves. These Play2Learn overalls were inspired by Spanish Pre-schools. Marina, owner of Minimi Atelier, being Spanish herself has really seen how these have impacted the schools in Spain!


The other amazing thing is that 1 size fits all: 2Y – 5Y which means that these are such wonderful and necessary investments for your home. They make a wonderful gift for a child who loves doing art or baking. The quality is phenomenal, and I struggle to get my son out of it when he’s finished painting because they are just so comfy! Funny, as boys aren’t used to wearing dresses which I thought would possibly frustrate him with his legs being limited, but I was wrong!
Two styles for girls (check out the review by Following The Bean: http://www.followingthebean.com/activity-overall/2017/2/12/activity-overall-minimi-atelier), and two for boys, they have all been designed and manufactured with so much love right here in South Africa. So, here’s to having enjoyable, mess-free art and baking sessions with your kids, thanks to Minimi Atelier.

Angela’s Thoughts:

Elijah is quite a whirlwind. His teachers have warned me that I must watch him all of the time as he is into everything and wants to try everything out! This includes seeing what a slimy green paint colour will look like smeared over his shorts and sticking his craft glue all over his new (I shouldn’t tell you, but designer) t-shirt.


Which is where this awesome Minimi Atelier Play2Learn overall comes in. I just love it! It is ideal for crafts, painting, baking (we do a lot of baking in this house) and even for when you are about to give your little one something messy to eat and don’t feel like having to change their clothes afterwards.

They are made from a cotton blend, exceptionally comfortable garments designed to be thrown over whatever your darling is wearing. Or over just a nappy when you don’t want to have to hose your child down outside after eating a messy treat like an ice lolly.

Elijah has the pale blue overall which I really adore him in. He looks so sweet in his overall that I just want to eat him up. Plus, it;s so easy to pull on and off that never has he once complained about me putting it on him. And, we all know how toddlers can be, right? If you are looking for an overall for your child, I would definitely consider this one.


You can shop them here: https://minimiatelier.com/collections/play2learn and make sure that you check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MinimiAtelier/ and Instagram feed @minimiatelier to be the first to find out about all of the exciting products they will be launching before long!

You can also follow us on our social media handles:

Lisa: @onemodernmom / https://www.facebook.com/onemodernmom/
Angela: @angievictoriarea


That Leather Scent.

There’s something about leather that just hits home for me. It sends me walking through a visual time warp back into my childhood. Why?
I’m not completely sure, to be totally honest. It could be little visits as a child to my Grandparents or to my Great Uncles house. A home complete with leather couches, leather covers over his interesting books he hand wrote about his travels across the world?
When attending a kids market out in Durbanville late last year, I waltzed past a stand called ‘Joey Fashion & Interior’. Neatly laid out on the bottom shelf made from pallets, lay the most beautiful little pair of Leather Shoes called ‘Gracies’. I think I must have walked past to take a second, third, maybe even fourth look. My heart broke when I saw that they only had small sizes available.
Being the person that I am, I got nosy, and decided to find out more about these shoes and who made them. I was directed to the sweetest lady named Melise. Melise and her husband, Francois own Grace Leather, and not only do these leather shoes, but also a handful of other products. All handmade, and high quality. They decided that indeed, bigger sizes were needed, and started working on a bigger size, custom made to the measurements of my own sons feet.
Photo: Angela Rea
Photo: Angela Rea
Photo: Angela Rea
I have never had such friendly service from a business before. With such a passion for what they do, every little inch of love is poured into every tiny pair of shoes that are created.
They started doing leather work as a hobby when they were still working full time. The first items they made were a shoulder bag for Francois for work, and a small purse for Melise from a skin that came out of her grandfather’s garage.
From there, they started making more belts and bags, as well as various other custom items on request. The leather shoes were no different; they initially made them on request for Joey Fashion and Interior to sell with her beautiful range of baby clothes. However, the shoes are a very unique product because of being predominantly hand-stitched, and therefore they all soon concluded they would work better for Grace Leather to sell them.
Apart from my two and a half year old son calling them his ‘fancy shoes’ and clip clopping around the house in them with a cheesy smirk on his face, they truly are just such beautiful shoes. They compliment almost every outfit he wears, and they are comfortable and safe for his precious feet. The fact that they were made to his foot measurements was just the cherry on top for me!
The shoes are available in sizes 1-12 (11cm-19.5cm foot length). Currently, they have one style, ‘Vellies’, for boys, and one style, ‘Baby Dolls’, for girls. Sizes 1 and 2 have a soft sole, and sizes 3-12 have a hard sole. Their Baby Doll shoes literally have me daydreaming about having a baby girl someday.
Good customer service, a friendly delivery and a perfect product, you can never go wrong with!
If you want to get hold of a pair of shoes, you can contact Melise and Francois at http://www.facebook.com/graceleatherproducts/ or you can email
them directly at graceleatherproducts@gmail.com.
Depending on where you are located, they can refer you to your nearest stockist, or if you are not close to a stockist, you can order a pair directly from them. They will be bringing out some gorgeous new styles very soon, so make sure you like their Facebook page to be the first to see announcements like that.
What is your favourite thing about leather shoes? Tell me in the comment section below!
Lots of love,
Lisa x

DIY Valentine’s Day Makeup

In case you mama’s didn’t realize today is Valentine’s Day. I hope you all have lovely plans. I am going to be cuddling up with my main little guy Elijah, letting him give me extra kisses.
So I wanted to do a little makeup tutorial for those of you who are going on a date and are stuck for ideas. I shall be doing Lisa’s makeup as she is going for a dreamy, romantic picnic on the beach. I am going to keep it as simple as possible as most of us have at least one baba hanging of our hips and another sticking jam covered hands through our makeup collection.

Starting with clean, clean skin, I prefer to use a micelle water so as not to strip the skin, load your face up with a moisturizer best suited to your skin. Once that has sunken in, apply a primer. I used Stila HD Beauty Balm on Lisa. I then used my beauty blender by Real Techniques to smooth a glowy foundation over her skin. I used Stila Aqua Glow in light as a beach picnic is all about the shimmer! As this is a quick makeup application I am using the foundation over her eyelids and under eye where I would normally use a concealer or correcter. Next I quickly set the foundation with Essence Stay All Day translucent fixing powder, a direct dupe for MAC’s Prep+Prime transparent finishing powder (I have both in my kit).


Then it is onto eyes. Eyebrows are a must but please no Kardashian caterpillars or Frieda Kahol wannabe’s. I lightly filled in Lisa’s brows with Essence ‘How To Make Brows WOW’ with the colour Love ’em all. Next I used Palladio Crushed Metallic Shadow in Meteor over the lids going half way up to her brows, blending very well, up and outwards with my MAC 217 blending brush. I find this is one of the most important steps to getting a flawless makeup finish. I then ran the brush with the same powder lightly under Lisa’s eyes as we went for a no liner look for the perfect beach vibe.
Then mascara. Loads of it. I used Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express mascara and boy did it do the trick. Cheeks next. I used my very faithful Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Sticks. Run the darkest shade along the cheek from the middle of your ear to just before your mouth and blend! Either with your fingers or a beauty blender. Then draw the bronze shade above that and blend again. Then taking the faithful highlighter one draw on the top of your cheek bones where the sun would naturally hit your face. And blend. Then I used MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder highlighter in Soft and Gentle  with my beauty blender over the lightest part to create an extra glow. I used Stila Convertible Color creme blush in Lillium over the apples of Lisa’s cheeks to give a little bit of that “I am so healthy and run every day” look. Which I am sure she does anyway!
Last is lips. I did a red lip of course as it is the day of love and kissing. When wearing red lipstick you need smooth, flake free lips which is why I started of with a sugar lip scrub from Beauty Treats. Then I took The Body shop New Orleans Scarlet Matte lipstick and rubbed it into Lisa’s lips to make a nice stain. I told her to take along a good lip balm to use to reapply during her date.

Mama’s, Valentine’s Day is about having fun and feeling beautiful. Even if you don’t have special plans, why not try this makeup look to surprise your partner when he gets home? Or if you don’t have a partner do it for yourself to see how truly gorgeous you can be.


Enjoy this day of love.

Lots of love,



Play With Your Food!

Trying to get your kids to reach for natural food rather than junk is no easy task. Luckily, I have come up with a creative way to get your kids to eat better!



It seems that, in the past few years, children have started becoming increasingly picky with food – healthier foods in particular. In fact, we bet many of the parents reading this are nodding their heads furiously. If you are one of these head-nodders, we know you’re probably wondering how you could change this situation on a daily basis – right?

Well, for starters, we want to encourage you not to cave in. Don’t give your kids the food they think they want just because it is easier than many of the tantrums that can flare up with their ‘dislike’ of the meal that was freshly prepared for them.

Any child will opt for the junk if they have the choice – the processed foods, biscuits and snacks covered in sugar. Nodding again? We thought so. The kind of food that gives them a sudden burst of energy yet has the end result of them crashing out of exhaustion soon after. This isn’t going to keep them going for the remainder of the day.

This is a frightening truth as we are already living in a world that is becoming increasingly obese (children included!). From a young age, a child’s diet impacts their behaviour, brain and health choices as an adult and the first two years of their life set the building blocks for their future.

So, how do we get kids to eat good food? Well, we’ve got the answer and it comes from tapping into your creativity! Each of the health- and kid-friendly meals we’re about to show you took us a maximum of eight minutes to prepare – that’s no time at all! Your kids are bound to love these creations.


A great idea is to recreate their favourite animal or character with food. “What about the waste?” you might ask. We took care of it – we ate all of the scraps. Let’s face it, when else does a parent find the time to eat? We would have once looked at photos like the ones in this article and pushed them aside thinking they were far too much of a mission but, to be perfectly honest, we had the time of our life creating these. Your older kids can even take a few bites and then recreate their own artwork out of their lunch. See, sometimes playing with your food is actually a good thing.

Before you get started, be sure to have a combination of fruit, protein (nuts, beans, grains, hard-boiled egg, meat, cheese, etc.) and greens at hand, and know that you cannot go wrong with colour and fun. Go wild!

P.S. If your young child doesn’t like something on one day, don’t force it – just wait a couple days and try again. Force feeding of particular foods can put a child off for life. But offer again a few days later and you may be surprised as a chid’s tolerance for textures and tastes change in a matter of days!


I would love to hear your feedback below!

— One Modern Mom x