The New Trend On The Block – Zach & Lily

When two moms put their heads and creativity together and start a clothing label, one specially designed for kids – you’re never quite sure what the outcome will be. HOWEVER, when these two ladies in particular – Letitia Murphy and Tanielle Lloyd decided to start their own line, they weren’t messing around. Zach & Lily Toddler and Kids Apparel was born. And born with a purpose it was.


A clothing line that covers every single kids size from 1-10 years, all garments a perfect fit per age, which I honestly do find a rare thing these days.

But, I have to admit that my favourite thing about this particular tracksuit I am reviewing is the fun that portrays from the design. I’ve never really been a huge fan of matching tracksuits – maybe because it’s what I was dressed in the majority of the time as a child – and I look back at the photos and cringe. But, these aren’t quite the same. They’re trendy, practical and have cute little features – like the large zip pocket on the front of the tracksuit top.



I’m normally THAT mom that generally purchases plain, neutral coloured garments for Olly. And his wardrobe is mostly grey, or delicately patterned, with a little splash of mustard or blue here and there. But, these just somehow won their way to my heart with their brightly, in your face – ‘you can’t avoid me even if you try’ patterns that stand out even more on the black.



But what’s the comfort like? Ask Olly. Or just watch him when he wears them. The first day he wore the complete tracksuit, he slept in it too. He wouldn’t allow me to take it off of him. I finally managed to get the tracksuit off the next morning, however, I ran out of luck to get the long sleeve, hooded shirt off of him for school, so he just wore that with his jeans. It’s WARM, its snug and it’s incredibly comfortable. The neck is wide enough to get over their heads without your kid throwing a tantrum, and the cut of the tracksuit is big enough to wear another warm top beneath for the cold wintery months.


I love that Zach & Lily promotes kids being kids. When chatting to them, they mentioned that kids only get to be little for so long. So many clothing brands sell garments that are so grown up. And we need to dress them as children and let them be small while they are. And they actually changed my mentality so much by saying this. There really is so little available on the market for kids to be kids. All of the Zach & Lily garments are modest, and do not show off their bodies (some of the clothing designs I see when clothing shopping freaks the living daylights out of me).

Although still a new clothing brand, these moms have created something unique and very special. It makes me so happy to have had a moment to sit down with them and understand why they have created Zach & Lily and their dreams for their business as well as to hear about what their personal meanings are behind each and every one of their garments.

There really is something for every child. And the beauty is that you can mix and match between the range to find the perfect outfits for your child’s wardrobe. There is so much more to come with this new, local brand. This is only the beginning. And they’re coming in HOT!


They also ship internationally, so if you’re reading this and you aren’t from here – don’t worry. You can head over to their website:

Instagram: @zach_lily_apparel

PS: The two cute models that you see on their social media platform are their very own sweet Zach and Lily. Lily, princess to Letitia and Zach – little dude to Tanielle. I just love that they include their kids in something that is so close to their hearts.



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