The New ‘Kid’ On The Block – The Playstation.

Every mama wishes for a safe indoor play area that is clean, hygienic and age appropriate for her child. With winter fast approaching, our wish for such a dream venue becomes so much more real.


And then, our wish was granted when I heard about The Playstation Adventure Park & Café based in Tokai. You all know about my love for Open Door. Part of that love is for the gorgeous outdoor play area created by Wooden Elements. And then, to find out that a brand new indoor play park was coming to our very own suburb with a play area designed by the owners themselves and built by the one and only Wooden Elements literally made my heart skip a beat.


I knew it would be wonderful, BUT I wasn’t totally sure if it would be two year old friendly. With it having only opened for business a couple weeks ago after months of their hard work to create such a magical place for our children to play, I knew that I needed to wait a bit before we went because the parents and kids would be totally hyped up.


Can I just say that after going, the hype won’t be dying down… ever!

This place is a kid’s heaven! Climbing, sliding, jumping, noise, food, milkshakes, balancing, PLAYING! There is a corner for the kids to just literally transform into their own imaginary world. They can be a doctor, a builder, a fireman, a mommy, a parent, somebody that works in a shop. Whatever they want to become in that moment, they are NOT limited from!


Olly and Elijah stepped one foot through the Playstation doors, and literally sped off into their own directions. I’ve never seen two little boys have so much fun. Their energy just continued until they climbed into bed (SCORE!!!). I loved that there were child minders in each area to make sure that our children were safe and happy.


The owners of Playstation also own the very well-loved Rush. The child minders work between Rush and Playstation and love and look after your kids as their own.

The slides are high, and fast but the kids certainly do keep going back for more. If you’re a nervous parent, you can go down the slide with your child. I must say that even I had fun. There are two different speed/height slides – blue and pink, with the pink one being suitable for slightly older kids. They do, however, have a child minder up there stopping the younger kids from going down the pink slide.

The food was delicious and the kids milkshakes are in a spill proof Console Jar with a lid and straw, which I just love. I love that they promote healthy eating, as their menu has loads of healthier options. There is a large variety of food and drinks too, which is great!


The experience was wonderful and we will definitely be making play date arrangements, as well as many trips back this winter.

Funnily enough, I have been working a big expo at CTICC, and I came back with a wrist band on similar to the one Olly was given at Playstation – Olly was horrified, thinking that I had gone back to play without him. That’s how much the little guy loved it.

Definitely check out their social media platforms so that you can visit yourself. They also do birthday parties which is a lovely option.

Entrance fees:

There is a play area that is closed off for kids under 2 only! This is free, and is a lovely, clean area for younger kids.
Children 3 years & up: R60 for the first hour, R40 thereafter.
Free play on their birthday (valid ID required to qualify)
Family Discount: 3rd child first hour is FREE

Trading hours:

Open DAILY from 09h00-17h00

Instagram: @theplay_station


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