Treat Their Skin Like Royalty.

If you were aware of the amount of baby and kids skincare products that are being advertised as being organic and pure and actually aren’t, you’d be shocked. I feel that as moms, we so often believe what we read because, they must be true if that information is on the internet, right? Wrong! Word of mouth can be such a positive thing, but it can also be so dangerous. It just takes a couple of moms at your kids school to tell you that the ingredients of a certain product are actually ok, for one or two reasons for you to believe that and to pass on the word at your kids next play date. We, as moms, really do need to educate ourselves on what is ok to be in contact with our babies, kids, and even on our own skin!


I once did a short Vegan skincare course online, and laughed when I read that “if your end product is safe to eat, it is safe for your skin”. I haven’t always been clued up and very interested in organic skincare products, but due to my sensitive skin, I’ve always kind of found myself going back to these products because they’re the only ones that don’t leave my skin irritated. When Olly was born, I had a little extra awareness about how damaging skincare products can be to such delicate skin, which brings me to this blog post.

I was lucky enough to come across an all natural Dermacare Body Balm by a newer brand. Vivan BeBe was started by Skincare Aesthetician, Wandi Oosthuizen. Having grown up in the skincare and beauty business, with 15 years experience, gaining international exposure and working for a multi-national skincare company, with the passion to help others, this put Wandi on the path of looking into all natural ingredients for your health and skincare.

Vivan BeBe started shortly after, proving a product without any chemicals, toxins, parabens or harmful ingredients for the use of babies, and any other sensitive sin which requires nurturing.

Wandi and her husband then found out that they were expecting their first baby, a little girl. They thought to themselves that, just like all parents, they wanted to give her the very best. They didn’t want to expose her skin to what is harmful. That being said, their mind was at ease knowing what they were applying to her delicate skin.

My own experience with the product has, so far been a very positive one. I’ve touched on this topic quite frequently not only now, but more so when Olly was a newborn and young baby. I was so concerned about his skin breaking out in rash, or getting red and irritated or dry and flaky that I so badly just wanted to find a product that would look after his skin. I did find a product, but it was only available overseas. I constantly worried about it running out, and so badly wanted to find a product that was available locally.


Fast forward 2 years, and this sweet bottle of Dermacare Body Balm landed on my doorstep. Formulated from nature’s best quality natural ingredients, and especially by a mom really puts my mind at ease. Testing the product on my own skin, is always the best way for me to find out if the product is truly safe on my child’s skin. I rubbed it into my hands and on the skin inside of my arm, and there was no reaction! YAY!!!

Vivan BeBe encourages one to massage gently onto babies skin after bath to keep them calm, relaxed and ready for bed. The lotion smells so fresh and the thought of having a newborn baby to snuggle once bathed and in their little pajamas while smelling like Lavender & Eucalyptus oil just takes me walking back down memory lane of when Olly was still so tiny.


I truly do encourage you to buy this product, not only for your baby, but for yourself too! It works wonderfully, and the best part is that you are using something that is safe and healthy for your family!

Vivan BeBe has kindly given all of my readers a R50 discount when purchasing on their online store. All you need to do is use this code: 1MODMOM at checkout.

Shop here:

I would love to know your thoughts on this product once you’ve given it a try, and I hope to be giving some away at a later stage too.

This is also a great gift for a mom-to-be at their baby shower, so keep this in mind if you’re not a mommy yourself.

Check out their Facebook page:


Baby Photos: Seppi Hochfellner
Product Photo: @angievictoriarea

I would love to hear your thoughts on using organic products on yours and your families skin below! Also, don’t forget to subscribe!!!



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