We All Need That Little Zang.

Is there possibly anything better than a piece of chocolate to indulge in with a hot cup of good coffee?


Our lives are constantly busy, and as a mom I find myself knowing exactly what time of day it is just by how my energy levels drop at certain times. For instance, 11:30 could quite possibly result in me curled up on my bed snoring away if it wasn’t for having a toddler to keep me on my toes, but then again, I guess there’s a chance I wouldn’t be craving some extra shut eye so early on in the day without a toddler?

However, be it a busy career driven life, an active life or just being that early bird that catches the worm – we all have a point in the day or week where we couldn’t get through the day without a cup of coffee by our side at all times of the day.

You know, one of my biggest fears is being on the road going about my daily errands, or on a trip and craving that much needed cup of coffee and either not having time to stop, or not being near enough to a place I can quickly pick up a cup. But, then came my discovery of Zang. No, it’s not coffee. No, you don’t have to keep it in a flask for when you’re out and about, and refresh it after a couple of hours. No, you don’t have to worry about slamming on brakes and being covered and burnt by hot coffee while you’re on your way to a meeting. You can just keep a few stashed in random, convenient places (that will keep cool) – such as in your cubby hole in the car, in your bag and in your drawer at work – and the moment you’re feeling like you are in dire need of some extra energy, you simply whip out that CHOCOLATE (yes, see what I did there?) and revive yourself.


I kid you not, each time I’ve eaten one, I have timed how long it takes for me to feel a sudden burst of energy. It isn’t that same kind of energy boost that leaves you feeling strange, shaky or as if you’ve just done some serious damage to your health – but rather, it gives you the same amount of caffeine as half a cup of coffee. In other words, just the perfect amount of caffeine to get you through your next meeting and to complete your last assignment. Within 10 minutes, without even really noticing, I had that natural energy back. That’s far quicker than an energy drink takes to kick in.

Just like caffeinated coffee, these aren’t recommended for everyone. Kids, pregnant or lactating women, or even persons who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid these chocolates, or you can just stock up if you’re pregnant for those long days you find yourself in after sleepless nights with your newborn, and for when they become toddlers, and teenagers – you know… let’s just all be honest – you’re most likely never going to experience a full nights sleep again anyway. So, best be prepared! 😉


On a side note, being a mom – I have to share EVERYTHING! Even when I think I’m finally going to enjoy a treat all on my own while sneakily hiding in the bathroom, oh, he still manages to find me – and of course, I have no choice but to share. BUT, one thing Olly knows is that he isn’t allowed coffee. And being able to tell him that there is coffee in these treats means that he is well aware of the fact that he isn’t allowed them. Oh, you have no idea how good it feels to be able to sit in a public area in our home to enjoy my chocolate without being glared at by a toddler.

I am a sucker for dark chocolate, so you can imagine my happiness when I was told that Zang has not only milk chocolate, but dark chocolate too! They come in both 14g as well as a 36g option. The 14g slab, as mentioned before is quantity to half a cup of coffee, and the 36g slab being quantity to 1 cup of coffee.

Since being aware of Zang, I see them available at so many stores and coffee shops. And, funny thing is – they will always cross your path at the most convenient of times. So, keep those eyes peeled!
Check out their social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zangchocolate/
Website: http://www.zangchocolate.com/
Instagram: @zangchocolate


2 thoughts on “We All Need That Little Zang.

  1. Being a shift working mom of a teen and toddler, sounds like something I definitely have to try out and the fact that it’s chocolate, doesn’t hurt either.


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