Top 10 Coffee Shops in Cape Town: 1/10

Angela and myself, as sleep deprived mothers to two year olds’ and lovers of a good cup of coffee, have found ourselves searching for the top 10 coffee shops in Cape Town. School days begin bright and early, and with our boys at school 3 days a week, we have decided to take one of those days each week to continue on this journey to find that perfect cup of coffee.

Photo: Claire Gunn Photography via Foxcroft Facebook Page
 Yesterday, we pulled up at Foxcroft in Constantia. What a beautiful, and very interesting little place. I walked up to the glass counter, and honestly felt like I was gallivanting around the beautiful streets of Paris or Italy, viewing the delicate pastries they have to offer. With names I could barely pronounce, and handcrafted treats I wouldn’t dare try to recreate at home, I finally settled on the summery Rose, Raspberry and Litchi Paris Brest Eclair. Words cannot even begin to describe how incredibly delicious and moreish it was! Gosh, even thinking about it leaves me wishing for just one more bite.
The staff were friendly, quirky and just all ’round divine, and so patient with a rookie like me who asked what almost every single thing was. I even ordered two macarons to take home for my boys, which, by the way – they LOVED despite the unusual flavours: Cherry & Tonka Bean & the other was Earl Grey. (See above)
Onto the coffee: One word, YUM! It certainly woke me up. The temperature was just right for me. I don’t like scorching hot coffee. I like it just a little warmer than the perfect drinking temperature, especially when I’m out for coffee with a friend. I hate having to down a cup of coffee because it’s cold, and I don’t like having to wait to be able to drink it. It was the perfect strength to give me that energy boost before fetching my son from school, and it was a wonderful size. The barista was the sweetest man! Quiet, yet his smile spoke a thousand words.

Would I go back? Absolutely! 100 times. Because it is so close to where I live, it’s a perfect meeting place. I also may find myself broke within a month now that I know where to get such amazing treats from!

We had such a lovely time there. A great escape from reality. We sat inside, and it was such a pleasure to be able to have a conversation without having to shout. The decor was simple, yet elegant and tasteful.

Overall, I rate Foxcroft 9/10 for wonderful service, a beautiful experience overall. They also have free WiFi, which I didn’t use – but it is available which makes it a great coffee stop to get some work done and to refuel while out of the office.

We are so looking forward to making a booking for dinner one evening to try out their meals too.


— Lisa


Angela’s Thoughts:

On our never ending quest for the perfect cup of coffee, Lisa and I went to try out Foxcroft Bakery in High Constantia. It is the little sister to the famous La Colombe, also in Constantia, and boy does it live up to its older sibling! Run by Scot Kirton with the obviously amazing Glen Foxcroft Williams as the chef.



I felt like I was stepping into the latest edition of House and Leisure magazine with the beautiful, striking decor. Thoroughly modern without feeling pretentious, the attention to detail was magnificent. Every little nook and cranny was in keeping with the stark, industrial kitchen feel, down to the rose gold wire waste paper baskets in the unisex bathroom.


The bakery is self service, helped by the most friendly, cheerful team of staff. There was lots of giggling while the ever so helpful waitress explained all of the baked goods to us. Glancing at the pastry selection, all hopes of keeping LCHF (low carb, high fat) that day were lost and what a happy person that made me.

Everything was so beautifully presented, all of the pretty colours behind the glass counter were just mesmerizing. I immediately knew that I was going to go for a fruit based delicacy as chocolate (however gorgeous looking) is a bit too rich for me in the morning. I chose a small Ivoire, mango, coconut and lime cake. It was small enough for me not to feel too guilty, but just the right size to satisfy me. The flavours were so true and the texture, melt in my mouth worthy.


My single shot latte was exactly how I like it, creamy, flavorful and not too strong. (The barista did recommend a double shot latte as this is how they normally serve it, but I do not like strong coffee).

Both Lisa and I remarked on how calm and quiet the bakery seemed which was so perfect for us to natter away without having to scream over loud music and a new coffee order being given in.

I am already planning my next trip back and feel this might just become my local. It was that good. It really was!

— Angela


We would love for you to share your favourite coffee shops with us to try out. Tell us about them below:


Check out their Facebook page:

Instagram: @foxcroft

Photography: @angievictoriarea
Instagram: @onemodernmom


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