Be The Duchess.

Duchess is a rank of nobility, the female equivalent of Duke.


The Duchess. Where do I even begin? Apart from the fact that the name in itself leaves me feeling totally sophisticated, the bottle is beautiful, minimalist and chic! The Duchess is the World’s very first non-alcoholic gin and tonic. I’ve been asked by so many people why I would drink the non-alcoholic version when I could just drink the ‘real thing’. Truth is, I’m not a big alcohol drinker. Since my pregnancy, my body can’t tolerate much alcohol, and it just leaves me feeling ready for bed when I’m at an evening event. Don’t get me wrong, my drink of choice and my absolute weakness is an ice cold G&T! However, being a mother means that I have a list of responsibilities that come before anything. I always loved taking a drink or two down to the beach while watching my man surf. We would then hang out until the sun goes down, and he enjoys a couple beers too. BUT, knowing I have to get my little boy home safely after our trip to the beach means I would rather enjoy a non-alcoholic drink. Luckily for me, The Duchess made its entrance into my life! Which means I get to enjoy my absolute favourite taste while being 100% responsible.



Makeup: Angela Rea

I wish the product was around while I was pregnant and breastfeeding. The fact that it is safe for expectant moms, and breastfeeding moms too means that we get to feel included. Just a side note: The Duchess DOES contain a little bit of quinine. It is less than normal tonic water, so don’t overdo yourself. They kindly removed the Devil’s Claw from the product which makes it safer for you to indulge in. The whole bouquet of botanicals (Cardamom, cloves, star anise, all spice, and orange peel) only make up 0,15% of the product, which means it is very safe.


I suppose that one could say that Gin & Tonic has become the ‘Craft Beer’ of 2017? Perhaps I am making assumptions. However, I just love how creative companies are getting with G&T’s. All of the flavours are amazing. BUT, I still have to admit that I will settle for the original gin & tonic over all of the flavoured ones. Perhaps it’s because I love to add in my own special ingredients to create something amazing that tantalizes my own specific taste buds?

We played around, tried all sorts of different ingredients, and narrowed down my personal top 5 concoctions.

  1. Grapefruit & Basil
  2. A dash of Sparkling Ruby Grapefruit with blackberries and Rosemary
  3. A slice of Lime and Lavender
  4. A slice of Lemon & Rosemary
  5. Grapefruit, Juniper Berries & a Rosemary Sprig
2. A dash of Sparkling Ruby Grapefruit with blackberries & rosemary.

My 2 and a half year old son managed to get hold of my drink that I left on the step the other evening, he literally ran around the garden with the cheesiest little smirk on his face with great content knowing he got to have a sip of ‘tickly’ juice. He calls it this because of the bubbles in it that tickle his mouth.

I have so much to say about The Duchess that I’m not even quite sure where to begin.

On The Duchess website:, they sum up ‘their story’ beautifully: “The Duchess was created for the conscious consumer – the healthy, successful
and discerning individual. Whether at a business lunch or being the designated
driver, for personal or religious reasons, The Duchess offers you the choice of a
sugar-free, calorie-free, and hangover-free refreshment.”


*The usual tonic water we add to our gin is packed with sugar and leaves you with a feeling of guilty pleasure after indulging! When I’m out for drinks, I never just drink one, so I am constantly aware of how much sugar I am absorbing, and I wish I could block it out from the back of my mind. So YAY to sugar-free!
*I’ve been to a few business meetings before where the client I met with was enjoying a glass of wine, or an alcoholic beverage. Although tempting, I prefer NOT to drink alcohol when meeting a client, (especially because it is usually a baby/parenting company). I always end up settling for a cup of coffee or fresh juice, when I secretly am wishing for something more refreshing, especially in summer. The Duchess IS perfect for this.

*Being a mother, I cannot deal with having to deal with a hangover + a two year old. It’s just NOT happening. Now I can enjoy as many as I wish while cooking dinner, reading stories or bathing my toddler, at an event, and I don’t have to worry about the end result of my health and my ability to tend to my responsibilities as a mother.

I’ve encouraged a few non-G&T drinker friends of mine to try a few of my concoctions. They stuck their noses very high in the air, and weren’t keen on trying ‘because they’ve tried it before and can’t stand the taste’. They eventually gave it a try, and loved it! You can really get creative with the way that you drink yours, and it really does look gorgeous in a glass with the fresh ingredients you add to it. Such a wonderful idea for a garden party or a get together on a sunny day!

Photo Credit: Angela Rea (@angievictorearea)

The Duchess has become rapidly popular! And, is becoming available at more and more stores. You can have a look at their website to see where the closest stockist is to you. I always get mine from the Alphen Spar in Cape Town. But, there are LOADS of places you can get yours.

I love their Instagram feed, they constantly have new, beautiful photographs being loaded, so check it out @drinktheduchess. You can also keep in touch with them on their Facebook page:

So CHEERS to the last little bit of summer with an iced cold Duchess in hand, absorbing the sunshine at the seaside. And CHEERS to all of the evening that will be REMEMBERED throughout the year, and to all of the happy memories you’re about to make for 2017.

Are you a Gin & Tonic lover? Have you tried The Duchess? And what do you love to add to yours to make your own special concoction? Let me know below.

I will be sharing more photo content with you over some time to show you what I love to add to mine!



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