That Leather Scent.

There’s something about leather that just hits home for me. It sends me walking through a visual time warp back into my childhood. Why?
I’m not completely sure, to be totally honest. It could be little visits as a child to my Grandparents or to my Great Uncles house. A home complete with leather couches, leather covers over his interesting books he hand wrote about his travels across the world?
When attending a kids market out in Durbanville late last year, I waltzed past a stand called ‘Joey Fashion & Interior’. Neatly laid out on the bottom shelf made from pallets, lay the most beautiful little pair of Leather Shoes called ‘Gracies’. I think I must have walked past to take a second, third, maybe even fourth look. My heart broke when I saw that they only had small sizes available.
Being the person that I am, I got nosy, and decided to find out more about these shoes and who made them. I was directed to the sweetest lady named Melise. Melise and her husband, Francois own Grace Leather, and not only do these leather shoes, but also a handful of other products. All handmade, and high quality. They decided that indeed, bigger sizes were needed, and started working on a bigger size, custom made to the measurements of my own sons feet.
Photo: Angela Rea
Photo: Angela Rea
Photo: Angela Rea
I have never had such friendly service from a business before. With such a passion for what they do, every little inch of love is poured into every tiny pair of shoes that are created.
They started doing leather work as a hobby when they were still working full time. The first items they made were a shoulder bag for Francois for work, and a small purse for Melise from a skin that came out of her grandfather’s garage.
From there, they started making more belts and bags, as well as various other custom items on request. The leather shoes were no different; they initially made them on request for Joey Fashion and Interior to sell with her beautiful range of baby clothes. However, the shoes are a very unique product because of being predominantly hand-stitched, and therefore they all soon concluded they would work better for Grace Leather to sell them.
Apart from my two and a half year old son calling them his ‘fancy shoes’ and clip clopping around the house in them with a cheesy smirk on his face, they truly are just such beautiful shoes. They compliment almost every outfit he wears, and they are comfortable and safe for his precious feet. The fact that they were made to his foot measurements was just the cherry on top for me!
The shoes are available in sizes 1-12 (11cm-19.5cm foot length). Currently, they have one style, ‘Vellies’, for boys, and one style, ‘Baby Dolls’, for girls. Sizes 1 and 2 have a soft sole, and sizes 3-12 have a hard sole. Their Baby Doll shoes literally have me daydreaming about having a baby girl someday.
Good customer service, a friendly delivery and a perfect product, you can never go wrong with!
If you want to get hold of a pair of shoes, you can contact Melise and Francois at or you can email
them directly at
Depending on where you are located, they can refer you to your nearest stockist, or if you are not close to a stockist, you can order a pair directly from them. They will be bringing out some gorgeous new styles very soon, so make sure you like their Facebook page to be the first to see announcements like that.
What is your favourite thing about leather shoes? Tell me in the comment section below!
Lots of love,
Lisa x


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