I’ve been doing a little series on ‘I AM MOM’ over the past few months. Learning to love my postpartum body has been a huge challenge for me, and I know that so many moms can relate. The new stretchmarks that suddenly made their appearance in the middle of your second trimester after baby had a growth spurt (just after you thought you were one of the luckier women who didn’t get any). The cellulite you didn’t even know could exist in certain areas of your body. The (what I like to call) Kangaroo pouch which is excess skin that has decided it doesn’t plan on going anywhere no matter how well you eat or how dedicated you are to your exercise routine! Those once perky boobs that have now made their way with gravity in their own directions, which left me with no other decision but to toss my before pregnancy ‘no support’ bikinis I once felt remotely attractive in!

Beach days were once a normal daily routine for me, which have now become a ‘task’ that we are hesitant about and we do just because our kids could do with some fresh air at the seaside. Because it makes our hearts happy seeing them run free, splashing in the waves & building sandcastles. But, let’s all get real – we’re busy thinking about the awful tshirt tan we are currently working on, as well as wiping away the drips of sweat as we try to shade ourselves from the heat while sitting fully dressed (more than usual) to cover up our bodies because we are worried about what others will think when we have to jump up and sprint half way down the beach to stop our kid from chasing that bird in our bikinis, with our ‘after baby’ belly bouncing up and down (with our not so firm anymore boobs).

Part of the problem, (apart from our drop in confidence since giving birth and the power of our brains) is not having a swimming costume that compliments and supports our bodies and our individual builds. I took it upon myself to do some research on what swimwear is the best investment for moms of all shapes and sizes, and I am so excited to share my outcome with you.

Grey Emporio is a Western Cape based shop (don’t stress – they have an online store too) which stocks the most amazing swimwear for women like us! The mommy bod type of women! Their stores have a huge variety from bikinis, tankinis and one pieces! They stock the very well known and loved brand – Seafolly as well as their own Grey Emporio collection which meets the same standard and quality, perhaps with a little more colour!

These are the few that I tried on and felt best complimented our postpartum bods. I kept the slightly bustier and curvier women in mind as well as the smaller mamas and breastfeeding moms. Their sizes range from size 8 – 18.

For many, the price tag is a little intimidating – HOWEVER, the quality, comfort and lifespan of these costumes will make you rethink your immediate thoughts.

Sidenote: I bought a stunning Seafolly costume in Australia in 2009, the quality is still as it was back then. The Grey Emporio swimwear will be exactly the same!

These are a few of my favourites:

Seafolly Twist Halter Maillot: http://greyonline.co.za/product/seafolly-twist-halter-maillot/
Available in Black & Navy


Great for bustier and breastfeeding moms, however the more petit moms can most certainly pull this style off too!
Seafolly Soft Cup Halter Maillot: http://greyonline.co.za/product/seafolly-soft-cup-halter-maillot/#
Available in Black, Navy & Red


Perfect for the broader hipped women, which really compliments the curves. Stunning ties at the back which will provide some extra support. Also great for the bustier ladies.

Seafolly Riviera Lace Deep “V” Maillot One Piece


Perfect for the smaller ladies who have a little cleavage they want to show off. Also a good choice for breastfeeding moms, as the straps can easily pull down.

Seafolly Caribbean Kool Maillot One Piece


A stunning, funky one piece for the more petit of moms.

And to save, MY personal best fit and favourite for last :
Cross-Back Detail One-Piece Black and White


Incredibly comfortable, holds my boobs, bum and stomach in at all the right places and leaves me with the feeling of having my before pregnancy body. That confidence was back and running down the beach (which yes, I did have to do when my two year old son decided to bolt down the beach when we were having these photos taken) in front of an audience. I didn’t feel myself jiggling about, and the only looks I got were looks of people oohing and aahing while walking by and seeing my son and I playing on the beach.
My words of advice, invest in one of these beautiful costumes, and I can assure you, at least a little boost of confidence will come rushing through your body! That, and the fact that your costume will be so gorgeous, you won’t want to keep it hidden!

We deserve to spend summer having fun on the beach, and at the poolside. We deserve to feel gorgeous (because we ARE) and we deserve to not care about people looking at us, because at the end of the day, we are the only ones judging ourselves. 80% of people looking at youare enjoying the site of a mama bear enjoying a beach day with her little cubs.


Head down to the Grey Emporio website (which has a very limited selection in comparison to in store) or get to one of your nearest Grey Emporio branches to try on and browse their HUGE range of costumes (their own, as well as the Seafolly collection). It’s time to start feeling like the other beautiful women and moms we often envy at the beach. Now is your time!

Grey Emporio Stores:

– Constantia Village
– Gardens
– Willowbridge
– Paarl

Photos / Styling / Makeup: Angela Victoria Rea: https://www.facebook.com/AngelalReaMakeupArtist/


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