Baby, it’s HOT outside!

There’s nothing that makes my blood boil like seeing kids playing outdoors without a sun hat or sun cream on. Leaving the beach a few days ago, (it must’ve been at least 30 degrees), I saw about 11 young kids with bright pink little arms and faces. Parents didn’t seem phased one bit, and they had clearly been at the beach at the absolute hottest time of the day, as they were leaving at 2:30pm. Do people not care, or are they just uneducated?


SO, I thought I would help a few of you out by giving you a couple of facts about spending time in the sun, but also giving you some pointers for which sun block to use that is SAFE and ORGANIC. I have read many articles saying that sun block is in fact dangerous to your young child – BUT, SO IS THE SUN! Heading down the organic route may be slightly more expensive, but it’s worth it.

FACT 1: Avoid being in the sun between 10am – 2pm! That is when the sun’s burning rays are the strongest.

FACT 2: Always take a cooler bag with ice cold water to the beach for not only yourself, but for your kids. The sun is incredibly dehydrating.

FACT 3: Do not risk not reapplying sun cream to your kids skin when they’ve been swimming for a long period of time just because the sun cream says that it is water resistant. Especially kids that are being picked up or that have been playing with other kids – sun cream may have been wiped off.

FACT 4: Always, I mean ALWAYS take a hat along for your kids, and make sure that they actually WEAR it! Caps are cute, but your child doesn’t need to look like a ‘dude’ when in the hot sun! Rather have them wear a round hat that will also protect their neck and ears!

You can get really nice ones from the following places:


MooMoo Kids:
Naartjie Kids:
Emthuzini Hats:
Beachy Heads:

FACT 5: Even when wearing sun block, it is still safer to have your young kids wearing a full swimming costume, one that covers up their delicate little bodies. Almost every shop stocks these at this time of the year, so it really is easy to just pop in and out and have a decent one.

Cotton On has some cute rash vests, and a well known and loved local brand is Just Jump which you can find at the Kids Emporium stores.

Now, onto a list of amazing Sunscreens that are safe and organic for your family this summer:

Sunumbra: Available at for R299

Oh-Lief Naturals: Available at for R130

Badger SPF30 Baby Sunscreen: Available at for R345

Badger SPF30 Kids Sunscreen: Available at for R345


Back 2 Nature Surf Zinc: Available at for R252


Vichy Capital Soleil SPF50 Sunscreen Milk for Kids: Available at most pharmacies for approximately R350


Closing off, keep your kids smothered in sunscreen, covered, hydrated and sunburn free this summer!

xx – One Modern Mom



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