Make Your Statement with ByRoeline

ByRoeline is a very special Knysna based clothing collection for babies, kids and adults. By Roeline is a collection of minimalist, ethically made threads.

I came across ByRoeline on Instagram one day, and just loved what I saw on her online store. There was an obvious love and passion for what she does, and just so much truth printed on her garments. Ranging from adults tshirts, babygrows, fancy bibs, bags, décor items and Christian prints – she really has a good variety of meaningful garments for all of us, and so reasonably priced!

Roeline was sweet enough to send me one of her t-shirts to add to my ‘Moms Christmas Wish list’. She let me choose one from her ‘Adult’ collection.  I must admit, it was tough to choose just one, but I couldn’t resist the plain white 100% cotton tee that read ‘I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.’ Doesn’t this just hit home for each of us?

Chatting to Roeline, I felt as if I had known her a lifetime. Such an incredibly sweet, professional local creative. She certainly does know how to follow trends with the colours she offers, and knows how to make a simple saying a very bold statement.

Her baby grows are just divine. Some cute and quirky, and others with a very special, meaningful scripture, complete with a beautiful, delicate pattern.  These are definitely must-have’s to keep aside for baby shower gifts.

It makes my heart overflow with joy when I find a company that stays true to their word – and I often find that when I order online, I don’t get what I saw online. But, with ByRoeline, you get everything and more. That promised comfort, the eco-friendly complete garment and the fit that is explained to you on her website. I love this! There’s no going wrong when ordering online with her.

My order arrived within a day of ordering and it was even packaged beautifully in a little bag which held my gem of a garment! It’s the little things that leave us running back!

This is only the start of an ongoing relationship for me with this incredible new company who is without a doubt going places.

You can find her online store at:
Also, check out her stunning Instagram feed which gets updated regularly: @byroeline
And, lastly you can follow her Facebook journey here:

Thank you to Angela Rea Makeup for the makeup and photos.


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