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Splish-splash, my toddler LOVES taking a bath! I have most certainly been blessed with a water baby who has loved being in the tub since birth. Believe it or not, on days where I feel like I’m failing as a mother because I just feel like I can’t keep things from spiraling out of control, I run a warm bath for him, and everything just calms down.

On that note, I am so excited to introduce the brand new, new and improved Johnson’s Top-to-toe range (#TTTrange). The complete range includes the following:

  • Baby Wash
  • Baby Massage Oil
  • Baby Massage Lotion
  • Extra Moisturizing Baby Cream

These four products are all essentials that you might as well add to your shopping list while you have a moment, because they can be used from newborn all the way up to young kids! They are gentle on your little one’s delicate skin, they don’t dry out your hands while bathing your kids and they leave your child’s skin smelling fresh and feeling full of moisture!

I wanted to take a moment to touch on not only the purpose of each product, but to also share my experience and opinions on each. This could be a good time to pause.. go and make yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy reading further.

Right, let’s get started…PS, next week, you could win a R500 Johnson’s Baby #TTTrange hamper! So… WATCH THIS SPACE!

1. Top-to-toe Baby Wash: 300ml and 500ml

I have tried many different baby washes in the past two years of little Olly’s life. He has very sensitive skin, just like his mama! Many of the normal day to day bath washes that one would buy off the shelf at the local supermarket leave his skin red, irritated and dry! However, this Top-to-toe wash does the complete opposite, and I just love that about it! I’m not sure what kid doesn’t love bubbles, but the natural bubbles that form from simply washing his little body leave him squealing with delight as he hollers ‘bubble, bubble, bubble.. pop, pop, pop’ at the top of his lungs. With just the smallest amount of this wash, I can wash his entire body! This cleanser lathers like I’ve never experienced before, which is such a pro for me, because it means so much less wastage! It’s a battle to get him out the bath, but as soon as I mention the words ‘massage time’ he leaps out like his little bottom is on fire. And that’s just the Step 1 of 2.

2. Top-to-toe Baby Massage Oil: 200ml
I’m not sure how many of you take the time to massage your little ones after bath time, but this is something I’ve always done, because I really find it beneficial to my son. Since a tiny newborn, I would massage him with the Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Oil, because it just smelt so incredible, and of course left him calm and ready for bed. But, now that this newer product that was created especially for massage has made its appearance, I was really excited to make a bit of a change and to try this instead. Wow! I was in awe at how quickly the moisture seeps into the skin, not only because my son has dry skin, but because it doesn’t leave him feeling oily and slippery. However, the moisture is obvious by touch. And, unlike many other baby oils, it doesn’t leave your hands begging to be washed either! The smell is kind to the nose and, with just a gentle chamomile fragrance, leaves your baby smelling fresh rather than like a perfume shop. My son is normally like a wriggling worm when I give him his massages, but he now enjoys this moisturising massage oil because it isn’t greasy anymore.


 3. Top-to-toe Extra Moisturizing Baby Cream: 100ml

Before I even begin, I have a confession to make, I totally sneak a few squirts of this moisturizing cream for myself after I shower each night! As mentioned before, my skin is very dry and sensitive, and the general products just leave my skin feeling irritated, but this extra moisturising cream works like an absolute dream for my entire body. At 24, I still get told that my skin feels like a baby’s – I’ll take that compliment!

Back to the point – this is the final step to our bath time regime. Many think I am crazy to go through all of this ‘effort’, but it is so worth it. My son loves it, and it is relaxing for both of us. It also puts my mind at ease knowing that I’ve done everything in my ability to leave him feeling fresh, clean, moisturized and relaxed for bed. The Top-to-Toe Extra Moisturizing Cream has such a smooth feel. It has the same scent as the other two products, which as mentioned before is gentle and refreshing. Generally, the scent of a product is quite a good indicator of how appropriate it is for sensitive skin. So, this makes my heart skip a beat because I know that it’s safer for my little guy to use. I feel like every routine needs just four simple steps to complete it, and Johnson’s has made that possible for my OCD brain. PS. This is great for moisturizing their skin at any time of the day.

4. Top-to-toe Baby Massage Lotion: 200ml and 500ml

I feel like Johnson’s officially outdid themselves. Instead of just offering massage oil, they’ve now given parents the option between the oil, massage lotion, or even better – both! I use the massage lotion for anytime of the day, apart from after bath. I find that it works wonders especially after my little guy has been outside playing in the sand pit, or when he’s been in the sun, and his skin is just begging for a little bit of extra moisture. Think about your hands after washing the dishes, our skin needs that bit of moisture. It’s the same for them, and the massage lotion does just that. We both love spontaneous massage sessions. I love giving them, and he loves receiving them! And he gets them at random times of the day when I feel like he needs them, just because. I love this new Massage lotion option!
About a month ago I had mentioned to Olly’s daddy that I felt like Olly’s skin was not only getting dry, but it was feeling ‘uncomfortable’ to my sensory hands when bathing him. His feet and knees especially from his days playing outside were starting to feel a little rough, and unlike that perfectly delicate baby skin. I had been using another product that I had found in the cupboard because I was doing some research on what else I could use that would be safe for his skin. And, MAGIC! This box of wonderful products landed on my doorstep. And, within the couple weeks that I’ve been using them, they have made the world of difference!

Thank you Johnson’s for bringing back my toddlers baby soft skin! I can highly recommend getting your hands on these for your own kids, add it to your gift registry for your baby shower, and stock up for baby showers that you may be attending in the near future. They are truly a fantastic product that are very affordable, and you’ll be surprised at how long a bottle lasts you.

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