Tropical Treats

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I stumbled upon a gorgeous 100% natural skin food company, Lulu and Marula. Not only are they local, but they also have the most amazing labelling and packaging I’ve ever seen.

If you’re anything like me, seeing any product placed in a dark glass bottle with a tropical, fresh label to complete it leaves me feeling happy, relaxed and longing to have it! Lucky for me, this soon became a reality.


Summer has been a little confused this year so far, however we have already experienced some incredibly hot and dry days in Cape Town. As a busy mommy whose life is go, go, go on a daily basis – I often find myself feeling hot and flustered! Lately, I’ve been keeping the Refreshing Tonic Mist in my bag when I head out for the day when it’s hot and I’m good to go for the day.

Lulu and Marula describes this wonderful product like this: “More than a toner, not quite a serum, this hydrating mist gives your complexion an instant boost of fabulousness. A tasty blend of rose, cucumber and aloe vera tones and hydrates skin, while rosemary and ginko biloba stimulates both skin and mind. Use it throughout the day or just after cleansing to make you look and feel like you’ve spritzed yourself with a refreshing dose of awesome.”


One of the things I love is that these products are true to their word. They exceed your expectation. The packaging does NOT mislead you. I simply spray a couple sprays of the Tonic Mist when I’m feeling hot and flustered (even over my makeup), and I instantly feel slightly refreshed and ready to keep going! The fragrance is pleasant, and what makes it wonderful is that the product is 100% natural, which means every single ingredient is safe and healthy for your delicate skin!

The second product I have is the Energising Body Balm which costs R270, but is going to last you forever! This product comes in the form of a hard ‘wax’, but by simply rubbing between hands to warm, it’s ready to be rubbed all over the body. Perfect for kick starting circulation to ease muscle pain, cellulite, and varicose veins – as a mother, can you think of anything more practical and magical? Oh wait, I can – the fact that it’s totally organic, natural and safe for you to be using!


It also smells divine! Lulu and Marula describe the fragrance as ‘a zesty blend of citrusy ingredients like lemongrass and naartjie’.  My two year old son sniffs me every time I apply this, and comments ‘mmhmm, you smell num num mama!’ – This says a lot – kids are totally honest!

My skin begs for extra moisture in summer, and up until now I have never found a product that keeps my skin perfectly moisturized, especially when spending days on the beach or in the sun. Finally, I have found one that actually works like it promises.

Organic, natural, local, delicious – a product that is worth every penny!

Lulu and Marula promise us the following:

“We don’t use fragrances, preservatives, or any other whatchamacallits. Each jar and bottle is full to the brim with only good stuff that actually works. This makes our range ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skins. “ – I totally believe in this promise. And this radiates from each recyclable beautiful bottle!


Placing an online order with them is an absolute pleasure! And the arrival of your product leaves you feeling as if it is Christmas Day! Your products will be packaged beautifully! Perhaps nudge hubby in this direction for Christmas so you can pamper yourself each day!

PS. They don’t test on animals! (Extra brownie points).
PPS. These products are totally safe on your little ones!

You can get your hands on these products at the following stores and online stores, but also on their very own online store:


To my foreign mommies, you can ALSO find them in New Jersey, Portland, Hamburg, Berlin and Zurich! So you aren’t left out this time round. If you have family or friends in any of these places, do share the word with them! They’re in for a spoil!

Lulu and Marula always share the most wonderful content on their social media, so check out their Facebook page and Instagram feed to treat yourself to some tropical beauty:

Instagram: luluandmarula


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