Every Room Needs Some Wall Decal Magic.

It seems as if kids bedroom transformations have become the latest ‘thing’ to do, and yes, I jumped onto that bandwagon a couple months back when my son turned two. I decided that it was time to transform his baby nursery into his big boy bedroom, and I had such fun working with local companies to do just that!

One of the companies that I worked with, was Clever Little Monkey. Clever Little Monkey is home to many wonderful brands, however, their very own House Brand is called ‘Bunni’.  Bunni is home to the trendiest rugs, clocks, scatters, mobiles, bedding, teepees and wall decals for babies and kids.


I feel that every kids bedroom needs a wall decal! The beauty of these is that it is an incredibly easy task for every parent – for those of us who may not be so DIY savvy! If you were to close your eyes, and pick the perfect wall decal design for your little ones bedroom, what would it be?


Golden hearts? Arrows? Hot Air Balloons, or perhaps pretty little ice lollies? What about pineapples or even monochrome cactus? A set of eyelashes for your little girls bedroom, or maybe some simple mountains or trees if you have a little adventurer on your hands. There is something for every personality! These decals are most certainly a fantastic product to set their imaginations free!


How cute are these designs? They make recreating the many rooms you’ve pinned on Pinterest become one step closer to a reality.

Now, you can simply peel & stick, and magic! The work is done, and you can enjoy all the compliments about your ‘hard work’.

Because these decals are so reasonably priced, it means that when (IF) you ever get bored of the theme of your little ones room, you can so easily just remove the wall decals by peeling them off (this takes the power of an adult, so no stress, your little one will NOT be able to remove it), and replacing with a new design! How practical?! Even better, the removal of the wall decal doesn’t remove a single bit of wall paint! It’s like magic.


Wall decals have become one of my latest obsessions, and a must have for every trendy tots room! Great quality, affordable and most importantly – modern & trendy!

Shop the range of Bunni Wall Decals here: https://cleverlittlemonkey.co.za/brands/house/bunni/bunni-decals/

To top it all off, Clever Little Monkey offers free delivery to main cities! We will ALSO be giving away one wall decal each week for the next FOUR weeks! Maybe YOU will be one of our lucky winners.


Check in later this week for my photos and little post on our wall decal in my little Olly’s big boy room!




6 thoughts on “Every Room Needs Some Wall Decal Magic.

  1. I love these wall decals!
    Perfect to add personality to a kiddies room.
    Plus they are so easy to apply and remove.



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