Have An Organic Mimu Home!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the wonderful organic cleaning detergents from Mimu Baby, a local company that I recently stumbled upon. I am totally crushing on this brand because I have so many thoughts on this topic.

The majority of commercial cleaning detergents on the market are packed with so much junk! Ever find yourself sneezing and coughing after an afternoon of cleaning? What do you think is the reason for that? Without even being aware of it, these commercial cleaning products are actually affecting your family as well as the environment. Most of these detergents are packed with toxic chemicals; and these can stick to the surfaces in your home that your family are exposed to on a daily basis which can increase your chance of allergies and respiratory problems.


‘United Publishing House’ also reminds us that ‘Commercial cleaning products can also harm the water supply. The chemical residues of commercial products can eventually end up in the local water supply from your drain. These chemicals can reach your food, the water that you drink, the soil, and all things that require water. If you use homemade cleaners, you won’t end up harming anything as its residues are all natural. They are guaranteed safe for humans and the environment.’

I often hear of people using products such as JIK to sterilize their kids bottles, and I am not judging at all! I just wanted to create an awareness around this topic, and to let you know that there ARE other alternatives that you can use instead. Mimu Baby has made this a very easy transition for you to head in the organic direction, because their products are affordable AND organic, and they also offer products for specific daily baby goods that HAVE to be cleaned daily.


ALL of the Mimu Baby products are free of SLES, Parabens, phosphates, phthalates, formaldehyde, alcohol, artificial fragrances and dyes.

Check out how amazing this company is:
– Not tested on animals
– Food safe
– BPA Free (no phthalates)
– Vegan
– Biodegradable Bottle
– Recyclable Bottle
– Halaal
– Beauty without cruelty

  1. Toy & High Chair Cleaner: 400ml
    Available here: http://www.mimu.co.za/toy-highchair-cleanerI’m not sure about you, but after meals Olly’s highchair can end up looking like a full blender exploded all over it! Also, the amount of germs that are living on it if it doesn’t get cleaned well, is unthinkable. Toys get shared with other kids, played with while sick, and dropped and played with on the ground. The germs that these toys pick up on a daily basis, especially the teething rings, and toys that get put in the mouth often, is every parent’s worst nightmare! Now, you can simply spray this Toy & High chair cleaner on the surface that needs to be cleaned and wipe dry! It is so easy, and so quick. Plus, you know that by using this, you aren’t harming your little one either.

13754260_1153811611306188_1059301533077541580_n2.Dummy Sanitizer: 125ml
Available here: http://www.mimu.co.za/dummy-sanitiser

I spent the first year and a half of my son’s life religiously washing and sterilizing his dummy. It was always a worry to me, and I also often found myself wondering if I was cleaning it with a product that was safe. The first few months of your babies life are spent really fussing over making sure that things are really clean and hygienic for them, especially the products that go into their mouths, such as dummies, bottle teats, utensils and also your breast pump and attachments. I honestly do wish that I had found this product back then, as it would have totally put my mind at ease, and made my time cleaning these kind of products far easier because you literally have to spray this sanitizer on the product and allow to air dry for 5 minutes. Life made easy!

13731741_1153811811306168_7976756436514448978_n3.Bottle & Dish Wash: 400ml
Available here: http://www.mimu.co.za/bottle-and-dish-wash

Just another topic that often lingered in the back of my mind when washing my sons bottles and dishes with the commercial dish washing liquids. I was always left wondering if I was using the right thing, and thinking that there had to be something safer that I could be using! Finally, I found it! The Mimu Bottle & Dish Wash liquid is totally safe for your little one, AND for your hands while washing them! One just needs to add a squeeze of Mimu wash into a sink of water and wash as per usual with a brush or sponge! Simple! Mimu has designed this product specially to remove milk protein and food residue, effectively eliminating that milk film and odour which I find doesn’t always leave the bottle when I use the commercial product. You can use this product for bottles, teats, baby dishes and cups as well as breast pump accessories!


4. Baby Bathtime Cleaner: 400ml
Available here: http://www.mimu.co.za/bath-cleaner

I think that many parents forget the importance of cleaning a bath out after each bath time session! Often, there is no dirty ring left in the bath, however the germs, bacteria and dirt can also lurk around invisibly. I think if you could see what was hiding out in there, you really wouldn’t hesitate to take an extra few minutes cleaning out the bath. However, many people use detergents such as Handy Andy, and often it seems as if it’s all rinsed off of the tub, but it isn’t really! Now, think about filling up the bath for your little one and all of the remaining Handy Andy floating about in the bath with your baby or child? Not what you imagined, is it? Now you can use a safe product that you don’t need to worry about harming your little ones skin! The Mimu Bathtime Cleaner is so practical and easy to use, and you can simply spray, wipe dry and rinse the bath tub out without any fuss! Baby can then be put in bath directly afterwards without a second thought!


In closing, I just felt the need to create an awareness around this topic as well as providing you with an option of an organic product that you can easily change to! It can really help turn around the many undercover health hazards that may be lurking in your home; and it really is a safe and better alternative for your home and little ones! Mimu is a local company, which makes it all the better to support.

Below, you’ll find the three other products that complete the Mimu range:

– Baby Laundry Liquid (2L)
– Floor Cleaner (400ml)
– Baby Stain Remover (1L)


I think this is such a different, but fantastic gift for a baby shower, or to even add to your gift registry list, as it means that you are creating an awareness for the mom-to-be from the start!

Mimu was created by a mom, for moms. Understanding the importance of organic baby cleaning detergents, and the harm of the commercial products most of us use in our homes, she wanted to create products that would look after our families and give us a peace of mind knowing that we are looking after our kids just that extra bit, and making it easily accessible to us!


These products are available at the following stockists, online and walk-in stores:

– Babarazzi
– Kids Emporium
– Kinderlove
– Faithful to Nature
– Babygroup
– The Shopping Cart
– Vegan SA
– BubHub & Co.
– Fruits & Roots
– New Birth
– The Little Lot

You can check out the Mimu website, Instagram feed and Facebook page below:

Website: http://www.mimu.co.za
Instagram: @mimu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mimubaby/



One thought on “Have An Organic Mimu Home!

  1. Such an important topic. I also hate the idea of the harsh chemicals in conventional cleaning products getting anywhere near my children’s skin/mouth. We clean our bath with Enchantrix Clean It All as I always think the product never properly washes out the bath and then you fill it with water and put them in the next day with traces of Domestos or the like! Very keen to try Mimu now.


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