Treat Yourself, Mom!

My life is slowly steering itself in the organic direction, and I am quite happy to let it sail that way to be quite honest. I have always been reasonably health conscious, and when I say that I mean with the things I digest – be it food or drinks, as well as what I feed my son. However, in the past year or so, I’ve slowly been directing my attention to organic products too. Skincare products, clothing (hence, starting my own Eco-friendly clothing line), toys, food, etc. I think it is something that really needs to happen to help save our environment, especially to create a better world for our little people to grow up in.
One of the skincare companies that I have recently tried and fallen head over heels for is a local company, Skin Creamery. The ingredients used are all certified organic products, all components of natural essential oils and as they advertise – 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

Skin Creamery sent me two of their brand new products (which will be available to purchase online or at Kamers from tomorrow until Sunday. I would like to share my experience on both of these products with you!

1. Sesame Oil / Baobab / Melon Seed Oil-Milk Cleanser
This Oil-Milk Cleanser is magic! I have never come across a face wash that can totally remove my waterproof mascara! It literally doesn’t leave a single trace of mascara with one simple pimp of cleanser! I was actually left feeling a bit dumbfounded and wondered if I had just imagined actually applying any that morning! I tried it again the next night, and TA-DA, it was true. You only need one small pump of cleanser which you’ll apply to your DRY face, neck and eyes. You’ll then rinse with warm water, and ALL makeup and impurities will be lifted from your skin. This Oil-Milk Cleanser really leaves my face feeling fresh and healthy!


2. Baobab / Malachite / Rose Two-Phase Skin Tonic
The Skin Tonic is something I’ve never heard of before, but I wish I had known about it sooner! The packaging explains that the water phase contains malachite, a mineral-rich crystal extract with powerful antioxidant and skin protecting properties. Baobab fruit powder, which is high in vitamin C, is infused into organic rose water to create a vitamin-rich floral splash. Rose water balances the skin’s PH and adds a touch of toning magic.

This is an amazing product that will rejuvenate damaged and tired skin. Does that not sound marvelous for us moms who don’t have all morning to treat our skin?
I’ve been following this little routine morning and evening – wash face with Oil-Milk Cleanser followed by 3 squirts of the Skin Tonic into the palm of my hand which gets applied to my cleansed skin, and I’m ready to take on the World.
With the sensitive skin that I have, I’ve ended up with dry, itchy skin that feels like sandpaper at times due to the awful ingredients that get tossed into many of the non-organic skincare products. I have really battled to find a local skincare product that is easy to access for this particular use. I have finally found it, and I don’t plan on going back to the products I used before. It feels great to be able to wash my face and to NOT have a face that stings afterwards. I will pay any amount of money for that.
These products come in glass bottles, which has an incredibly odd ability of making me feel like I’ve really been spoilt, and makes me feel that extra bit more ‘beautiful’ and ‘luxurious’ when using them. It also makes them totally recyclable!
It is rare to find products that are Cruelty Free, aren’t tested on animals, vegan and totally recyclable.

I feel like to be a good mom, we need to learn to look after ourselves too! I think it’s one of the most common mistakes that we make – we feel that we come last, but actually, in order to have the ability to be a good mom, we need to invest time into ourselves, we need to take a moment to reflect on ourselves, to pamper ourselves (even if that means painting our nails while enjoying a cup of tea, or soaking in the bath with a little bath bomb that we spoilt ourselves with. BUT, do not neglect yourselves!


Also, invest in products that you truly believe in, and ones that work for you and your skin type! I can assure you that these above products are going to last you longer than the store bought ones, because you only need to use so little at a time!
These products are on my ‘SUMMER ESSENTIALS’ list. They are bound to leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated after days spent in the sun.
Head over to the Skin Creamery’s Social Media platforms:

Instagram: @skincreamery


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