So, I imagine that the trendy thing to do would be to begin this post with a modern day ‘stack-lay’.


INTRODUCING, BENA! *Cue, instrumental background music that progressively gets louder*.

I came across this incredible brand when browsing the list of traders for Sanlam a couple weeks back. I am a sucker for cute kids sleepwear, and especially the ones that leave your child with room to move and run around like a madman an hour before bedtime.

I loved not having to fight with the pj’s, having to pull and tug the tshirt to get it over the head like I have to with so many online brands. It fit perfectly, with plenty of space for the kind of moves toddlers seem to rock, especially around bedtime!


But, just hold on a sec… is it just me, or would you totally send your kid to school in this outfit? Am I being weird? It’s not like anybody would know… I would honestly let my little guy go out like this, YES, in public! I think it is just so sweet with the gentle colours, the little pocket detail and the pin striped shorts! I’m sure that BENA knew that moms would try and pull this sneaky move.

With summer weather right upon our doorstep in South Africa, I cannot even begin to imagine snapping my little guy up in long sleeve babgrows anymore. He also tends to bolt outside into the garden before I’ve even managed to clear the cobwebs from my eyes in the mornings, so knowing that he’s comfortable in his little jarmies and Shooshoos means I can let him be free outdoors (which, let’s get me an extra moment to make a cup of cofee).I just love how these make him look like such a little boy, well.. it’s bittersweet!

The quality is stunning, the colours delicate, and the cut totally trendy! And, of course, you’ll find the matching girls set on the Instagram feed of girl mom, @justamamma.

Inspired by classic tailoring and natural fabric BENA Loungewear launched into a market that had a need for well-made luxury sleepwear. Sisters, Xan and Charlie followed this dream they both shared to bring back much-loved classic pyjamas! Stemming from their fond childhood memories of their late grandmother, lounging in her matching silk pyjamas, they decided to create a sleepwear range for women and expecting moms. They were so kind to create garments that could be used as both sleepwear and everyday lounge wear. (If you’re anything like me, you’re still in your PJ’s.. and yes, its almost 1pm!)

From this, they created BENA Kids. With animated characters taking center stage, they found it challenging to find the classics that they were once dressed in as children. They cater for girls and boys aged 1-4 years. They only use natural fabrics ensuring that their garments are breathable and not harmful to our little one’s skin!


For the boys, the set includes a white t-shirt detail with a little pocket and matching piped hem lined shorts.I love that the shorts have an easy pull elasticised waistband and drawstring for easy/instant access (because whose two year old stands still anyway?). My little guy has such a tiny waist which has often been a challenge for us with pants, but this gives him room to grow in them, and it can be tightened to fit him perfectly!

The girls set includes a white tank top with the cutest and most feminine anglaise ruffle trim sleeves and matching pink shorts which, as above, also have that same easy pull elasticised waistband and drawstring.

My little Olly is bound to have many sweet dreams and adventures in his gorgeous little PJ set from BENA Kids! I just love supporting local and shopping small, and here is your opportunity to get a wonderful product that will be delivered to your doorstep! For just R360.00, you can get a pair of PJ’s that are most certainly on my ‘Summer Essential’ list, that can also be worn as a ‘school playground’ outfit!

Head over to their social media platforms to keep up with their latest posts and check out their sale on their Winter PJ’s for kids.

Instagram: @benaloungewear
Pinterest: @benaloungewear


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