Olly’s Big Boy Room Reveal

It feels incredibly surreal sitting down to type this post right now! At one stage, it felt like this moment was never going to arrive – and four months since beginning this project, the time has finally come. What time has finally come? Right now is the moment that I get to share with YOU about the making of little Olly’s big boy room.


Before I begin, I want to take a moment to thank all of the collaborating companies! There are so many of you (who will be mentioned slightly later in this post) who, without you, this bedroom wouldn’t have been as magical as it is! Lauren McCreath Interiors has been life changing? I spent probably a consecutive month out of the four months pinning every second monochrome kids bedroom on Pinterest, and Lauren managed to bring me back to reality, and helped me realise that there is more to a kids bedroom than just black and white! She brought the warmth, and little Olly’s very lively and precious personality into his bedroom by bringing in an undertone of ‘cowboys and Indians’. That’s when things really started happening! We had stylist, Leslie Hochfellner join our dream team. With her around, the room turned into something out of a magazine (Leslie styles room for magazines, and I have more to share about magazines a little later). Melissa Van Riel photographed the bedroom on Monday, and, as always, was a pleasure to work with! Melissa is mommy to two beautiful little girls, and although she hasn’t slept through the night since her baby girl was born, she was lively as ever througout the entire shoot! (BOOK HER, Cape Town moms! She takes magical family photos!)


Here’s a little bit of background on this entire process..

As little Olly approached turning two, I knew that the time was approaching for him to go through that transformation from his baby cot into his big boy bed. I wanted to make this special! With Olly having a daddy who is a carpenter by trade, I didn’t just want to go out and buy a single bed! I wanted something that was going to change Olly’s world! Of course, one can’t have a cool bed without a cool bedroom, but I needed to do a little research on where to get the rest of the decor and accessories for the bedroom. I knew at this point that I had a project brewing, and I just couldn’t hold myself back.


This was when I got in touch with Lauren from Lauren McCreath Interiors. Over time, I hunted down a few of my ‘go-to’ local decor companies.. and on my way, I stumbled across many incredible new companies too! Twenty five companies and one bedroom later, the collaboration began!


My dream was to show parents how many amazing, talented local companies we have RIGHT on our doorstep! We all drool over the international products, and spend more money on shipping fees than we can afford; YET, we have so many incredible products right in front of us. WE JUST DON’T KNOW HOW TO ACCESS THEM! My aim was to use as many mommy owned businesses as possible! The women that I have met since starting this project are just so inspirational to me. Many of these businesses are second and even third jobs to some of these ladies. They all work so hard to create these masterpieces for your kids’ rooms! My desire was to show you how all of these companies could come together in one bedroom and compliment each other.


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The featured companies are as follows:

Interior Design: Lauren McCreath Interiors
Photography: Melissa van Riel Photography
Styling: Lauren McCreath Interior and assistant, Leslie Hochfellner

Storage/Planter Sacks: Scandi Home Decor
Cloud Rug: Moskito Kids
Belly Basket, Book Ledges, Wall Boxes, Monochrome Felt Garland: Simply Child
Adventure Bears, Fire, Mustard Cushion, Wall Decal: Clever Little Monkey
Circular Rug, Fox Crochet Cushion, Teepee Garland, Storage Bag, Tellkiddo Print: Little Love kids/baby apparel & decor
Monochrome Teepee: Little Lofts
Car Tin, Wire Baskets, Green & Grey Throws, Bunny Slippers, Green Storage Basket, Car Mat, Blanket: H&M
Olly’s Gown: Poppy Divine
Bear Money Box, x4 La Fede Bears: La Fede
Teepee Bed: Timber Touch (Our own project)
Blocks, house blocks, Shelf Decor: NaNook Furniture
Personalized Blocks: Work of Heart
Lamp: Illumina Lighting South Africa
Dash Kippins: FENN + IVY
River Kippins, Lala Bear Bag, Redman Raccoon, Wording night light: Lily and Grace
Cactus Prints (Wooden Frames), Bakoorjakkals Scatter Cushion: Homie
My Dress: Annapatat
Olly’s Shorts: Earthlings – Kids
Duvet Covers: Kideroo
Pastel Cactus Cushions: Fox and Moon
Horse cushions, Fox Cushions: Squiggle & Squeak
Round Grey Blanket: Sprouts Kids Co.
Tree Stump Bedside Table: Coral and Hive
Olly’s handmade table, and bench: KE Manufacturing
Monochrome striped cushion: Natural & Organic Designs by Baa Baa Moo
Tree: MRP Home / Mr Price Home
My Makeup: Make-up by K


A huge thank you to each and every single one of these companies who were so willing to hop on board with this exciting project. And now is the time to share some more exciting news!!! Garden & Home, one of SA’s most loved and respected magazines have confirmed their usage of Olly’s big boy bedroom in one of their issues next year! I will be telling them about the local companies that are available, and how we can use all of this local talent in order to create MAGIC for our kids! I did all of this research online, which makes life so much easier for us moms, who have our hands full 24/7! This is such exciting news! Their crew will be sent in later this year to photograph the bedroom, but I am so proud to have these collaborating companies on board with me to show all of the readers of Garden & Home what they have created! This is such an incredible opportunity for all of us!


I will be doing another post very soon on the finer details, but just wanted to give you an overview of the project.

Ending off, for now – get to know our local, South African companies, and do NOT be afraid to get creative when designing your kids bedrooms! Get some warmth in their rooms with colour. Don’t be scared of a splash of colour here and there; after all – these are kids, they thrive from colour! DO keep the bedroom simple, it minimized the chance of clutter and unnecessary mess that toddler and all kids can’t resist creating. DO have storage facilities in the room, this makes it easy for your kids to help pack away at the end of the day. But, most importantly, DO do some research before heading down to your local shopping center to just buy what you know. You’re bound to find many treasures when you do a little online shopping! Support our local companies, and shop small! They need us as much as we need them, to make our kids bedrooms something MAGICAL!



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