Getting To Know: Squiggle & Squeak

GETTING TO KNOW: Squiggle & Squeak


Kim Von Brandis is the mastermind behind this original, and absolutely gorgeous specialized baby & kids linen and accessory company. Being a mom of two boys, I honestly don’t know where she finds the time to constantly be thinking up new ideas and to hand make each order and product of hers to the exquisite quality that she does.

Squiggle & Squeak is a brand that I’ve always followed quietly behind. I’ve always dreamed about having even just one thing in my sons bedroom from their collection – and my dreams finally came true!

Over the past few months, Kim has fallen into a very special place in my heart. Her creativity and originality captivates me and I find myself often heading over to her facebook page to see if she’s done anymore experimenting.. HAPPY NEWS – she has! (So go over to her facebook page – think unicorns, superhero bunnies… you’re welcome!)

We have some of the most amazing plushies in Olly’s big boy bedroom from Squiggle & Squeak and I cannot wait for the big reveal for you to see exactly which products we have, and how they have fit in in the bedroom.

I feel so honoured to have had this opportunity to collaborate with Kim and her wonderful business (baby) on this project which I am so excited to share with you.

Go and have a look at all of the mindblowingly beautiful, original, handmade, and totally CUTE products available at Squiggle & Squeak here:

Instagram: @squiggle_and_squeak

Photo: josie photography


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