Getting To Know: La Fede



Chantelle is a wife, mother and maker. She is an indie designer and maker based in Centurion. She handcrafts a collection of character bears and soft toy animals. Creativity runs in her family, so she always had a dream of being in a creative field. Chantelles’ career path, however, followed another road, which found her in finance and management for a decade. Her career in finance ended when she was retrenched in 2014. She spent a daunting period of time on the job-seekers scene but was challenged in Faith to follow her distant dream and start La Fede. La Fede has evolved from an all round kids brand (clothing, accessories, toys) to a specialised heirloom toy range.

Chantelle mentions that she feels so blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. Her party of 4 went through a trying two years financially, but they are blessed, closer than ever and stronger for it. La Fede truly is what the name means, “Faith’. She says that it may sound strange, but this testimony is what motivates her, knowing that the success story of La Fede will impact other lives and businesses.
Her entire business was built on Trust and Faith, Chantelle started La Fede with nothing, out of nothing except a dream, a small sewing machine, a ton of faith, and a husband who supported her dream even in the toughest of times.

Chantelle’s passion is radiant in every single one of her products. She handmakes the with all of the love in the world. The quality of her character bears are phenomenal, and each has their own personality. Chantelle is mommy to two gorgeous kids. I love seeing her Instagram posts of their own designs for her business. Just too precious! La Fede is going to stand out in Olly’s big boy bedroom phenomenally, and I cannot wait to share more photos with you soon!

Order your La Fede Character Bears now, or have a look at some of their other stunning products, such as wooden moneyboxes, Wall hooks and Quirky Media Hooks!

Instagram: @lafede_designs

Photo: josie photography


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