Beach Bash.

As promised, we went on an adventure to the beach over the weekend. Of course, we took Olly’s bash box with us! Because, well – what’s an adventure without a box of tricks?


Long story short, the wind picked up and although he had loads of fun exploring the box for the one hundredth and tenth time since it was delivered to our doorstep, I spent more time chasing after the contents blowing down the beach than I did photographing them.


We focused on the poppers and the garlands because the bunting is amazing for decoration (and let’s be honest.. I didn’t want them to get ruined).

We decided to head home to take a few last photos before we all blew away, and the bed was transformed into a (glorious) blue, white, and silver mess.


Leading up to Olly’s birthday was crazy! August always seems to be a month that just flies by in a blur as it is so incredibly busy. So, not having to worry about hunting down party accessories and decor was literally a dream come true. It saved my sanity to be blunt!

I’m one of those people who really take note of the costs of things. For instance driving around from shopping mall to shopping mall in search of ONE perfect bunting that will make the world of difference is going to cost you petrol money, and the cost of the item, PLUS the cost of the numerous cups of takeaway coffee you’re bound to buy while you’re out, PLUS all of the extra unnecessary purchases you make in hope to get your toddler to stop moaning so you can ‘get out of here as quickly as possible’. (Yes, I just went there.)

That being said, why not have a professional, creative individual put together the PERFECT party box for your little one? They do it in stages, asking you what theme you’d like, colours, etc and the put together a divine mood board for you to make sure that the magic they’ve already made is the magic you’re envisioning. Then they put it all together, and Voila! It’s on your doorstep, begging to be explored! It’s the new future of birthday decor! (Also wedding, engagement parties, baby showers – just sayin’) It’s also totally original to you.


I had the most incredible experience with the ladies from Bash Paperie. Although they are in Durban and myself in Cape Town, there were no difficulties due to that. And, they courier countrywide! So, no excuses mama’s!

Thank you Bash Paperie and Design for such an amazing experience.

Instagram: @bashpaperie



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