A Walk Down Memory Lane.

The Wood Story is a modern take on the toys we had as children. I grew up zooming wooden vehicles around houses, roads and structures my brother and I had spent hours building. School days were spent dreaming of the story we would bring to life the moment we got home, and we would leap out of bed to finish off the last chapter of that story we had been ‘living’ in the night before.


My parents didn’t spend much money on plastic store bought toys. I had a great Uncle who was a carpenter. He made the best toys for us. Rocking horses, cars, wooden doll prams. These are all things that were used and played with on a daily basis. They were toys that couldn’t be broken. They had meaning, and a purpose in the land of toys.

You can imagine my joy when I stumbled upon ‘The Wood Story’. The name was captivating in itself. Every piece of wood has traveled a journey. You work that out. I clicked back and forth between the Facebook page and their website. I wanted to know more, see more, and I wanted to have it! For my child has to retrace these steps that I walked every single day in in my childhood. My dream is to relive these moments so close to my heart by spending rainy days playing with these very toys with him.

I am all for supporting companies who promote families to live an environmentally free lifestyle. The Wood Story of course, is one of them! They are durable, recyclable, and have no toxins! What more could a modern day mom possibly wish for? Being finished off with a splash of a gentle and relaxing pastel shade, they are easy on every Childs eye. All of their products which include wooden toys, puzzles, play dough and even wooden storage crates (to keep it all in order) are perfect for quiet play, and noisy play. They can be marched outdoors on a sunny day or used indoors on a day like today where the raindrops chase each other around the windows.

Handmade & designed by the very talented and creative Jason Selby in Cape Town. As he says himself, “These products  are made with an aim for sustainability by offering quality products that can be handed down from generation to generation.”  Now, how’s that for a walk down memory lane? A good opportunity to get a ‘when I was your age’ story brewing!

Now is your chance to educate your child from home through play. You can pop onto http://www.thewoodstory.co.za/ for a visit where you can browse and place your order. A cool idea is to order the products individually if you can’t afford a set, or you can buy a set and give them as gifts each birthday and Christmas. This gives them something worth collecting and looking forward to!

You can also follow their journey as a new company on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewoodstorytoys/?fref=ts or on Instagram @thewoodstory

Support local talent and shop small!

Read more about them in my upcoming Q&A with Jason Selby – the mastermind behind The Wood Story.


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