Q&A With Gnash’s Nicole Muller.

As mentioned in one of my previous posts ‘Gnash Your Teeth’ , I recently stumbled upon an Instagram account – @gnashkids. I was instantly intrigued in their simple, modern teething products. I had to get in touch with the mompreneur behind the brand. I have done you all a favour by having a few questions answered that I’m sure many of you are wishing to ask! Read my own review on a few of her products next, and keep your eyes peeled because YOU could win your very own!

Question & Answer with Nicole. Wife | Supermama | Creative Thinker & Genius behind Gnash Kids
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself & your family. 
I am Cape Town born and bred. I got married when i was 19 (shocker) and 7 years later we have 2 beautiful babes, Harvey and Ella.

2. What is your inspiration behind Gnash Kids? 
I find I am always struggling to find gender neutral products in SA that fit my style as well as my pocket and the range of teething products especially to be lacking. While my son was an easy teether my daughter has been the complete opposite…and since I found nothing modern on the market I decided to make my own…this Gnash was born.

3. I love the simplicity of the designs of the Gnash products. How do you choose your designs? 
From a practical point of view we have the perfect test subject in BabyE. She helps me refine the designs by the way she interacts with each product. From a creative perspective I love keeping things simple and gender neutral while still fulfilling the purpose of the product. Contrasting colours and textures that are gorgeous to look at what it is all about!

4. What are your hopes and dreams for Gnash Kids? 

We are still a very new brand and still trying to get our foot into the market. Right now getting our website up and running would be amazing. haha

5. If you were to choose one achievement for Gnash Kids, what would it be?

We would love to be the first brand that comes to Mamas minds when they think of how to sooth those eina gums.

6. I love your personal Instagram page – @hi.harvey. Your kids are gorgeous & super trendy. They must get it from their mama! What are your two must-have’s for your little ones?
Honestly, comfort is key! A good pair of sweats and Converse and we are good to go. 

7. How do you juggle being a Mompreneur with family life? 

In short it is pure chaos! And a lot of me repeating “don’t touch that”. I have an amazing hands on dad in the form of my hubby who helps out a lot behind the scenes whether it be regarding gnash or the kids. Together we make it work.

8. What can we expect from Gnash Kids in the next two years? 

New Designs! More Collaborations and the rest I have to keep to myself:)

9. One thing you wish to teach your kids before they head off to big school. 

Always be yourself!

10. Where can we purchase Gnash Kids products from?

At the moment you can email me directly at gnashkids@gmail.com or contact me via our Instagram (@gnashkids) or Facebook pages. Our online store will be launching in August

11. What makes your products truly special? 

We really have your bubz in mind when we design each product and they are made with love by a Mama who can relate to your teething woes, trust me!

12. In closing, how can parents keep up to date with the happenings of Gnash a Kids? Which social handles do you use most frequently? 
i am definitely an Instagramer at heart so that is where you find me the most – so dont forget to follow us! @gnashkids

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