Go To Sleep, Sweet Child.

The clock has freshly struck 07h30, and I feel as if it should be late morning already. I’m ready for a nap; and so is my almost two year old son.

Raise your hand if you’ve been up half of the night with a child who wakes you up crying about their teething, and ends up having a two hour conversation with you including practically every single word that belongs in their two year old vocabulary!


I have never been a pill popper, and to this day; I try to avoid meds until it is vital for me to use them. I don’t often give my little Rascal Calpol, Nurofen or Panado when he’s teething because I feel like there are so many natural cures.

It has been about a week of on & off sleep. As a mompreneur that works from home, my life semi revolves around sitting in the office on my computer. This morning consisted of sending out catalogues for my kids clothing line. Quite frankly, I’m not sure who I sent them to (and I apologise in advance from one incredibly exhausted mommy if you received three of the same mail).

By now, I know that this is completely normal. I know what being tired feels like more than feeling wide awake; and cold coffee is also becoming a total norm and a staple essential in my diet.

Now, sweet child. Go to sleep. Mommy is tired.



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