Gnash Those Teeth.

I happened to stumble across a mommy owned business at a point of my life that it was more necessary than ever before. I was scrolling down Instagram when @gnashkids popped up in my featured posts.

I was intrigued. As a mommy to a teething toddler, most things that I haven’t yet tried to relieve my miserable bubs’ seem worth looking into. Molars aren’t a joke, and before now – we haven’t really felt the need to go out to purchase any fancy products yet.

Night 3 of no sleep. I’m exhausted. Fed-up. And feeling completely guilty for even feeling this way. My heart breaks knowing my little guy is in pain. I did some research on the products Gnash Kids has to offer. My minimalist heart is completely and utterly in love.

Four things I love the most:

  1. Colour Scheme
  2. Organic Feel
  3. Totally modern for my trendy little dude
  4. A local South African mompreneur is the face behind it all!

I am so excited to give you feedback on this product. And, I will soon be sharing some Questions & Answers with the genius behind it all.

If you’re hoping for a good night sleep anytime soon, KEEP. THOSE. EYES. PEELED. The secret to teething relief may just be revealed very soon.

-One Modern Mom.


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